Non “boom” recruits for Kardinia Park

Dave P, I’ll take up your proposal. Here is a team of chaps who came to Kardinia Park, but didn’t cut the mustard. Tell me how this reads.

B: A Mangels, (Carl) J Rivers, (Melb) G Miles, ( Coll & WC)

H/B: B Grgic, (Melb) M White, (WC) R Byrne, (Carl & Coll)

C: A Reid, (Ess), J Murphy, ( Rich & Carl) K Ablett, (Haw)

H/F: T Lynch, (Bris & Fitz) G Sidebottom, (St K) A McNish, (WC)

F: P Ruscuklic, (Fitz) B Spinks, (WC) S Blease, (Melb)

Foll: T Allen,  (St K) S Arnott, (Syd) R Waddell, (Carl)

Inter: R Christensen, (Foots) R Haynes, (Foot) S Bamford, (Fitz & Bris) P Baker, (N Melb)

Emergencies: M Drum, (Freo), A Finniss (Adel), M O’Keefe (St K)

Coach: T Hafey, (Rich & Coll)

A few unlucky selections here. Maurice O’Keefe played good footy at Moorabbin, but injuries reduced him to one game at Kardinia Park. Tommy Hafey, an all time great, but in three seasons at Kardinia Park never made the finals.

Feedback please.




  1. Glen, here is one of the Geelong trilogy teams of 2016 that you asked about in your recent comment for Geelong players who kicked on at other league teams.

    You wanted to know where in The Footy Almanac to find them.

    The easiest and quickest way to get to your previous articles in The Footy Almanac is to click on About Glen D in any ot your articles.

    You will then come up with all the articles written by Glen D only, in the Footy Almanac.

    You then need to scroll all the next pages in chronological order from 2021 onwards until you get to the relevant article you want from 2016.

    I only found out about this today.

    Hope this helps.

    Also, it goes without saying that Geelong’s latest “boom” recruits for Kardinia Park in Jeremy Cameron, Isaac Smith and Shaun Higgins aren’t added to an updated team from this article in the years to come.

  2. Ta Anonymous.

    There was a technical glitch with the site around the time I put the posts up, with all comments disappearing into the ether: Never to return.

    Thus I’ve lost touch with these postings, so it’s great for you to bring them back into the public arena.

    Off the top of my head none played 50 games at the ‘cattery’, Maybe Mitchell White, and Simon Arnott had the longest time there. There’s a fair few who were only there during one season.


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