Geelong shows the benefit of recycling

So we’re here, the last leg of the Quaddy. This leg/team is made up of players who commenced their careers with other AFL/VFL clubs, played their best footy at Kardinia Park. The obvious one is the great number 5, the best player I have ever seen, one of the best ever to have strapped on a footy boot. OK, on starters orders, and we’re off, sorry wrong sporting parlance. Here is the team of Geelong players, whose performances in the Blue and White hoops would have tormented their original club(s).

B:  B Sholl,  (NM) A Rogers, (Ess) B Sanderson, (Ade & Coll)

HB: T Harley, (Port Ad) T McGrath, (NM) K Hinkley, (Fitz)

C: T Poole, (Rich) P Featherby, (Foots) S Simpson, (St K)

HF: D Hall,(WC) C Mooney, (NM) K Matthews, (Haw)

F: G Goninion, (Ess) G Ablett, (Haw) L Tudor (NM)

Foll: B Ottens, (Rich) J Barnes, (Ess), L Pickering , (NM) 

Inter: G Kilpatrick, (NM), K Kingsley, (NM) J Burns, (NM) J Mooney (Syd)

Emerg: D Steele, (NM) D Leneghan, (Carl), T Hargraves, (Haw)


Not a bad side if i say so myself. Tom Harley clear choice as captain. Coach ? Mark Thompson coached Geelong prior to coaching Essendon, so i’m not sure how to configure the coaching role. Who is missing ? Who do we move around ? Feedback welcome.



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  1. Anonymous says

    Glen, your team above got me thinking of doing an equivalent team for St Kilda.

    Here is the St Kilda shows the benefit of recycling team:

    B: Ken Sheldon (Carl), Dougal Howard (PA), Dylan Roberton (Frem)
    HB: Matthew Young (Haw), Jake Carlisle (Ess), Brett Voss (Brisbane)
    C: Dan Hannebery (Syd), Jack Steele (GWS), Brad Hill (Frem)
    HF: Aaron Hamill (Carlton), Josh Bruce (GWS), Jack Higgins (Rich)
    F: Dan Butler (Richmond), Fraser Gehrig (WC), Tim Membrey (Syd)
    R: Paddy Ryder (Ess/PA), Brad Crouch (Adel), Zak Jones (Syd)
    Int: Shane Savage (Haw), Russell Morris (Haw), Tim Pekin (Fitz), Sean McKernan (Adel/Ess)
    Emerg: Mason Wood (NM), James Frawley (Haw), Paul Callery (Melb)

    This team of St Kilda shows the benefit of recycling will play a match against the Geelong shows the benefit of recycling team.

    The sponsor of this game will be Visy, the manufacture of cardboard boxes and packaging from recycled fibre and kraft paper.

    The match will be played at Visy Park.

    There will be no crowd allowed for this match, just cut out cardboard of the fans’ faces, put on top of the seats in the stadium.

    Entertainment for this match will be provided by music from recycled records.

  2. roger lowrey says

    Marvellous piece that Glen.

    In particular, I note how North Melbourne always seem to have been generous to us. Mind you, we have form with them. Dad used to tell me how NM were the deciding VFL Board vote to readmit Geelong after our temporary absence during WW2.

    “They’re good people at NM” was my my dad’s economical way with words saying they were Catholic like we were here – unlike the Masons at Essendon. Thankfully we have moved on from those days albeit we now have our own 21st century range of prejudices.

    And in 1970s/1980s VCA cricket when Bob Merriman was trying valiantly to have Geelong admitted to VCA ranks, we temporarily formed a NM/Geelong team before that all faltered. Of course we subsequently acquired a spot in our own right some years later.

    Are you getting all this Smokie?!


  3. This team of Geelong shows the benefit of recycling by Glen got me thinking of surnames of footballers who literally have common recycled items in their surnames.

    For example, common items for recycling include mail, glass, cardboard, cans, beverage cans, food boxes, plastic caps and glass bottles and jars and steel (tin).

    Those particular items are included in the surnames of players for the following team.

    Here is VFL/AFL Team of Surnames for Recycling:

    B: Ray Card (Geelong), Darren Glass (WC), Josh Mail (4 games Adel 1994)
    HB: Darren Steele (NM/Gee), Josh BA(O)TTLE (St K), Alan JARrott (NM/Melb)
    C: Peter RicCARDi (Geel), Peter Box (Footscray), Barry CAPuano (Ess)
    HF: Mitch DunCAN (Geel), Stephen McCANn (NM), Darren JARman (Haw, Ade)
    F: Jake RicCARDi (GWS), Warwick CAPper (Syd/Bris), Ben JARvis (Geel)
    R: Matthew CAPuano (NM/St K), Andrew JARman (Ade), Luke BEVERID(A)GE (Melb/Foots/St K)
    Inter: Jack Steele (GWS/St K), Conor Glass (Haw)

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