Gorilla jumps in; break out the Crownies, Daff!

By Mark “Makybe” Diva

Our wide cup trifecta landed a very nice $1062 return for the hunnert invested after Shocking put paid to Godolphin’s boy – second again for the Sheikh.

So for Daff’s cash we’re now well and truly in the black. I wish I could say the same for myself after today’s result, but it was not so, and I’ve got a massive pot on Eskander’s Betstar because of it.

The tale of cup trifecta woe began early this week when, with the last decent punting stash residing in my Betstar account, I checked their site to make sure they offered flexi-betting on the exotics.

Sure enough, when you enter a fractional bet amount, total cost comes up reflecting that fractional amount – the same arrangement for flexi exotics elsewhere.

But when this morning when I clicked to send the first of my flexi trifectas through – bumpbaah – no go, must be 50c minimum. I called them, they confirmed 50c min, and I was left with no option but to scale back numbers to afford the 50c per combo.

Result – Eskander $144 in the black vs Freeman misses out on $1062 return.

Would have been alright if they made it clear that there’s no flexi from the start. So beware the Betstar ruse.

Will close the account, time to move on.

Hope you all had a good cup day (better than mine thanks to *$#&%* Eskander), be back Saturday for second last unleashing of Daff’s cash.

Mark Makybe Diva

(Current position: $962 in the black)


  1. Makybe,
    Betstar magnificent Schmoozers. Had a camera on them (him) all day and I suspect it was their own.
    I sacked Shocking too early and too proud to return after its wonderful win last start. It was dead for sure in its first two runs this time in (as reported on this site) but I wrongly worried that it had subsequently lost the winningness. After Saturday I should have had a saver as it is a beast that gets then holds form. Nevertheless, Cup post-mortems are boring and sad.
    Get to Flemington Saturday. As a great bonus ( probably for bookies), Elvis and Budge are confirmed starters!

  2. mick geary says

    Tis a terrible tale of woe – another blow from the evil empire against the working man. Well done on nailing it for Daff anyway.

    I too dismissed Shocking, didn’t think it could win with the barrier and thought Alcopop would at least be in front of him.

    William went to bed a very content young man – his first cup winner.

    For me, DI Dodson’ Bonindi’s great run at odds for third in the last saved me – meaning I finished all of $7 up for the day.

    My shout for coffee.

  3. Mark Freeman says

    Crio I forgot to mention above: One thing I was particularly looking forward to hearing about today was an account of the roar from the ring when Definitely Ready got nailed on the line. Surely as exciting as it gets for the bagmen! Especially straight after Williams slaughtered, as the great man Deane Lester called her, the best bet of the carnival, Ortensia.

  4. Mark Freeman says

    Gears the daughter was also pleased with herself about selecting the cup winner. Worst thing that could happen really – bit like getting an early taste for quality wine.

    Murph was on the money re the good run from Bonindi

  5. Freeza,
    Definitely Ready missed a place. We nearly lost on the race. It was very hard to lay the fave…$1.5 out to 1.8. I thought it was a good thing but a school of thought was that you can squib around the turn at Caulfield but be exposed down the straight. Also, we saw later that against the rail was not the spot to be.
    You are right about Ortensia. Good thing beaten and huge for the bookies.

  6. Peter Flynn says

    Another great Cup Day in the Rails Car Park.

    Financially shocking but anyway.

    I love The Cup but it often doesn’t return the love.

    Happy for Kavanagh though.

    I have a trivia question that was bugging us yesterday.

    What horse won the last Cup Hurdle?

    Saddling up tomorrow in the Nursery and then well and truly out to pasture.

  7. Flynny, you’d be going to stud, not pasture, wouldn’t you…?

  8. Mark Freeman says

    Is good question Peter, can’t nail an answer for you unfort. Might be one for Winning Post letters column.

    Should point out – I was Barted again. Was finally with him this season; his Caulfield cup quinella horses had displayed exemplary form for the cup. What happens? Always the way with me and Bart. I haven’t been able to catch him since I had nice collects on Maybe Mahal back in the late 70s!

  9. Freeza,
    B. Melham?

  10. mark freeman says

    Bring back the Hok-man (clap clap clap clap clap) Bring back the Hok-man (clap clap clap clap clap) Bring back the Hok-man (clap clap clap clap clap) Bring back the Hok-man (clap clap clap clap clap) Bring back the Hok-man (clap clap clap clap clap)Bring back the Hok-man (clap clap clap clap clap)Bring back the Hok-man (clap clap clap clap clap)

  11. Peter Flynn says

    Makybe (and others)

    In the Cup, I was Barted again. Usual scenes.

    I need to remember this for next year when Bart has a 25/1 (would be 40/1 if trained by a non-Bart) chance sneak into the Cup field.

    Nothing surer that it will duly salute. Hail the Cups King.

    It’s 11am Friday.
    Something is wrong. I’m not on my 3rd Stella of the day.
    I’m not surrounded by thousands of stunners.
    I haven’t eaten for 20 minutes and I’m starving.

    Maybe I’ll go to Stony Creek. I need to watch another race.
    I know what I’ll do, I’ll try and recover.

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