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Happy Almanac Five Day! On the fifth of each month we invite readers to make a financial contribution to help the almanac continue. We suggest $5 today, on October 5. Of course, if you’re reading this on any old date, you’re welcome to make a contribution.


We do this because the on-line media economy does not serve small, independent websites well. An independent website is difficult to sustain. It needs financial resources to match the belief and enthusiasm. If you value the almanac please consider a contribution today on Five Day – or even better, set up a regular contribution, or become a member.


To make a one off Five Day financial contribution – CLICK HERE
To make a regular financial contribution (monthly EFT) – CLICK HERE
To become an Almanac (annual) member – CLICK HERE


We thanks our members, patrons and supporters.


  1. Hope this is catching on.

    I’ve chosen $10 on the 10th.
    It’s in the mail.

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