General Footy Writing: You leave my Jack out of any trade deals

I’ve always wanted to create an alter-ego for myself, not too unlike my character , just different enough to still be true.

So now I present to you the WAG of Collingwood’s Jack Anthony.

Jack is in one of those moods again, I think it’s all this trade week drama!

Our engagement came quickly after my separation from Nathan Brown, whom I probably would have still tolerated if not for his choice in a peroxide blonde galfriend.

What drew me to Jack were his attempts at marking the footy.

Tell me what it means:

When Jack Anthony flies up at the footy extra fast in your eyes, but when I watch everything around me slows down?

When he’s running up for goal and I’m more conscious of my heartbeat than ever before, each thud stronger and louder than the next?

When the ball drifts through the big sticks and a smile spreads across my face?

When he rips of his glove I quote Romeo and Juliet- ‘Oh what I would give to be that glove upon his hand’- or something along those lines.

Most importantly, why is it that the number nine looks so damn attractive on the back of a Collingwood jumper?

These are the reasons I have formed a liking to Jack Anthony.

During trade week the word on the street was that my dear fiancé may have been used as trade bait for the Fevola deal.

HA! Like bringing that trouble maker to the team was going to win us a flag!

Who would trade Jack for Fev?

My fiancé is capable of kicking goals; in fact he’s got the Gordon Coventry medal on display in our lounge room, and I will add that it’s flattering to the décor!

I’ll finish it here because Jack just got in from the Lexus Center and I have to prepare his lunch and we are expecting Travis and Dale over for dinner later tonight.

About Danielle Eid

Im 23, cute and most importantly im the Collingwood Football Club's very own PRINCESS!! :) A Latrobe Uni graduate from Bachelor of Journalism. Admirer of Samantha Lane and Jon Ralph. Not your typical 'Robot Journalist' Loves Alex Fasolo


  1. Totally random story Danni, but i like it :)

  2. Thanks Josh, i thought you would be used to my randomness by now! :)
    and if i have to get up SO DO YOU!! LOL

  3. Haha nah i tried getting up before but i fell over so im staying in bed!

  4. lol, okay jst stay there then! lol
    chill to some music like moi!

    ps- Michael Buble is awesome! :)

  5. Damian Watson says

    Yeah that is random but funny at the same time,
    “Number Nine looks attractive on a Collingwood jumper”? I didn’t know you like Brian Taylor as well Danni. lol

  6. Steve Healy says

    Glenn Freeborn wore 9 for the Pies as well.

    Weirdest piece ever put on the site Danni.

    Happy birthday Damo

  7. Damian Watson says

    Thanks Steve,
    Happy birthday to Josh’s mum
    and to Amon Buchanan.
    How about the date next year 10/10/10 wonder what that symbolises?

  8. Happy Bday- Damoooooo!!! :)
    hope you had a good day.
    and Josh’s MOM! LOL

    Thanks for the comments! :)
    nothing wrong with Brian Taylor.
    weirdest piece? REALLY, YAY ME! :)

  9. I bet Buchanan is having a good birthday on the Gold Coast, his new home…or close to it anyway.

  10. i hope he stays away from FEV!

  11. I seriously cant wait for the draft and pre-season draft, so much excitment ahead!

  12. lol yeah i know, now if only they would bring back the shorts.

  13. Michael Allan says

    Yeah I’m, pumped to Josdh. Butcher v Morabito v Martins. Pick #3 will be very interesting. Maybe Melbourne will make the decision easy and just choose Butcher and we’ll take Trengrove.

  14. brrrrr its cold! :)
    i could so fall asleep right now but time is better spent on here and looking over my Ras3/4 notes. :)

  15. Its not cold Danni!! lol

    Status – doing more reports for this site

  16. Im always cold, and its funny cos im pale and cold, so maybe im a vampire?
    You know everytime I went to do homework I would always end up writing a another piece for the site, I didn’t have to think it jst all flows, you all know what I mean.
    I wish everything else came that easy.

  17. Steve Healy says

    Are you doing all the clubs best and fairest’s Josh.

    Status: Playing AFL 98

  18. Status- sorting out the volcano of notes that erupted in my bedroom and attempting past exam questions…YAWN!

  19. Steve Healy says

    Lol Danni if the studying’s boring, then stop!

  20. Michael Allan says

    Steve does the demo have training mode? If it does you sshould play it. It’s fun because you can change how good the players are and everything. It was hilariolus, today I was playing Richmond v North Melbourne, both teams were slow midgets except for Matthew Rogers and Corey McKernhan who were giants and had perfect everything. lol.

  21. Steve Healy says

    Hahaha. Nah all the demo is is a 4:00 minutes plus time on quarter, and the game is always Adelaide V St.Kilda and you can choose to be either team

  22. Michael Allan says

    Oh, well their the best teams. I like kciing a bag with Modra for Adelaide. When you line up for a shot do you wait for that marker thing to come up or do you just play on and shoot?

  23. Steve Healy says

    You can choose to play on or have a shot. Are the controls on the full version the same?

    1: Kick/change player
    2: Handball/mark
    3: Run faster

    F1, F2, F3 etc: Change view

    i wish i could, but if i want to get atleast A ‘B’ for my exam i have too.
    i mean i dont even want to go to Melb uni, i just want to go to any uni and get my Jurno degree!!

  25. Steve Healy says

    Hahaha sorry Danni I didn’t mean to offend you.

  26. Michael Allan says

    Yep, exactly the same, I change them to 1,2,3,4 instead of z,x,c,v because I think it’s easier that way.

  27. Michael Allan says

    Anyway I’m off to bed now, goodnight.

  28. You totally stole my idea on the numbers for the trades Michael!

    Yeah i am Steve, currently doing the Merrett-Murray medal (Brisbane)

  29. Steve Healy says

    What does 4 do Michael?

  30. Steve Healy says

    So you’re gonna do all of them?

    Josh, who has more posts on this site? Me or you? It might be me just but since your doing the best and fairests you’ll overtake me.

    I liked it when there was the bracket which said how many posts each Knacker has done

  31. Do we have to go to Uni to work with the Herald Sun/The Age? I really have no idea what sort of prerequistes we need

  32. lol im not offended, im jst saying that if i dont study im risking my enterscore.

  33. I have no idea Steve, im not doing these extra reports to buffer my posts on the site, im doing it coz i miss footy already! But your welcome to count up how many posts we’ve made lol. Yeah i got no idea why the number of posts was taken away, but i think you had more when they did.

    I want to do all the clubs but thinking i should leave Carlton, Collingwood, Melbourne and Richmond if you guys were thinking of doing one for your own team

  34. Steve Healy says

    Yep, I’m definitely doing the Dees. How crap is this, every clubs best and fairest has been done except Melbourne! Its on the 21st of October.

    A few of mine posts have gone missing: Collingwood V Melbourne Round 2, St.Kilda V Sydney Round 1 and Hawthorn V Geelong Round 1.

    I think we’d need to do some sort of arts course to work for a paper.

  35. Mum reckons i should take some classes for photography if im gonna be a good journo.

    Yeah i noticed a couple of mine have gone missing too, i’ll count ours up now and see

  36. Nah you are welcome to Collingwoods, i can be bothered. :(
    p.s i did photogarphy in media and im talking geletin/balcknwhite photography plus the developing in the darkroom- HATED IT! NEVER AGAIN!!

  37. Steve Healy says

    Photography’s a subject at De La Salle. I did it in the first semester.

    It’s the best subject ever, it’s so laid back and we get to go out of school to take photos!

  38. I’ve got 55 posts, and Steve you have 50, but 53 if you include the ones you say that went missing.

  39. Do you like Darkroom work Steve?

  40. Steve Healy says

    Yes, I love making the photos, even though it can be hard it’s a great feeling to develop a photo

  41. Our school doesnt have a darkroom…well we would if you turned the lights off, but yeah lol.

    Photography at our school is just finding pictures off the internet and photoshopping them

  42. if anything it gave me the feeling of being grateful that i have the gift of sight.
    being in their and not being able to see was a terrible experience and it was only temporary. i swear if i ever make it big im donating big to an association for the blind. i feel so bad :(

  43. Steve Healy says

    What you don’t even take any photos?

  44. Why what’s it like in there?

  45. Oh and today i got called and asked if i would work for another local radio station talking about the local footy. So thats 3 radio station jobs i have lol i cant keep up!

  46. Steve Healy says

    It’s not bad in there. You can see perfectly fine with the red light.

  47. Steve Healy says

    What are the 3 Josh?

  48. we dont use the red lights till about more than half way through the developing process. Josh its so dark, that i cant explain it cos its even darker than covering you eyes tightly.

  49. Oh and Damo has 20 reports, weird i thought he would be high in the 50’s.

    1. 97.7 with Crackers talking about AFL
    2. 98.5 with Graham Byrne (former Magpie) talking about AFL and country footy)
    3. 98.1 talking country footy

  50. ahhh..guys thats it! ive had it!
    im going to pack up and go to sleep, im about to die and i have a massive headache!
    i deserve a LONGGGGGGGG sleep.
    Night all :)

  51. Steve Healy says

    That’s great Josh. I don’t think any of these and listenable in Melbourne though.

  52. Cya Danni, tomorrow is Sunday so enjoy a nice sleep in, unless you have church or something..

    Nah, you might get the ABC but im not sure. The station i listen to when im in Melbourne is 91.5 or something

  53. Steve Healy says

    In Melbourne it’s 774 ABC. I dont know what 91.5 is

  54. Yeah well maybe the dial is 91.5…not sure. Oh and Danni has 27 pieces on here and Michael has 17. But of course its quality, not quantity.

    Steve what do you think of getting Luke Ball? And do you know what other players will be available in the Pre-Season draft? Coz i have no idea lol

  55. I know North have third pick, i hope we get Robbo or Mark Coughlan

  56. Steve Healy says

    Yeah well Robbo will be there, Ball, Jesse Smith, just all these players who didn’t get deals done and want to leave their clubs. Maybe Nathan Brown (Richmond) as well, along with players recruited from elsewhere, like Liam Jurrah was last year.

    I’m excited about Luke Ball. Can’t wait till he comes to the Dees. He’ll add a new dimension to our midfield. Next season’s looking good for the red and blue

  57. I think the Dees will do a lot better next year. Heres my prediciton:

    1st Geelong
    2nd Western Bulldogs
    3rd St Kilda
    4th Brisbane
    5th Adelaide
    6th Hawthorn
    7th West Coast
    8th Collingwood

    9th Sydney
    10th Melbourne
    11th North Melbourne
    12th Carlton
    13th Essendon
    14th Richmond
    15th Port Adelaide
    16th Fremantle

  58. hi all :)
    or should i say Morning all!
    27? well thats good considering i wasnt on here from the start of the season.
    im feeling refreshed for more study…starting NOW!

  59. Afternoon all.

    Soo bored. Might finish some science homework i need to get done…

  60. argghh science! lol
    glad i never have to go through that again.
    i craving fish n chips.
    arghh i wish there was some form of update on the Collingwood dying already!

  61. Have you ever been on Superfooty forum Danni? Lots of info there

  62. yeah ive already read most of that.
    and now im cleaning up one of my writen reponses about Capital punishment in the Catholic tradition.
    i need my teacher!!

  63. Damian Watson says

    Nah I only started around the mid season on this website so I haven’t posted anywhere close to the 50’s.

    Do you have to undertake some sort of audition at those radio stations Josh? or do they take your interviews with Crackers into account.

  64. Well i think we know how i got the job with Crackers, the radio with Graham Byrne came when Dad called him and asked if they wanted a young person to be doing a report of the local/AFL footy action and he said that would be great and with this latest one Dad called them again and asked if they were interested in having another member working for them and they said they would. Its sometimes embarrassing with Dad asking all these people that stuff but i guess its getting me somewhere lol

  65. Michael Allan says

    haha I did photography tjhis year. I was so bad at it. I alwauys got someone else to develop them for me and my teacher got so angry at me because of it. lol.

    It was such a fun class though. Cause they class rooms are far away from the class room me and my mates just went where the theacher wasn’t. haha.

    At the end of the course we told the teacher we were going to do Digital Photography and she said we weren’t allowed to. haha

  66. Michael Allan says

    haha i meant the dark room is far away from the class room.

  67. Well i gotta say Photography doesnt sound like the most entertaining class

  68. Michael Allan says

    It is when you don’t actually take photos!

  69. Michael Allan says

    The Movie subject was fun last year and this year journalisnm’s good because mI gtet to write more footy articles and we get to create a magazine and mine’s an AFL one.

  70. Sounds like you guys get all the classes i actually need to take!

  71. Michael Allan says

    Haha, yeah but the best subject is game design. We have till the rest of the year to create the game and the teacher doesn’t care what we do so we can play computer games or in my case go onto AFL websites!

  72. I had a class like that, mine was LOTE and there was only six people in the class, plus the teacher spent most of her time in the staff room trying to find things. Me and my friend usually ditched the class for 15 minutes, then came back to our seats just as the teacher walked in. Good times

  73. so wats everyone doing?
    im drying my hair, just got out of the shower, WHY ISNT IT RAINING!! :(

  74. Raining? Its a nice 20 degrees here, well it looks it outside my window haha.

  75. Michael Allan says

    Ha it’s not raining here. I just got bhack from playing cricket out in the yard.

    My French class last year was awesome. Their was about eight of us who knew that we weren’t going on with it next year so we just talked and made trouble in class. After a few lunch time detentions, plenty of stern talkings, many threats of being sent to the middle school co-orinator and being sent out of class too many times to count the year finally finished and I got 27% on my exam. lol.

  76. What you did FRENCH??
    omg ive always wanted to learn French, i mean my name is French!! :)

  77. We had to learn italian. We had a proper italian teacher but he left, so we did overseas lessons or something

  78. well i did half the year Italian and Indonesian until year nine where i chose to only continue Indonesian which i dropped by year 10.

  79. Michael Allan says

    It’s not that great Danni.

  80. lol i think i might have made something out of it! :)
    unlike someone…

  81. Michael Allan says

    Hey, I gave it a red hot crack up to about half way in year 8. It’s not easy!

  82. lol i was only kidding!
    ofcorse its hard learning any new language is bound to be hard.
    But i still think it would have been cool.

  83. Haha red hot, just like you Michael :)

    Whenever the teacher told me to get on with my work i just said im not gonna visit Italy in the future so why learn the language, i thought it was a good excuse! Obviously not

  84. Back to the beginning.

    I saw Jack at bowls yesterday over at Penguin. We were behing on the board so I drove hard at him and hit him into the ditch to take the shot.

  85. Mon nom est Danielle.


  86. Michael Allan says

    Hah we used heaps of thjose arguments on our teacher Danni.

    When we were learning to order food one of the kids just said “Why don’t we just point on the menu which one we want?

  87. LOL!!
    the only reason i dropped Indo was cos i already talk fluent Lebo.
    Is it that hard to say
    “Croissant!!” LMAOO cos thats all i would order anyway

  88. I could speak pretty good italian but i lost most of the words this year lol i can still say up to 30 though.

    Was just playing AFL 07, Wells kicked 13.0! Hopefuly we see that for real next year

  89. The Demons do not want to be the pimply kid at the teenage disco who scares off the glamorous blonde in the corner by being too keen too early.

    ROFL thats describing Melbourne’s attempt to SECURE but not SCARE luke Ball! LMAOO

  90. Michael Allan says

    One of the kids in our French group named Eddie got expelled and when another kid (Alex) got sent out of the room she said.

    “He’s going right downt the same track as Eddie did.”

    Then one of the kids said “Yeah but Alex is a state swimmer, Eddie wasn’t good at anything.”

    So the teacher said “Well sometimes whemn people think their above the law they get brought down by it.”

    And so I said “Yeah he’s a bit like Ben Cousins.”

    Lol it was sooo funny.

  91. Haha i read that this morning as well Danni lol that Mark Stevens is a good writer. I think it was him who wrote it..

  92. Its funny cos i pictured Steve at a disco trying to ask out a blonde cos its Melbourne! LOL

  93. Lmao Micheal, someone wrote abour Fev in their story in english and it wasnt even relevant. the story was supposed to be about FUTURE WORLDS!!

  94. Well maybe Fev can act more human-like in a future world

    I think we’ve seen the last of Steve until next week, he’s gone on his school excursion i think

  95. Michael Allan says

    Hahaha that’s hilarious.

    I’m trying to put the two together but I can’t!

  96. i know i think it was something like.FEV came down from a spaceship..or i cant remember but the whole class was in tears from laughing.

  97. Steve Healy says

    Wrong, Josh!

    You haven’t seen the last of me yet.

    I just finished packing and playing cricket in the back yard.

  98. ohh tell me steve, did the blonde accept??

  99. Steve Healy says

    Yep, being too keen too early worked for me

  100. Michael Allan says

    Haha, good effort Steve.

    I might add I was batting very nicely. I hooked my Brother onto the roof for four runs a couple of times.

    I tried to do it to Dad when he was bowling spin but he bowled me through my legs. lol.

  101. Steve Healy says

    I made 4/189 off 10 overs (we play 10 over games usually)

  102. Im not much of a batter, i prefer bowling lol.

    The Age says the Dees will offer Ball the vice-captincy, while the Herald Sun said they will offer him the captincy. Who to believe???

  103. Michael Allan says

    We play very differently Steve.

    Since theres three of us we have a three way game.

    6 overs. 3 spin – 3 pace

    All trees on the full are out

    We don’t run, we have targets and each target has a sety amount of runs.

    It’s hard to make runs and bcause it’s a very short pitch the pace overs are spent bowliong short and at the ribs. lol.

    A score of 12 is pretty good.

  104. Steve Healy says

    The Herald Sun said they’d offer the captaincy????? Vice captaincy is believeale. The Age for me.

    I’m starving, I still haven’t had dinner yet

  105. Michael Allan says

    Stupid Hearald Sun, always making crap up.

  106. if Jon Ralph wrote it than DUH BELIEVE HIM

  107. Steve Healy says

    Jon Ralph- I could complain about him for hours.

    It’s quite easy to score runs in my backyard, the pitch is really short but you just have to hit the fences and the side of the house for 4’s and 6s

  108. ..complain??WHAT?? WHYY??

  109. Michael Allan says

    We’ve increasingly made it harder for the batsman because we can’t be stuffed fielding lol.

  110. He said the lure of the captincy would bring Ball to Melbourne. I think its arrogant for a player to accept the captincy when he’s just arrived at a new club, like Judd did in 2008.

  111. Steve Healy says

    He doesn’t deserve captaincy. McDonald still does.

  112. SO IT WAS JON?

  113. Michael Allan says

    Yeah, I like players who havew been at the club for yonks to be captain. I don’t care if you are a martial arts expert like Chris Judd.

    Does anybody get the feeling that he doesn’t take good care of his players? I mean it all crumbled when he was in charge at West Coast and Fev only seemed to get worse when he went to Carlton. Trouble seems tio followe the man. Just putting it out there.

  114. Michael Allan says

    What did Jarred Oakley-Nicholls do Danni. He’s always stuffing thing up!

  115. What does Jarred Oakley-Nicholls have to do with anything?

  116. Nah not Jon, i think it was Mark Stevens. Not sure though, lol funny Michael. If Judd played at a club like Geelong or Hawthorn where there is no trouble, he would be twice as good i reckon.

    McDonald has gotta be nearing the end though, he’s like 32 or something. Next captain: Moloney, Sylvia or Green

  117. Steve Healy says

    Hahahah yeah there’s a resemblance there.

    Maybe Jon isn’t the complete package Danni?

  118. Michael Allan says

    If he went to Geelong or Hawthorn, there would be trouble! I’m sure channel seven would find more papers in the gutter if he went to Hawthorn!

  119. Steve Healy says

    I think Davey would be a good leader.

    But McDonald should play out his career as captain, whether its 1 or 2 years

  120. Michael Allan says

    Yeah, if he’s going to take himself seriously he’s going to have to change his name.

  121. Damian Watson says

    Nick Stevens finally retired, it was always a case of when after that neck injury.

  122. I dunno about Davey, he seems like a player who doesnt give many instructions on the field. My opinion though, im probably wrong

  123. Michael Allan says

    That’s a shame I always liked Nick. Continuing with my Judd rant I beleived Stevens should’ve been captain.

    And yes, I do know Stevens also came from another club but he was the only one who had been thier a while and was capable of being captain.

  124. Jeez i thought that said Nick Riewoldt Damo, i got a big fright haha

    So McLean will take Stevens’ 24 guernsey? Or maybe Fisher’s 14 or number 7 if Bentick goes. While on the topic, why is Bentick still on Carlton’s list??

  125. Michael Allan says

    In two years time Blease will be ready for the captaincy!

  126. Too many people these days think the captain has to be a stand-out player as well. Give me Maxwell or McDonald or Simpson anyday of the week.

  127. Damian Watson says

    We were pretty desperate for a real leadership group after Kouta and co. retired, in the end it was lineball between Stevens and Judd but I think the latter desrved it.

    I remember Bryce Gibbs was placed in the leadership group before he even played a senior match.

  128. Michael Allan says

    Agree Josh but not Maxwell. I’m not a big wrap. I was happy Newman got the captaincy even though Foley has been more influental on the feild.

    BNentick should be delisted, he’s a hack and is occupying a good number.

    Speaking of numbers Collins might get a new number since all our low ones are being delisted or retireing. A bit dissapointing since I just got his 42. lol.

  129. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I think Bentick should be delisted, just spends most of his time playing at the Bullants. He didn’t played a senior game in 2009.

  130. Maybe you’ll get Schulz or Oakley-Nicholls back and they’ll take 42?? Haha

    I remember Bentick played a good game against Collingwood in the Heritage Round in Round 20 in 2005. That’s all though

  131. Damian Watson says

    I remember that game, one of our rare wins for 2005.

    I couldn’t believe that match was on Foxtel, no Carlton-Collingwood game should ever be on Pay TV.

  132. Steve- why wouldn Jon be the complete package?

  133. Carlton-Collingwood games on Pay TV is just unaustralian

  134. Yeah that night it was Adelaide v Port Adelaide. Ben Hudson did his knee that night and Port wore that awful white jumper with pale blue hoops.

  135. Come to think of it, has there ever been a Collingwood v Carlton game at Etihad Stadium?

  136. …i dunno never thought of it.

  137. Damian Watson says

    No-one in their right mind would allow it.
    Bring back Waverley Park!!! lol

  138. you guys..i miss nathan!! :(

  139. I think they did once actually but in the NAB Cup.

    Bring back Visy Park!

  140. Nathan? Is he still around?? lol

  141. Bring back Vic park!
    ohh wait..THEY DID! :0 LOL

    YES!! :( :(
    I miss him!! :( SOB SOB

  143. Damian Watson says

    Yeah in the 2003 Wizard Cup when Alan Didak tore our defence apart.

  144. If you keep that up Danni Jack might get a tiny bit jealous and offended and leave you. Dont worry, im sure Toovey will cheer you up

  145. I Have a nikname for him that i never reveled on this site, only cos it woudl cause you all to rofl at its cheesyness

  146. lol! :)
    Jack, yeah he does get jelouse!
    Toovey, ohh god how coul dhe possibly cheer me up?

  147. Damian Watson says

    What are you going to do when Jack leaves to go on his end of season trip Danni?

  148. Maybe if Toovey somehow ended up in a freezer and stayed there or somethin like that??

    Who do you have a nickname for that you havent told us?

  149. Damo- i have no idea!! theres no way im letting my Superman go off to Arizona, who will be there to fuss over his prettyness like i do???

    my Nick name is for Nathan yet its longer than his real name but anyways lol

  150. Danni will probably sneak into his luggage lol

  151. lmao haha! not in a plane full of Collingwood players..including Toovey who might jst get pushed out of the window accidently LOL

  152. Arizonians will fuss over him Danni lol

    Frozen Toovey sounds like some sort of meal haha.

    What’s the nickname??

  153. to know Nathans nikname just put two of my favourite things together…

  154. comeon! not one guess??

  155. Umm…jeez you know im no good at riddles…

  156. okay..
    Nathan Brown has been know to me as

    Cuddlesnrainbows! :)

  157. Steve Healy says


  158. Steve Healy says

    Damn I got it wrong lol

  159. Steve Healy says

    Sorry guys just had dinner then but now im back

  160. lmaoo STUDYING..??
    come on Steve that was FAR OFF


    Lol jeez haha

  162. you didnt have frozen toovey for dinner did you?

  163. it that bad Josh? :)
    i think its cute and it works.
    when hes on the tv im like

  164. Lol its not bad, its just weird. Imagine shouting that out when at the footy lol

  165. Steve Healy says

    Yes I did have frozen toovey but I needed to thaw him in the microwave first because I broke my teeth.

  166. …what would you say..if i tell you that..i did shout that out at the footy.

  167. Hmm our frozen toovey is still in the freezer, no one wants him. Everytime we open the freezer we see two possum eyes staring at us

  168. Then i dont blame anyone who gave you weird looks that day

  169. Michael Allan says

    Hey guys I was playing Beatles Rockband.

    Danni, by the sounds of it your one of those girls who when they go to the footy they don’t even watch it. They just chat to eachother and shout crap at the 3 players of their team they know. Those people annoy me.

  170. lol :)
    i do love my Cuddlesnrainbows :)
    hes so cute and prettty, yes he is!!!

  171. Michael Allan says

    I think your the only girl who rates him Danni. I’ve never met any other girl who says he’s good looking.

  172. Steve Healy says

    Hahaha Possum eyes.

    Cuddlesnrainbows? That sounds like some sort of charity for kids.

  173. EXCUSE ME!
    first of all im so into the game that i dont even eat during halftime!
    just because im STRAIGHT! and love my players and think they are gorgeous doesnt mean that i dont love the game.

  174. Thats b/c hes not ‘BIG’ his name isnt known.
    when you say Nathan brown everyone assumes im talking about the one from Richmond. the collingwood supporting girls rate him highly.

  175. Michael Allan says

    I’m not sure if you knew but I was talking about Anthony Danni. If people don’t know who Jack Anthony is then they don’t know footy. And why wouldn’t they think your talking about Nathan G Brown. He’s a much better player and better looking.

    Now my lovechild Lecras. He’s a terrrific footballer AND rated by the ladies.

  176. well anyone i talk to about at school has no idea. there are the select few that do but otherwise everyone looks at me like im a weirdo when i rattle off about the hands in the back rule.
    No i prefer my Nathan to yours.
    Your lovechild is average, nothing to jump up and down about.

  177. Steve Healy says

    My lovechild is much better: Liam Jurrah.

    He’s popular with everyone and he’s freakish

  178. Sorry Steve but Jurrah isnt hot. lol

  179. LeCras is ‘too blond’ for my standards.

  180. Michael Allan says

    You have a perculier taste Danni. Most people seem to agree with me as LeCras is constantly named in “hottest AFL player” lists.

    I guess you wont get many passionate footy people at an all girls school so that’s fair enough. But my sister and all her freinds said he’s not good.

    Collingwood girls don’t get a say in which opf their players are good looking because I’ve heard some say Roooca is good. Hah no offence Danni.

  181. Nah, most girls go GAGA for Dale and Pendals, some even Didak.
    Dale is probably the most loved but i dont find him appealing in that way.

  182. Steve Healy says

    Who could be hotter than Jurrah?

    He’s poplular with the indeginous ladies as well.

  183. Wait Danni, does that mean you eat on your way to the game, before the game, quarter time, three quarter time, after the game and on your way home from the game? haha lol just kidding.

    My lovechild is the best: Benny Warren, superstar!

  184. Steve..remind me not to let u matchmake for me..EVER lol

  185. i dont eat at all at the footy. I CANT
    even at halftime im off my seat waiting for the boys go get back out.
    i dont look away from the game, me and dad sit there like were hypnotised robots LOL

  186. Warren??? josh wat part of ‘too blonde’ dont you get! LMAO

  187. Steve Healy says

    Yeah I’ll arrange a blind date for you with Nathan Brown, but I’ll actually be lying and Liam Jurrah will turn up

  188. lol i dont think i would agree in the first place, since i know ur taste in dudes doesnt match mine at all. LOL

  189. What’s wrong with Jurrah??

    Funny how our lovechilds are goalsneaks. LeCras, Jurrah and Warren. Brown isn’t, he’s an ugly defender …

    I eat halfway through the third quarter

  190. Steve Healy says

    I need food to keep me going at the footy, I usually buy a pie and chips.

  191. he’s an ugly defender ???
    hmmmphhh! well i wont take that only b/c i know that your taste is just as bad as Steves!

  192. Michael Allan says

    Well Richmond have the best players anyway.

    Brett Deledio
    Nathan Brown…well not anymore
    Cleve Hughes…oh wait, he’s going too
    Ben Cousins
    Andrew Raines…another one gone
    Trent Cotchin
    Chris Newman
    Alex Rance
    Jayden Post…anyone with my hair is hot!

  193. Steve Healy says

    Yeah Josh who needs Nathan Brown

  194. looks like Michael has the best taste out of all of you.

    steve-ZIP IT!

  195. Michael Allan says

    Campbell Brown? The only woman in the world who could find that man attractive.

    Yeah funny Steve. Nahas and Morton all the way!

  196. excuse me but Campbell brown is a real Gentleman! he was so nice to me when i went up to him. :)

  197. Michael Allan says

    You’ve gotta be a gentleman when you look like him!

  198. i like the rough look! :)
    its very… appealing

  199. Steve Healy says

    What look does Liam Jurrah have?

  200. Merci madamoselle Danielle, je ne suis qu’un pauvre incutte chat heureux.

  201. Michael Allan says

    Cleve Hughes looks very rugged with his big arms and chissled jaw. Too bad he always pulls out and seems to never be able to get his hands on the pill!

    Sorry it’s just that Cleve Hughes makes me so angery. Even more than JON and possibly more than McMuffin.

  202. Michael Allan says

    Looks like Phantom found a translator on google.

  203. Steve Healy says

    Thank you madamoselle Danielle, I am only a poor man incutte happy cat.

  204. oui

  205. We’ve all got a “Cleve Hughes” at our own clubs Michael lol

  206. Phantom- ..thanks..i think lol

    Jurrah- i dont know..hes not rough though, C.Brown and J.Brown are rough

  207. this aint foreignlanguagealmanac!!!

  208. Jurrah is rough around the edges, could use some work.

    Funny how every Brown is a tough sorta player. C.Brown, J.Brown, L.Brown. N.Brown though, not tough at all, he’s a skinny little runt

  209. Steve Healy says

    Liam Jurrah in french is: Liam Jurrah lol

  210. Steve Healy says

    Liam Jurrah est le meilleur joueur dans le monde

  211. Cuddlesnrainbows isnt rough, but you should have seen him when we first got him, toothpick he was, now hes all buff and his arms are so WOW! :)

  212. I think MSN has a translator!

  213. Steve Healy says

    Jurrah couldn’t use any work, he’s already way more than perfect!

  214. Steve Healy says

    I’m using Free Translation Online- the good way to translate.

  215. Danielle adore son Superman, il va la sauver du mal.

  216. Steve Healy says

    Jack Anthony’s an it? He’s not human!

  217. I used google translator in LOTE once, haha not a good idea

  218. bon soir mes enfants

  219. what are u talking about steve?

  220. Michael Allan says

    I havn’t seen Nathan G lay many tackles in my time Josh.

    Phantom I’m pretty sure yes for Italian is. Si. Oui is French. Or are we speaking French now? lol

  221. Steve Healy says

    Didn’t you say: You’re gonna save it from evil. Jack Anthony’s an it?

  222. Steve Healy says

    I used to do French in year 7 and 8. I hated it and I knew nothing

  223. its supposed to say
    i love my superman, who will save me from evil

  224. Yeah he’s a big “it”.

  225. Steve Healy says

    Oh ok lol it said “Save it from evil” when I did it on the translator

  226. i was surprised to see how big Rusling has gotten, in the pics for the coll b&F. hes all grown up….:(

  227. Steve Healy says

    Yeah well that’s what you expect when you haven’t seen him playing for Collingwood for two years.

  228. Remember not to go near any rocks or whatever this week Steve or you’ll die, according to Danni’s story lol

  229. like the last time i saw him i was all ‘naww hes so cute…” in a youngman way and now…HES A REAL MAN!!
    ohhhh i miss him!!
    i miss them ALL :(…even toovey

  230. he wont DIE.
    He will disappear never to be found again.
    until we search Jerrah’s house for he is his lovechild and all.

  231. Michael Allan says

    Well he’ll be dead to us and that’s dead enough. It’d be good if you could last for the book launch Steve.

  232. i loved reading Ramon Fowler’s tory on the site about GEELONG DNA. when i read the first few lines i was like..AWWWWWWWWWWWW!!

  233. If i go missing it would be harder to find me.
    Micheal- LeCras’ house
    Josh- Warren’s house
    Steve- Jurrah’s house.

  234. Michael Allan says


    Jack Anthony’s house would be a good start.

    Nathan Brown would be the back up.

  235. your mistaken. i already live with Anthony and if in not at the Back up’s house your in trouble.

  236. Check Fevola’s house for her too..

  237. now that would be a place to rule out for SURE..along with Tooveys.

  238. Yeah Steve last until the book launch, then afterwards you can go crazy or whatever lol

  239. Steve Healy says

    I want to go to that rock and see if I die lol

  240. Michael Allan says

    To be honest Danni I wouldn’t go looking for you. I’m sure you’ll return for Collingwood’s first match. In fact we all would be back for round 1.

    If I ever get lost in Summer, just tell the police I’ll meet up with them at gate 6 on Thursday night for the Richmond v Carlton game. lol

  241. The Malthouse-hold?

  242. well i bought a dress for the launch so im not planing to go missing until after i wear it! LOL

  243. LOL josh! maybe at Swallow’s house :)

  244. Oh guess what i heard about Fevola? I cant remember where i heard it but apparantly he wants to be a police officer when he retires from football. It made me laugh, considering he probably knows every cop in Victoria

  245. Im still yet to buy my “dress” (aka-the stunning North Melbourne jumper)

  246. …ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    that would contracdict the
    ‘i like a man in uniform’ statement

  247. lol ill prob be the only one in a dress!

  248. ohh if u want to recognise me, ill be the one looking very uncomfortable in her heels, groaning when trying to walk.

  249. Hmm Michael might rock up in a dress, you know the Richmond outfit is pretty wussy and girly.

    Breaking News: Brett Allison has joined the North Melbourne coaching team. Funnily enough the sneaky goalkicker is in charge of the backline next season

  250. that reminds me..i have to get some straps attached to that dress..and i need it drycleaned.

  251. Haha you people have school tomorrow!!

    Damo are you still online?

  252. Hope we dont have to make any speeches or anything at this book launch thingo

  253. yeah

  254. lol thats what mum asked me and i was like if i do make sure you cry at the end! you know: ‘IM so proud of my daughterrr!!”

  255. Steve Healy says

    I’d be happy to make a speech lol

  256. Steve Healy says


  257. really? i wouldnt id be like

  258. I’ll just pass the mic onto somebody else lol

  259. MY SPEECH;

  260. Michael Allan says

    Richmond have a very manly sash Josh.

    Haha Josh if everybody made a speech the night would never end.Having said that I nomiunate you as spokesperson of the fab 5 or whatever we call ourselves.

    Ive got

    American History
    Game Design

  261. Steve Healy says

    Yeah I’d be nervous as well probably. I hope none of us get drunk and do a Fevola (not that any of us would drink)

  262. HEY we both have english last :)

  263. HEY CAN I DO IT? PLEASE!! :)

  264. Michael Allan says


    haha I’ll be all like PRESSURE POINT to Damo.

  265. Steve Healy says

    We’re better than the old Brisbane Fab 5

  266. Michael Allan says

    and Carltons.

  267. Michael Allan says

    Well Hird seems to think they’re a fab 5. Come to thinkk of it it’s a fab 4 now that stevo is gone.


  269. Michael Allan says

    You don’t want me pulling down your top do you?

  270. Michael Allan says

    Well that’s what I heard anyway.

  271. WHAT NO!! the G rated version thankyou..i wont be wearing a top anyways! im wearing a dress!!

  272. jOSH Can be Buccanann

  273. Michael Allan says

    Well that’s what I meant. Geez sorry to not use the technical term.

  274. lol nah its all clean when shes with him on video-thankgod!

  275. Michael Allan says

    You mean O’keefe and I’ll kiss him I’ll be like WOOOH GOT A STIFFY!!!

    Steve can Cooney who knock the beer out of my hands.

  276. Hmm…2004 Rebecca Twigley?? Lol haha funny about doing a pressure point to Damo lol.

  277. ohh thats rigth O’Keefe, shows u how much i payed attention.
    WHOS GONNA BE swan???
    have u seen it when he goes after SWann.
    hes like
    dane jst ignores him and keeps walking

  278. Michael Allan says

    Anyway I’m off to bed. Goodnight.

  279. Nah if anybody should be Cooney its you Michael lol i’ll be Judd, gettin all the 3 votes and havin Fev put the thumbs down in my face

  280. Michael Allan says

    That’ll probably be Harms and Daffey. Thwy’ll be like why did we let this kid in the book?

  281. lol im happy to say that my dress is MUCH more civilised!!

  282. Why dont we just invite Fev to the launch?? Lol he can bring Juddy and Rebecca :)

  283. now that, would be entertaining and FEV can do my speech for me.

  284. If anyone would drink it’d be Danni, she’s the oldest lol

  285. Steve Healy says

    Yeah I’ll knock the beer out of your hands. We all have our roles lol

  286. lol great..i get to be the drunk one LOL
    nah i dont drink, plus ive still got a year till im legal!
    18 next how scary!

  287. Steve Healy says

    I’ll invite Jurrah so Danni can tell him that he’s ugly.

  288. Sounds like its gonna be a good night lol

  289. lol im not that mean!
    i dont go telling people they are ugly!
    to me personally, i dont find him attractive whereas someone else might.
    ill bring jack with me!! :)

  290. Steve Healy says

    Lol Michael you’ll have to be traded from the FootyAlmanac website. Maybe you could go and play for Brisbane and Fevola will write for the Almanac.

  291. its funny how u guys are wearing ur gerseys, my mum hates when i wear mine!

  292. Haha up the top it’ll have “Pisshead Fev’s yarns” Lol

    I remember when my guernsey used to be like a dress on me, now its too small!

    I’ll bring Warren to the launch, then he can get out and get a tan!

  293. lol i swear imma look so bloody overdressed!
    you guys should reconsider and dress all sophisticated.

  294. Nah no way, there is no such thing as “sophisticated” when it comes to me.

    Michael, how can you say Richmond has a manly sash? Essendon has the manliest sash in the league, which matches with the very manly Waaia Bombers.

  295. Steve Healy says

    I’ll be wearing my Melbourne jumper. My Melbourne jumper is still just too big for me even though Ive grown alot lately. I dont wanna dress all sophisticated, no one will be except you lol

  296. lol fine then i shall rock up looking like im going to my own wedding! LOl
    which makes sense since the bottom half of my dress in white. :)

  297. Steve Healy says

    Melbourne’s yoke is very manly

  298. ill tone my look down with hot pink nail polish! :)

  299. I might try that too Danni haha

    The most feminine jumper in the league definatly goes to the Swans

  300. i disagree- id say FREO

  301. Steve Healy says

    Yeah Josh you wear nail polish.

    Most feminine jumper is Collingwood lol

  302. Night all, Jack is home and i still have to pack my skool bag…..argghh naother day of torture.

  303. Steve Healy says

    Cya Danni.

    And then there were 2.

    I think I’m gonna bring my radio to camp to keep in touch with the latest footy news

  304. Nah Freo’s jumper is just made for a tough man like Warren or Ziebell, saying that im gonna make sure they stay in the Blue and White.

    Night Danni, have fun in prison tomorrow

  305. I think i’ll outlast you Steve.

    Why would you Steve? There’s nothing going on at the moment to do with footy.

  306. Steve Healy says

    Who knows? I still haven’t heard the fixture release date.

    I’m gonna find the prison on google maps

  307. I was on that the other day, did you know you can look up the street view of Waaia!!

    The fixture better come out soon.

  308. Steve Healy says

    Thats funny. I didn’t know they had all the country towns.

    Danni if you’re still there, your school is very funny. It looks a cross between a retirement home and a prison

  309. Steve Healy says

    Great footy ground in Waaia. Which of the 5 streets do you live in lol?

  310. Oh i dont live IN Waaia, i live up the road to the right of the footy ground. (and they are roads, not streets) lol

  311. Steve Healy says

    Oh I see.Yeah roads, streets same thing.

  312. Where should i look in Melbourne that has anything to do with you Steve? Whats your school name?

  313. Steve Healy says

    De La Salle college, Malvern. I live in Ashburton

  314. If you want a better idea of where i live type in Numurkah.

    Wow Ashburton…its such a hole! lol nah its looks alright, got a good looking barber

  315. Your school is alright, very prison looking lol

  316. Steve Healy says

    Yep, I’ve gotten my hair cut there a few times when my Mum can’t cut it.

    Numurkah looks like wheat fields

  317. Steve Healy says

    Maybe all schools in Melbourne are prisons compared to yours lol

  318. Steve Healy says

    Anyway, better go now. Talk to ya on Friday afternoon when I get back

  319. Hmm Numurkah is an alright town, you just gotta go to the right place of town. One half is the ghetto’s (where all the druggo’s live, my school is right next to it!) and the other half is the rich people, who live near the lake.

  320. Yep cya mate, try and come back in one piece lol

  321. Hahaha look up Brendan Fevola Loses Control – Remix on Youtube haha funny stuff

  322. RETIRED St Kilda full-back Max Hudghton has joined Collingwood as an assistant coach.

    well..thats interesting

  323. Steven King is the new Ruck coach for St Kilda. When was the last playing coach??

  324. i dunno.
    lol at Steves comments about my school.
    its funny cos theres a retirement home around the corner and a funeral thingo across the road!!

  325. Michael Allan says

    My school isn’t on google maps.

  326. Michael Allan says

    Well there’s no picture anyway.

  327. Maybe your school doesnt exsist? You know if its not on Google, its not real lol

  328. Michael Allan says

    If I got to a school that doesn’t exist…does that mean that… I don’t exist/


    lol nah the schools on it’s just that the photo is not even close to the school and it looks like I go to school at Red Rooster.

  329. Mmm i might go to your school then. “Miss!! Can i get some chicken??” haha

  330. Danni have you heard about Collingwood’s sacking and delisting of some young players? Bennell, Thoolen and one other i think.

  331. lol! mmmm chicken :)
    i cbs turning my legal notes into a brochure!!

  332. yes i heard..i was jst happy that Nathan wasnt on that list.

  333. Join Collingwood’s Senior Coach Michael Malthouse and all the CFC Coaches and Players as they travel to America for the 2009 Collingwood High Altitude
    Training Camp at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, at the base of the
    famous San Francisco Peaks.
    Departing: Monday 23 November, 2009
    Returning: Wednesday 2 December, 2009
    Cost: $25,000 per person (inc GST)


  334. Good luck with that Danni. lol

  335. YEAH..i dont think its gonna happen. :(
    i wanna GO!
    have u seen the pictures from last year? they are all topless the whole time

  336. I remember pictures of Hawthorn’s camp. Stuart Dew was crying

  337. lol..he was? WHY?

  338. He was the Kokoda thing i think, and he was at the cemetary and it must have been too much for him.

  339. nawwwwwwww!! :(
    omg..ll bet sweet Campbell and Mitchell were emotional too…. :(

  340. anyway how was prison??

  341. lmaoo i got out on an early guilty plea!:)
    nah it was okay.
    Legal and Accounting i had a sub.
    English was fun but went too fast, same with Lit.
    i had a meeting at lunch for Seeds of Justice, which also brought laughs.
    the year 12 muck up day in next week, which means i wont be able to get through the skool gates…

  342. Oh i remember last year’s muck up day. A giant slip ‘n’ slide, the principal yelling at the year 12’s to stop and then after school they bombed everyone walking past on the side of the street with water baloons from the safety of their car!

    Too bad i wont be having a muck up day. School finishes at year 11 for me!

  343. what do you mean it finishes at year 11?

  344. Im not gonna do Year 12, as much fun it sounds like it sounds equally as hard

  345. Damian Watson says

    What are you going to do instead Josh?

  346. Are you serious?
    Josh, the degree of difficulty is not a reason to drop out in year 11.
    if i were you i would take a swing at it, you might surpirse yourself in the end.
    i can understand what you mean.
    i have had myself many meltdowns already but i look at it this way, i deserve to give myself a chance. to be honest ive felt like leaving a number of times already but the year has already flown and year 12 flies even faster.

  347. Haven’t decided lol…something to do with writing, but i’ll probably end up doing year 12, im just saying now that i dont want to do it and probably wont do it but will probably be pressured into doing it. I haven’t finished Year 9 yet so that’s first priority lol, Damo did you get your NAPLAN tests back today? Or have you got them yet?

  348. Its just that in homegroups the Year 12’s tell us not to Year 12 because its absolute hell

  349. Damian Watson says

    Sorry, was just curious lol Yeah we got them back a few weeks ago but I don’t really pay attention to them, apparently I do spelling at a Year 11 level which is crap hahaha.

    It appears as if the Demons are pulling out of the race for Luke Ball, no suprise there.

    How was your day off Josh?

  350. yeah, i know but ive got a small taste of year 12 right now. b/c i do year 12 religion. i cnat help but think that i put too much pressure on myself and thats its not as bad as i think.
    Now that i think of it, ive fudged myself nicely. not good at science or maths, so the doors have closed on so many careers. English is all i have and i cant help but think that ill fudge that up too.
    Nice job danni, nice job!

  351. Really? Pulling out? I thought they already had one hand on the Ball lol.

    I got my results back today. I was above average for everything except Maths lol no surprise there, my best was grammar and puncuation.

    My day was alright, woke up at 1:30pm, read the 2007 Almanac for a couple of hours and yeah just another boring, lazy day. Can’t wait to get back to school. Can’t believe i just said that

  352. Michael Allan says

    Is religion fun? What do you do? We don’t have it at my school.

  353. well im year 12 religion its much more complex.
    you answer questions like

  354. Michael Allan says

    Isn’t that philosophy?

    I though in Religion they’d tell you God does exist instead of talking you out of it like your second question can.

  355. Michael Allan says

    I thought you’d be studying passages from the Bioble and stuff like that,

  356. NAH..
    I do RELIGION & SOCIETY- is kinda search for meaning.

  357. By the way,,,is God real?

  358. Michael Allan says

    Well I’m pretty sure searching for meaning is philosophy. In that case I guess I am doiung religion next year.

  359. the question i attempted an essay on for practise exams:

    ‘whether or nto they call it god, religious traditions have views about some higher reailty. Religious traditons also have a sense that there is some purpose in oursleves, at the smae time these tradtions motivate us towards purposes beyond oursleves- DISCUSS

  360. Josh- well, thats depends on hwo you define god.
    i think god is real.
    i can support this by the views of Thoman Aquianus who said things like- the world is so great, therefore there must have been some one powerful at the start to have created it.


  361. Michael Allan says

    roflmao, I dont understand that at all. I guess our philosophy doesn’t go into as much detail n the religious aspects as yours does.

  362. lol youve got that right.. i mean..i can right essays about Vatican II and the development of Eucharist over time.

    i NEVER thought i would do that.

  363. Well im stuck between believing God or the Big Bang Theory

  364. …OMG :)
    i can clear that UP!!
    I ALSO wrote an essay called science vs religion and its all about The big bang vs creation.

  365. Michael Allan says

    Do you guys play sport against other schools? Ours is annoying because we play on Saturdays.

  366. Damian Watson says

    Sorry, I meant they’re pulling him out of a trade using their first four picks so they have to wait until the Pre-season draft.

    Doesn’t look like any club, aside form Melbourne, are willing to get him after the Magpies pulled out of a trade on Friday.

  367. Michael Allan says

    Richmond were intervioewing him or something. I would love to have him.

  368. Do you have your essay on your computer Danni? I wouldnt mind giving it a read

  369. Damian Watson says

    Yeah we play sport on Thursday afternoons but this is our last year of interschool sport.

  370. ..NO sorry its handwritten, but these are the main points.

    Copernicus was the first trouble maker for the church.
    The church taught that God is the creator of the universe.
    Copernicus then came out and said the earth was not the center of the universe and that the sun was the center, this was against church teachings.
    The leaders of the church did not take side to if not the theory was true.
    Leaders like pope Clement (LOL JAMES CLEMENT) VII wanted to know more about the theory. It was not until 73 years later that opposing ideas were formulated.
    To cut things short after more scientist came about and argued the big bang theory as being the source of creation, people got thinking against the church.
    Science pointed out facts like its impossible to create the world in 7days and that fact that the bible quotes god created the sky before the sun yet it says, the next day.. how can a day pass if god hasn’t created the sun yet!!???
    SO this brought along a theologian who said what I agree with in that

  371. Michael Allan says

    We have to do it forever except in yr 12 we can choose to not do summer sport.

  372. ohhh and also, you are NOT supposed to take all of the bible LITERALLY! :)

  373. Michael Allan says

    Well I thought Lucifer was the first trouble maker but then I guess your talking about when the world was created.

    Did you get a mark for that?

  374. Ahh! Just lost to Richmond on AFL 07. Richmond for christs sake!

  375. yeah B+ :)
    I was so relieved!
    its so complex, those points are like all shopped up theres so much more to everything!

  376. Michael Allan says

    Haha that’s pathetic and we were crap that year. Come to think of it where crap in all of the AFL games. lol

    Actually AFL Live 2003 we were good because it went from 2001 stats when we finished third. I’ve got that game except I remember for awhile I refused to put Brad Ottens in the team because he left us lol.

  377. you know whats funny.
    when i typed that up all my notes were infront of me cos im doing revision, so i didnt even hav to dig them up .

  378. All of the AFL games are good except the one with Lockett in it and where Quartermaine is the commentator. I lost to the Tigers by 6 points, but its pretty good seeing as i was trailing by 86 at three quarter time lol

  379. so josh tell me, does the Faith and reason thing work for you as it does for me?

  380. Yeah im a bit like that Danni, once i learn something it stays learnt! Except for in LOTE lol

    I can still name all the port of calls of the First Fleet and all the boat names

  381. Michael Allan says

    Josh that’s 2003! Locketts in the reserves for Sydney but he’s still awesome. I’m gonna play 98 now.

  382. ohhhh.. i cant WAIT to see if i got the subjects i wanted!! :)

  383. Was it just me or was the Almanac not working for an hour??

  384. Yeah i know..i was like
    i thought it was…gone…
    lol studying makes me a little LALA sometimes.

  385. night all, the hair straightener is calling my name..if it can talk in the first place. :)


  386. Haha lol i thought it was just my laptop playing up and i was missin out on a great conversation

  387. Mine can! Lol that’s right the hair straightners in the country are different!


  388. so any footy news??

  389. Kane Tenace has been delisted from Geelong. Time for North to swoop!!

  390. Damian Watson says

    Yeah a lot of players have been delisted over the past 24 hours.

    Nick Gill and Robert Shirley have been axed from the Crows line-up, Shane Valenti and Buckley are cut from the Demons, while Kane Tenace has been whisked away from the Geelong squad, as I expected.

  391. Oh really?? Wait till Steve hears, i think Valenti was one of his favourite players

  392. you would think that with a household name like Buckley you wouldnt be axed.

  393. Valenti sounds like a vampires name.

  394. Damian Watson says

    At least Chris Bryan has been delisted from the Magpies that leaves room for Jolly.

    That poor guy has suffered his fair share of bad luck he almost broke his neck a few years ago while playing for the Blues and then was traded to the Magpies ( a nightmare in itself lol)and now his career may be at the crossroads.

  395. Yeah i remember that game, Carlton v Bulldogs at Marrara Oval when he landed on his neck.

    Shirley’s delisting is a surprise too. Hopefully he’ll go elsewhere.

  396. Damian Watson says

    Yeah Shirly was certainly one of the more underrated players in the Adelaide side,it will be interesting to see where he ends up.

    Would you call Nick Gill’s delisting a suprise as well? Remember he did kick five goals in one match against the Bombers in 2008, but he is injury prone and only played the one game this year so I’d say it was good call from the Crows.

  397. Hmm yeah Gilly was always a favourite of mine, i always thought he had the skill of Porplyzia but just couldn’t convert it. I doubt he will go elsewhere, because he is not the youngest bloke in the world.

  398. meh..Brian was alright, not bad enough to get cut but thats how it goes.

    STATUS- Trying on dresses

  399. He had a very unorthadox look lol one sock up and one sock down.

  400. yeahh the DAWES look! :)
    WHYYYYY do they have to use such an AMAZING picture of RUSLING on the Collwood website??

    hehehheheh!! :)

  401. He looks totally gayyy haha.

    Adelaide seems likely to be playing home matches at Adelaide Oval.

  402. WHAT!!?
    NO he does NOT!
    He looks adorable… :)
    does he look kinda ranga to you? cos i remember him with Brown hair

  403. Hmm its probably ranga looking coz his hair is in the sun sorta lol

  404. Michael my friend said that he saw Andrew Collins when we were on school camp a few weeks back. Apparantly i saw him too but didn’t recognize him lol.

  405. lol, thats like my mum..sorta
    she got all excited when i pointed out barry hall, then i got happy cos i thought she KNEW WHO HE WAS!..until we walked out and she goes
    ‘so..Who is that Barry Hall guy?”

    OHH MUM!!!

  406. Damian Watson says

    Really, the Adelaide Oval? well it is a nice picturesque ground but at least 35 000 fans turn up to the home matches for the Adelaide Crows and I’n not sure if that ground has the capacity.

    Maybe for Port Adelaide home matches, they can barely attract 20 000 fans.

    When are they going to begin using the ground as an AFL venue?

  407. I don’t know, it just said on the AFL website that the Crows will play there if the AFL decide to pull AAMI Stadium from the league’s playing grounds. We should see some Footy Park action next year though, the year after that though we might see Adelaide Oval.

  408. Ive never been to an interstate match.
    i was going to go to an NRL match when i was at Sydney but soemthing came up.

  409. Eww NRL why would ya bother?

  410. why bother?
    two words-

    Mortimer could just put Cuddlesnrainbows to shame. ive got a small appreciation for NRL, The players are so Strong and manly.

    i would have bought myself a Parramatta gersey but i didnt see any when we went shopping. :(

  411. And our AFL players arent strong and manly? I’d like to see any of the rugby blokes take a punch like Brent Staker did

  412. well..considering you cant even put your hands on someones back and all the contreversy about the ‘bump’ ive lost the appreciation in thinkinh that our players are tough. NRL has players jumping and literally bulldosing eachothe. theres a big difference.

  413. Yeah but there’s a fine-line when it comes to contact. I believe NRL steps over the line by a fair way, i can see a rugby player breaking his neck from a stupid tackle anyday. The rules in the AFL have become soft, but there is still some hard-hits that we see that are still safe and don’t effect a players long-term prospects.

  414. lol fair enough.
    you sound like a police officer while i sound like an well…smart cheerleader (if there is such a thing)

  415. Sorry i get like that when im in an argument haha

  416. lol makes sense. :)
    you know i thought u guys would like NRL you know with the cheerleaders on the sidelines waving their pom-poms like a bunch of (rhymes with LIMBOS)

  417. BIMBO’S!!?????

  418. Although i do like how Adelaide has cheerleaders

  419. LOL thats what i thought!
    if they didnt have the ‘easy’ and ‘ditzy’ rep i wouldnt mind being a Collingwood cheerleader. the only problem is the outfits, not exactly respectable.
    i remember reading an article by the one and only Samantha Lane who didnt find it very entertaning.

  420. I just think the cheerleaders for the Crows do a good job because they don’t take the cameras and attention off the players when running onto the ground, they enhance the attention on the players instead.

  421. Really? if anything i thought hey would be distracting to the players themsleves.
    lol i cant help but laugh at the fact that it doesnt take much brains to wave around pom-poms! :) LMAO

  422. IM sure there is a lot of skill and other stuff behind it Danni lol

  423. yeah true, they have to remember which way is left and right, up and down and all that stuff for their routine, yeahh…its VERY difficult.

  424. Yep its a hard life being a cheerleader. I should go to AAMI Stadium and audition for a job. I reckon i could do good.

    *Adelaide vs. North Melbourne*
    “Who’s gonna win this game??? NORTH MELBOURNE!!!” Lol

    I wonder if any of the cheerleaders are partners with the Crows or even Port players

  425. US Open champion Juan Martin del Potro is on standby to replace Roger Federer in a glittering AAMI Classic at Kooyong.

    ohh NO HE WONT

  426. LOL yeahh i can jst imagine.
    “okay now whats you job?”
    CHEERLEADER: “Well..(batters eyelids) i have to say ‘YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!’ and jump down and up..or up and down?…ohh i cnat remember which know when that red thing goes through the two big sticks..or was it the small ones..ohh..this is so hard!”


    yeah i think Robbo’s wife was a cheerleader.

  427. Haha lol in that case Danni you would make a great cheerleader!

  428. Michael Allan says

    Really Josh?

    You probobly didn’t reconise him because he’s small and doesn’t look like a footy player at all. lol. His jumper is so small on me I don’t know if I’ll wear it to games or just keep it as memrobilia. I’ve always got Newman’s 17 to wear instead. If I was on the selection panel I’d make you a cheer leader Josh.

  429. you think? hmmm looks like imma need some peroxide hairdye..
    i think i would rather be a towel girl than a cheerleader.
    i could always sell the towels on ebay LOL

  430. Michael Allan says

    You could be water girl and get chatted up to by Nathan Brown. (The much better looking Richmond version)

  431. you know what, i wouldnt mind that..although its a problem since that Nathan doesnt have a team to play for and Jack would kill him if he saw.

  432. Michael Allan says

    lol yeah. You can always see him down at Blackbyrd.

  433. Thanks Michael, nice to know i’d be selected by someone. She would probably get chatted up by Anthony Rocca or something like that haha

  434. ..gee Josh, thanks for that.

  435. Michael Allan says

    Yeah maybe if she was a water girl for Croydon or some other EFL team. Surely he’ll be delisted.

  436. i mean..he didnt even give me Swallow!
    Atleast Michael gave me one of the Brown bunch!

  437. Sorry Danni.

    Omg! I can put weight on my foot! Bout bloody time!

  438. Oh yeah the AFL has introuduced a new rule: If players dive when going for a free kick, they will be penalised and sent to the AFL Tribunal.

    If you want proof, go to the AFL website, but i do believe they could have used a better picture to headline the article lol

  439. OMG, That sucks!!
    like seriously, as a drama student i love to see how players try to look like they are in the wrong. lol

    and well.. now, this Means Medders wont play much footy next season! lol

  440. Oh and the Swans have delisted Brabazon, Laidlaw and O’Keefe

  441. Medders is a CLASSIC for trying to milk frees from diving…


    Come on Pies, GET HIM!!

  443. Wrong O’Keefe Danni lol there’s two of them lol

    Ryan O’Keefe–Star
    Daniel O’Keefe–Dud

  444. Ohhhh I remembered you at school so I got a sheet that indicates the following;
    La Trobe Uni (where I want to go!)
    Journalism a study score of atleast 30 in English or 25 in another English
    Monash Uni
    Journalism a study score of atleast 30 in English or 25 in another English
    RMIT Uni
    Journalism a study score of atleast 35 in any English
    Journalism a study score of atleast 20 in any English

  445. ohhhhhhhh..i was gonna say! i mean hes be great at Collingwood, but Mick only likes to bring players that arent gonna do anything.

    example a – Chad Morrison

  446. Michael Allan says
  447. Michael Allan says

    Yeah but RMIT says you need an enter score of 97 or something. It’s impossible!!!

  448. yeah i know..its like you need the same score as a rocket scientist to write about footy!

  449. La Trobe Bachelor of Journalism is
    ENTER 84.10

    thats not too bad, it means ill want an 86

  450. How do you get this so-called “enter”? Is it through a test or something?

  451. Michael Allan says

    Omg Josh learn about schooling.

    In VCE after you do your tests and stuf you get a pecentage thing and that’s your ENTER.

    What do they teach you out in the country?

  452. josh if you dont do year 12 then you dont get an ENTER, easy as that.

  453. How to milk cows and level paddocks haha

    Nah i really have no clue about the VCE thing, im only year 9 for gosh sakes!

  454. lol id fail at Cow milking!
    in year nine i was kinda clueless too.
    during year 12 the points you get on your exams make up your ENTER.
    Since im doing a year 12 subject this year, im hoping to do well bc the points i get will go towards my ENTER

  455. But what r the exams? Every day at my school year 12’s are doing exams!

  456. what do you mean what are the exams???

    theres midyear exams
    then practise exams
    then end of year exams
    and during these exams they will be doing SACS which is jst like a test but under exam condition for preparation for exams.

    Michael, a little help???

  457. ??? so you do a test under exam conditions for preparation for exams?? CONFUZZLED!!

    Whats the diff between a test and an exam??

  458. okay so my end of year exams are about 4 weeks away yet next week ive got SACS.
    SACS are like a sample of what might be on the exam but its done in exam conditions, no asking for help, seperate desks, no notes ect. this is preparetion for how you might tackle an exam question.
    i might do bad on a sac and then ill have the chance to fix what i did wrong and all that before i get the actual exam. by them i should know what im doing.
    I like to think of SACS as dress-rehearsals

  459. Hmmm okay, the only thing i know about a SAC is that it sounds funny lol

  460. i have my English sac on the 26th of Oct
    and a Media sac on the 26th as well.
    then i finish my English sac on the 27th.

    argghh i hate having more than ONE on the same day

  461. Good luck with that Danni

  462. hey 2mro looks okay

    Today i had two free periods instead of one cos my RAS3/4 teacher was away. :(
    its funny cos its only whens hes away that im like..’awww man!’ :(

  463. My weirdest day at school would be on a thursday:


  464. ….SCI…
    my Thurs


  465. Nah the P.E is good, the science is bloody hell! Well one of them is alright, you just sit there and do crosswords and stuff but in the other we learn about electricity and other boring stuff

  466. !! Brisbane v Carlton, Round 2 2010! Thursday night blockbuster for Fev to play against the Blues, on April Fools Day too lol

  467. ohh like fev needs an excuse to act up! LOL
    wonder when Collingwood will play North. for our entertainment i hope its a few times!

  468. Round 1 season opener, Round 22 season finisher, Finals Week One and Grand Final hopefully :)

    Jeez not much action on here today.

    Hayden Skipworth retired today
    Richmond have announced there intentions to get Luke Ball

  469. omg yes! now that would be a good grandfinal.
    Brown, Swallow, Anthony, Medders, OBST? all on ground at the same time!!

    status- making history notes on Taliban

  470. Michael Allan says

    Danni what makes you think Dudhurst and Brown would get a game. They bioth struggled this season, Mick would be mad to play them in a grand final.

    Warren would kick 5 with Harvey winning Norm Smith.

  471. ..dudhurst??
    umm hello, Medders is an ANZAC MEDALHURST!!
    I would like to point out that they were both doing well until they hit injury, since then medders especially hasnt been the same. :(

  472. Haha dudhurst. Add me on msn people :) im so bored!

    Nice prediction Michael, i can see that happening

  473. Michael Allan says

    Pfft. ANZAC Medallist in a game Essendon were atrocious. Anyone could’ve kicked what was it? 5 or 6 goals that day. Don”t make excuses. They both had plenty of time to recover from their injuries and after Medhurst spent plenty of weeks in VFL Collingwood he still couldn’t contribute.

    If I were a Collingwood fan I’d be annoyed about trading Tarrant.

  474. Michael Allan says

    what’s ur msn?

  475. i would but i dont use it at all.
    the version always stuffs up my comp so im not going back.

    you might aswell say LeCras to kick 5 since this is favoured by lovechildren.

  476. WHAT? NO WAY!
    Medders over Tazza ANYDAY!
    I think it was a stroke of brilliance.

  477. Hmm i think Medhurst is very capable of being an All-Australian but he needs to be consistent and he was on the right path before injury or whatever happened to him.

    mine is [email protected]

    The Pies would love having Tarrant back as a defender

  478. Michael Allan says

    No way Danni. Dudhurst will find it hard to get a game while Tarrant is now a quality defender. Somethinng Collingwood would love to have with Presti only having a year or two left in him.

    Hmm A player who can’t make the best 22 or a quality defender who can go forward? Not a tough choice.

    And don’t bother bringing up Ben Ried likle all the other Collingwood fans. I keep hearing how he’s going to be a fantastic centre half back but whenever he gets in AFL he doesn’t do a thing. Tarrant all the way.

  479. did you jst use the words Reid and fantastic in the same sentance?
    he has the worse footy skills i have ever seen, even Toovey puts him to shame!
    Nathan Brown will be a good defender, hes proven himself a few times but just needs to be more consistant.
    i would LOVE however to see Rusling hack it out in defence, you know since hes all developed now. :)

  480. Ben Reid and Mitch Thorp from the Hawks have a lot in common, big wraps but haven’t performed.

  481. I went to Richmond vs. Hawthorn when Thorp debuted in 2007 actually, he kicked a goal but nothing since then

  482. mitch who? LOL
    i think if you stand Ruzza next to Presti, Ruzza will look like he ate him!
    his frame is so developed!
    app in the VFL side he played more than a few games down in defence, i wish they would put him down there!

  483. Michael Allan says

    Oh yeah I always tell my family about Mitch Thorp. My sister was all oh he’s gonna be an awesome forward and since then Jack Riewoldt has gone lightyears past him.

    I keep reading that Thorp has attitude problems and he thinks he’s the best. Probobly what’s been holding him back.

  484. i read the funniest story about Jack Anthony crashing Licuria’s wedding!

  485. Really? You dont often hear about players having attitude problems.

    I’ve heard that story a million times Danni

  486. really? i only found out about it recently!
    its funny cos he doesnt seem like that kinda guy, you know…big headed
    i know for a fact that his father left him and his sisters when he was four btu im surpirsed that he has so much confidence.
    atleast hes not as cocky now.

  487. this part is the best-
    While battling away in the VFL, he approached superstar Lance Franklin in a crowded nightclub and declared his intention to cut it with the Hawks forward in the big time. It was not well received.

    LMAOOO..wonder what buddy said!

  488. Lol sure Danni.

    Eww i just took all the bandages off my foot and had a look at the stiches. They look gross.

    I laughed in that article at the end where Maxwell says he is looking forward to Anthony getting the job done against Scarlett in the Preliminary Final and the Pies having a win. Danni, since i was on camp at the time, can you please tell me what happened in that match-up and what the result of the game was???

  489. ..wasnt i in sydney at the time?
    i think i was.
    Out at a Seafood place and only ended up seeing the final score so i have no idea how that went.

  490. Oh i’ll tell you then. YOU LOST!! by 73 points lol

  491. Yes, thanks for that reminder.
    Did I not mention that I did see the final score?
    What I didn’t see was the game itself but from what I heard Maxy had a shocker.
    Plus there was no way they were going to win if I wasn’t watching and the seafood place was one of those classy ones, you know with candles near the river so there was no tv!

  492. Michael, do you happen to know a bloke called Paul Tozer?

  493. Michael Allan says

    Nope sorry Josh. Why should I know him?

    Danni I’d be happy to fill yo in on how the game went.

    Collingwood thought they were so great because they kiced the first two goals and then after that you were terrible.

    I was so angry because befroe the match I thought Maxwell and Davis didn’t deserve to be in the team and I kept on yelling at thwm all night because of they were horrible.

    Especially Davis because he took LeCras’ spot.

    Maxwell’s finest monent was when he took a mark in defence only to play on when Hawwkins was standing directly behind him to tackle him. Hawkins rubnbed it in by kicking a goal from the free kick.

    Would’ve loved to have been at the game Danni. Especially when the entire crowd (especially me) were giving Anthony the bronx cheers.

  494. bronx cheers?

  495. Michael Allan says

    Oh cmon Danni. You know when a player hasn’t touched the ball all game and then he finally takes an uncontested mark on the wing and people are like “ehhh” in a sarcastic tone. Collingwood supporters do it after every free kick they get.

  496. ohh okay.
    see in mot as ‘feral’ as you think.
    thats kinda mean though considering Jack cannot play when im not watching.
    poor guy.
    you know im thinking its a good thing i still havnt bothered to see some of that game.

  497. Michael Allan says

    Giving Bronx cheers doesn’t make you feral. And Danni that isn’t an excuse. What if you watch it on a delayed telecast, what happens then?

    Danni I always watch the games even when we get smashed.

  498. i think its kinda lame.
    id rather cheer when the oppostion drops the ball or misses a goal. just cos they havent had a lot of the footy doesnt call for a sarcastic melody!
    i dont know but it always happends that if im out and were playing we hapen to lose.
    i dont like watching games again if weve lost, unless there was like an awsome grab or goal.

  499. Use two are arguing? Again?

    Coz my new vice-principal is Mr. Tozer and i was reading an article yesterday about him and he comes from Yarra Valley where he taught a school there and i think i saw on your myspace that your from Yarra Valley.

  500. Michael Allan says

    It’s not lame. If a player is having a shocker fans should let them know about it.

    Danni get away from the superstition crap. Collingwood don’t lose because of you. They lose because far too many of your players are inconcistent and too few of them get in there and win their own footy.

  501. On a friday night i always check the scores when its half time of the coverage on TV, if things are getting interesting then i keep watching, otherwise if only a few goals have been kicked and the game isn’t interesting i go to bed

  502. Michael Allan says

    Yeah I’m from Yarra Valley. What’s your school called? I’ll see if he’s on your website.

  503. Numurkah Secondary College.

    Sorry for going offline on you yesterday on msn. Waaia doesnt get that good internet coverage lol

    to answer your question you asked me before i went, i wore number 26 last year but now im number 20 and didnt wanna make a whole new email account just coz i changed guernsey numbers lol

  504. Michael Allan says

    Haha I’m reading your newsletter and it says you have to wear hats. That’s so bad.

  505. Michael Allan says

    lon that’s a good number. Mitchj Morton! I was glad I got 41 for basketball because of Nathan Foley. I wear 11 for soccer but know that’s now only in memory of Joel Bowden.

  506. Lol i wore number 26 and i thought it was good because of Sav Rocca but then he left, so i got number 20 and that’s Drew Petrie, but usually i gauge my number with the same jumper as Waaia (Essendon) so number 20 is Henry Slattery. Not jumping with joy but not complaining with that.

    Yeah we have to wear hats, thanks for reminding me too because im back at school tomorrow and would have surely forgotten.

  507. i annoyingly missed out on Ras3/4 b/c of a presentation by the police about us and our driving.

  508. what do you expect when we always disagree?

  509. Sorry i wasnt commenting, i had an ordeal with a spider :(

  510. ROFL OMG!! Im reading a book about a cheerleader, the only brunette on the squad. Its called Brunettes strike back- anyways the girls bf is called Daniel HEALY

  511. Haha lol Steve’s bro or whatever is gettin in!!

  512. LOL well i jst read that Daniel Healy won the game.

    ohh i hope Steve isnt lost!

  513. Hmm he probably got seperated from the group, and is living off tree leafs and bugs. He’ll be Tarzan by the book launch!

  514. arhhggg!! i hate spiders!!
    i hate all insects!
    no matter how small if i see a spider im like
    lol then dad kills it with his own hand!

  515. Lol i was sitting on my bed eating a paddle-pop then i looked up and saw a massive huntsman on my door. I immediatly froze and only shook outta it once my paddle-pop started melting and dripping on me. I called mum and she killed it lol and im freaked out whenever i go near my room now. Have had a phobia of spiders since a couple of years ago when one fell outta the mirror in the car and went down my shirt :(

  516. Wow lol down your shirt huh??
    well im with you in the arachnophobia department.
    I was in my uncles car sitting in the back my bro was in the front and my uncle was driving. Then all of the sudden this MASSIVE SPIDER AS BIG AS YOUR HAND SPAN WITH THICK BROWN LEGS crawls on the back of my brothers seat right infront of my face. You can guess what my reaction was:
    **Rips off seat belt and tries to jump out of car window**

  517. Hmm i was in the main-street when the spider popped out of the window. I feel sorry for your brother lol that means the spider was crawling just behind his head!

  518. yeah it was!
    ofcorse form my reaction he also started screaming and jumped out of the car.
    its weird cos i was about to pick it up thinking it was fake only cos it WAS SO BIG, i looked and it didnt hit me until one of the legs moved- thats when the alarm went off!!

  519. Hmmm lol funny well i wanna stop all this talk about spiders coz im still freaked out…

    Haha today me and Mum went for a drive to get some Maccas and on the way home she asked for my pickle out of my cheeseburger so i gave it to her and she chucked it out the window at the WHITE 4WD behind us! LOL funny, then when we got home i went to my room and looked out the window and the cops were outside on our lawn! So i got a bit worried that we would be charged for throwing food at a car lol but turns out they had the wrong house.

  520. lmao..THAT WA YOU!

    Nah lol thats funny!
    i dont eat pickels in my burgers, but if you tell them not to put them in it takes like 10 years longer to get the order!

  521. I dont like making the maccas staff run around trying to fix an order, coz it takes them heaps of time and usually makes them stuff up an order. I used to get a sundae with no topping lol.

    Mum always says the pickels in the burgers are for throwing, not eating.

  522. Hey this site is attracting some pretty famous people! Have a look at the well known person in the recent comments section on the left-hand side of the page lol

  523. ELVIS?
    “You aint nothin but a hound dog. Cryin all the time. You aint nothin but a hound dog. Cryin all the time. …”

    Elvis sure was a looker back in his good day

  524. To be honest i’ve never really listened to one of his songs.

  525. WHAT!!!?? ARE YOU SERIOUS!!??
    he had a twin that died at birth. one elvis made teh world go GAGA imagine TWO

  526. Michael Allan says

    Today in maths there was a huntsmen in the class. Nobody did any work because of it. lol

    Josh you should be ashamed of your self. My favorite song of his was Rubberneckin’. I’m not a huge fan of him and I think he’s a bit over rated but still you should of heard at least one of his songs.

  527. OMGGG…


  528. Michael Allan says



    It’s such an awesome song.

  529. LOL True that, if we agree on something its that, that song is GOLD! :)


  530. Michael Allan says


    this is a ground breaking day on

    For the first time ever Danielle Eid and Michael Allan……..agree on something!

    How incredible

  531. LMAO
    Thankyou Elvis!

  532. Damian Watson says

    I’m a big Elvis fan too.

    By the way I have an important lesson for you, NEVER EVER get dreadlocks.

    I heard a true story that occured a few years ago where a man in Ballarat went to a hairdesser for a casual snip of his dreadlocks only to discover that a family of redback spiders were comfortably settling in his hair. As soon as the scissors came out, well you can guess what happened next..

  533. my fav Elvis song would be
    “Oh, oh, I love you so Uh, uh, can’t let you go Ooh, ooh, don’t tell me no I need your love tonight………”

  534. Michael Allan says

    That’s revolting.

    I’m sure Vickery and Naitanui look after their hair much better.

  535. you guys wait till im driving, Elvis will be blasting from my car speakers!! :)

  536. Yes enough about Elvis Danni lol

    Eww thats gross, im sure Vickery would have that problem, i cant stand that guy.

  537. Eww! I sorta had dreads a few weeks back but i got them cut off, and my brother used to have small ones. Im freaked out now..

  538. fine ill go elsewhere with my Elvis singing! lol

    cya guys

    ps. when you cross the roads dont forget to-
    STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN BABY!!! lmaoo sorryy couldnt help myself.

    Off to study! :)

  539. GOODBYE!!

  540. The AFL have announced that the Dogs and Swans will play twice in 2010 to maxamise the rivarly between Hall and his ex-teammates. The draft for the fixture has been sent to all AFL teams, so i went on Google to try and find the draft, but came upon this instead:

    Steve, you should be interested in that, and anyone else really.

  541. Steve Healy says

    Hello everyone.

    I’ve arrived home.

    Can someone please tell me all the footy news this week, whether its delistings, speculation, info about the fixture?

  542. Steve Healy says

    Perfect timing Josh.

  543. Sure Steve

    Delistings: (The big name players) Kane Tenace, Rhan Hooper, Joel MacDonald, Jordan Bannister, Adam Bentick, Scott Harding, Scott Clouston, Jason Roe, Matt Tyler, Kieran King, Adam Hartlett, Jake Edwards, Darren Pfeffier, Shane Valenti, Matt Egan, Robert Shirley, Nick Gill, Chris Bryan, Danny Stanley, Hayden Skipworth (ret.) Daniel Gilmore, Josh Head, Simon Buckley, Chad Fletcher, Wayde Skipper, Cam Wight.

    Fixture: Brisbane and Carlton to play at the Gabba in Round 2, Dogs and Swans to play twice for the year. Fixture out on the 30th.

    Luke Ball: Tigers have joined the hunt for Ball, while Freo are the leaders at the moment to get Joel MacDonald. Tenace is also going to nominate for the draft

    Rules: New rule, any player who dives will be penalized at the Tribunal, and goal umpires can now use video technology to determine the results of a shot on goal

  544. Steve Healy says

    Whoa. Valenti and Buckley! That’s crap!

    Video results for a shot on goal? So much has changed in a week.

    Thanks for that.

  545. Yeah i said the same thing, i felt sorry for you when i heard Valenti was delisted because he was showing good signs. Also Dan Hannebery has been suspended from his school for egg-throwing…

  546. Steve Healy says

    Really for how long? That’s funny but hes in year 12 so you can’t blame him.

    Yep I saw your comment a few days ago that said Steve won’t like it/

  547. Steve Healy says

    Oh yeah can you explain this diving rule? I don’t get it

  548. I dunno but its on the AFL website, surely is the biggest footy news of the day lol.

    Nice to see you survived, how was it?

  549. Well, have you noticed how Brad Johnson throws himself to the ground sometimes in a contest when he’s almost sure to lose? Well if he does that in future, he’ll be charged with either a free kick or he gets a certain amount of games-penalty or a fine. Apparantly Brent Harvey is the biggest “actor” on the field, which is rubbish.

  550. Steve Healy says

    Love the Brisbane V Carlton game.

    Camp was pretty good, even though it was raining for the whole week.

  551. Steve Healy says


    and the food was pretty terrible, and our cabin got told off for losing a fly screen

  552. Oh that sucks. Did the place you go to, was it called Peppin Point? Coz i went there in Grade 6 and its next to Mansfield.

  553. Hahaha same thing happened to me at my year 7 camp, someone stole our flywire screen and we got in trouble for it, so we had to spend half an hour outside in the cold in our sleeping gear lol

  554. Steve Healy says

    Nah we went to camp Howquat. It’s in the middle of no where and it’s about half an hour out of Mansfield.

  555. Ohh funnily enough thats where i went for year 7 camp! Did you go on the massive slide?

  556. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, that slide’s ridiculous. It was so muddy the river was overflowing and we went on a bike ride literally through water.

    Did you go on the high ropes thing?

  557. Steve Healy says

    Hang on I’ll be back on soon just getting some real food to eat.

  558. The slide is the best! I went on it 23 times! The hike up the stairs each time though is shocking, my mate fell from the top of the stairs all the way to the bottom, he was a wreck afterwards.

    Nah i didnt go on the High Ropes, that stuff aint for me lol.

  559. Steve Healy says

    Fair enough. did you go on the flying fox? It’s so awesome, I just hung in all these different possessions. The weather ruined the camp, it was so cold, windy and rainy for the whole week.

  560. I went on the flying fox, in fact my cabin was right next to it lol. I didnt like the flying fox though. Did you do any water activities? We had too, had to wade through one of the lakes collecting items while getting cut from the sharp rocks underneath, it was shocking lol

  561. omg STEVE is BACK :)

  562. Steve Healy says

    Nah apparently the current was too strong to do water activities.

    I was in cabin 3. Was yours cabin 16? me and my friends were sitting on the bench outside it while waiting to go on the flying fox

  563. Steve Healy says


  564. Guys can we move again..its taking forever to open!

  565. I really cant remember sorry lol but i do remember, where the start of the flying fox is, just behind it is the back of the cabin i was in. And i think my cabin was the only one to have 10 beds in it.

    Fridays mean nothing to me anymore without the footy :(

    Oh and we did Horse Riding at Howqua. Never again for me. Too many bad experiences.

  566. We can move it to my Adelaide B&F story if use like

  567. Steve Healy says

    the threads are drying up Danni! I’ll find one of mine

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