Get Stuffed

By Kaisha Thompson

We always seem to be out doing some stuff on Cup Day. Last year we were looking for tree kangaroos in the Atherton Tablelands and then went to a pub in Malanda to watch the race. This year we went walking in the You Yangs then called in to the Little River pub.

Dad says there is $4 each year he will bet on the Melbourne Cup for us. My sister backed Fame Game “based on the odds”, I bet on a female jockey named Michelle Payne. I backed her because she was the only woman jockey in the paper and I thought good on her for standing up to the boys.

Most people seem to say females can’t ride racehorses and if they can that they’ll NEVER win big races. I think that is a load of rubbish. Who in their right mind would say that? Dad put on $2 each way on Prince of Penzance for me.

We had a nice lunch and then gathered around the screen on the verandah of the pub. The race seemed slow. Then there was the rush to the line. I didn’t know she had won. When mum told me Prince of Penzance had won I started jumping for joy.

Well Michelle didn’t put up with those men, proving them wrong and saying “get stuffed” to those that said she couldn’t do the job because she is a girl.

I feel that Michelle is now my icon. Finally someone who says things actually matter in a TV interview. No-one has ever said “get stuffed” before (or at least since I’ve been alive.)

I totally agree too. I mean when the boys at my school (not naming names…) show those kind of attitudes to me I feel like screaming “get stuffed” in their face. One day I will show them.

The only bad side is, now I owe Dad $4.

About Kaisha Thompson

10 year old Hawks fan from Preston. Plays soccer for the Darebin Falcons. Enjoys dancing, singing and being on stage in musical theatre. Hopes to one day sing the National Anthem at the MCG on GF day.


  1. Outstanding Kaisha. Good for you. Michelle Payne’s interview was brilliant because it was so honest. She is a star.

    Don’t worry about paying your Dad the $4. Its like paying tax when you earn money. Ask your Dad about paying tax.

  2. Good on you Kaisha!
    Now if we can get rid of that Galoot (thank’s Tex) named Warner of the screen with a “get stuffed” my lead-up to the Test will be made>
    Go girl!
    Citrus Bob

  3. Neil Anderson says

    I have just finished writing a play called ‘ Role -Models’ about a fourteen-year-old boy searching for the right role-model to shape his life. If I had written the play about a fourteen-year-old girl looking for the perfect role-model, then Michelle Payne would have provided the perfect result of that search.
    Incidentally, two people in my play who were seen as possible role-models, but were leading a slightly alternative life-style, said, ” Yes, we are a bit different, but if people don’t like it, they can get stuffed! “

  4. Good one Kaisha.
    My two daughters (S (10-years-old) and K (8-years-old)) and I were flipping through the newspaper and chatting about the Cup on Tuesday morning.
    “Look at all the horses,” I said.
    S asked: “Dad, can women ride in the Melbourne Cup?”
    “Great question. Well they can, but it’s unusual,” I answered. “Most of the jockeys are men.”
    “That’s not fair,” said K. “It’s just like footy and cricket. Most of them are men, too.”
    “Hmmm, that’s right,” I said. “But the difference with horse racing is that the women compete in the same event as the men. Instead of women competing against women, like in women’s footy, or in women’s tennis, in the horse racing, everyone competes against each other.”

    Terrific result.
    We’ve all watched the get stuffed interview many times on YouTube, here.

    Great awareness and great writing, Kaisha.
    Things are changing for women in Australia. Opportunities are opening.
    Fairness is still a long way off, but it’s closer than it used to be.
    Keep noticing, keep agitating.

  5. Great stuff, Kaisha. Why don’t you give dad a small tip for his troubles?

  6. Emma Westwood says

    I’m sure that will be the best thing I read all day and, possibly, all week.

  7. Ben Footner says

    Great read! What a great win it was!

  8. Well done Kaisha. A great story you have told and I am glad you have been so inspired by it.

  9. Kaisha.

    All I can say is “It’s your shout!!”

  10. A breath of fresh air. A win for the Handicapper, a win for Ballarat, A win for The Backbone of Racing. Twin for the Romantic Punter. A win for The Ages.

    Stuff the rest of ’em. As Mr Football would say – she stuck it up ’em.

  11. Tom Martin says

    Great piece Kaisha, well done. I drew Prince of Penzance in the office raffle and was initially downcast at the long odds, knowing nothing more about the gelding or his skilful, plucky rider. When the Prince was crowned and I learned the rest of the story I was thrilled to feel part of history in the making. My sweeps winnings are going in the takeaway jar at home, so

  12. Tom Martin says

    … make sure you spend yours on something worthwhile!

  13. Takeaway is very worthwhile. Food of a nation.

  14. Great article, Kaisha! Good on you and good on Michelle Payne.

  15. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Refreshingly honest and straight forward Kaisha. Michelle put a big crack in the glass ceiling of racing with her wonderful effort. No need to take any nonsense from the boys. Keep telling it like it is!

  16. Yvette Wroby says

    Hi Kaisha, brilliant writing again from you. I love the term “get stuffed”, it’s so Australian, so perfect for this occassion. At least now, commentators (and us on the Almanac) are talking about a great female achieving dreams, and encouraging other girls and women to continue to do so. I take no interest in racing but love this story and love what it has given to all of us.

    Thanks for your piece


  17. I can’t wait for the reaction one day (hopefully) when a woman wins Bathurst. Now that would have to be the final frontier and demand the biggest ‘get stuffed’ of all.

    PS Don’t let the gambling bug bite ya Kaisha.

  18. Tom Martin says

    Yes, quite JTH. In our house, takeaway is the food of three nations – Italy, India and Thailand. But we’ll go anywhere they accept payment in gold coins.

  19. Great report Kaisha! You nailed it. To think that it has taken over 150 years before a female jockey has won the Cup. By any measure, that is outrageous. A 13 year old boy won it in 1876! The first female owner won it in 1915, 100 years ago. You are right to see Michelle as an icon. What would be even better is if all men over the age of 50 saw her as an icon!

  20. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Dream big Kaisha

  21. Fantastic Kaisha. You sure know how to pick a winner. Your Hawks have won 3 flags in a row, now you pick the Melbourne Cup winner. Good on ya!

    Keep up your writing. It’s great reading your article.


  22. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Keisha well done a great read,fantastic by Michelle Payne and bewildering dumb comments by
    Glen Boss since her brilliant win

  23. Love this story Keisha and your view and experience of it.

    It is really interesting to hear the ra ra regarding sexism and or chauvinism that is said to surround this industry….ironic in some ways given women have always, in my memory, and in increasing proportions, competed alongside the blokes in racing. ( no comment as to what goes on inside the industry, I have no idea as to the internal politics). I’d love to know the rough numbers of female jockeys v male jockeys,,, I’m sure I heard or read somewhere recently that female jockeys were on par with the boys in terms of numbers.

    As an aside…My ten yr old played his first game of comp tennis a few weeks ago..interesting because he, being one of four boys on his team, came up against a team of four girls….sitting there,,we parents, could see all of them look at each other and think, omg? What the? Anyway, I think it’s great to have mixed competitions. Just get out there and enjoy your sport.

  24. Thanks guys, cool comments. It is a day I’ll never forget.

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