Hird it through the grapevine

Matthew Knights is now a distant memory.

James Hird is not a naughty boy but, apparently, the Messiah for the Bombers.

And it sounds like he is assembling a support cast of thousands.

The Almanac would love to hear your thoughts on this matter.


  1. Sounds like he is keen on a reunion of the 93 premiership team !

  2. I have no particular thoughts on this matter, but I thought it might be interesting to see how Matthew Knights’ tenure as coach stacks up against the first three seasons of some other recent premiership coaches:

    Matthew Knights

    2008 8-14 12th
    2009 10.5-12.5 8th
    2010 7-15 14th

    Overall record 25.5 wins, 41.5 losses (38%), one finals appearance.

    Alistair Clarkson

    2005 5-17 14th
    2006 9-13 11th
    2007 14-10 6th

    Overall record 28 wins, 40 losses (47%), one finals appearance.

    Mark Thompson

    2000 12.5-10.5 7th
    2001 9-13 12th
    2002 11-11 9th

    Overall record: 32.5 wins, 34.5 losses (49%), one finals appearance.

    Leigh Matthews

    1986 12-7 6th (of 12)
    1987 7-15 12th (of 14)
    1988 15.5-8.5 4th

    Overall record: 34.5 wins, 30.5 losses (53%), one finals appearance.

    Mark Williams

    1999 12-11 7th
    2000 7.5-14.5 14th
    2001 16-8 5th

    Overall record: 35.5 wins, 33.5 losses (51%), two finals appearances.

    John Worsfold

    2002 11-12 8th
    2003 13-10 8th
    2004 13-10 8th

    Overall record: 37 wins, 32 losses (54%), three finals appearances.

    Paul Roos

    2002 9.5-12.5 11th
    2003 15-9 4th
    2004 14-10 5th

    Overall record 38.5 wins, 31.5 losses (55%), two finals appearances.

  3. the love you, love you not, love you, love you not approach to coaching is worrying. It seems that the decison was based on the belief that Hird will bring back the faithful as well as attract greater sponsorship etc. For a club that isn’t exactly struggling financially this would seem a rather risky propositon. Hird seems to have a good footie brain but so did Tim Watson and Voss. He will need a strong advisor in his fist year BUT the stories re Bomber taking that role are a nonsense and Laidly and Willima wouldn’t sit comfortably in the box with the inexperienced Wonder Boy. The bottom line is that he Dons still have crap list that any coach would struggle to improve although they might give Jimmy more support than they did Knights. However, should it backfire and this mob of bottom feeders dive deeper into the competative abyss, that surely is a good thing

  4. I am not sure if that is a tick or a cross Tony.

    It doesn’t matter who they have anyway. There are no flags available for years while we are continuing in the current Collingwood dynasty that started last weekend.

  5. Sounds like old home week.

    Makes you wonder why they bothered getting rid of Sheedy.

  6. Poor choice. Appointing “favourite sons” with no coaching experience seems to be an alarming recent trend. Let’s hope (or not) that Hird has more success than his co-Brownlow medallist over in Brisbane.

  7. Boys – its got nothing to do with coaching and everything to do with the sponsors. Hirdy is the front man, the “coaching panel” will do the work. Bit like how the ALP works.

  8. And it seems the next piece of the puzzle is about to fall into place:


  9. Wouldn’t be so sure about that Gigs.


  10. Right as always, Flynny.

  11. Interesting isn’t it? Buckley was once considered so arrogant that he was called FIGJAM. Yet it turns out that he is the only one of the three superstar former captains and Brownlow Smith medallists who is prepared to put in an apprenticeship as an assistant coach before he becomes a senior coach. I am so glad that Collingwood got Buckley rather than Voss or Hird.

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