Support the Almanac on Five Day: $5 on the fifth.





Happy Almanac Five Day! On the fifth of each month we invite readers to make a financial contribution to help the Almanac continue. We suggest $5 today, May 5. Of course, if you’re reading this on any old date, you’re welcome to make a contribution.


We do this because an independent website is difficult to sustain. It needs financial resources to match the belief and enthusiasm. If you value the Almanac please consider a contribution today on Almanac Five Day – or even better, set up a regular contribution, or become a member.


To make a one off Five Day financial contribution – CLICK HERE
To make a regular financial contribution (monthly EFT) – CLICK HERE
To become an Almanac (annual) member for 2019 – CLICK HERE


We thank our members, patrons and supporters.


  1. Hope this is catching on.

    I’ve chosen $10 on the 10th.
    It’s in the mail.

  2. Interesting that $10 on the 10th is mentioned above. Logged on this morning, went to this post specifically to suggest “why not make it $10 on the 10th, to keep more in line with the annual membership fee”

    Good luck!

  3. Jan courtin says

    Reiterate, a month on:
    Why not just make it $10 on the 10th?

    Does anyone else agree, apart from E regnans?

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