Geelong players kicking on at other clubs

Well, whilst i’m on a roll re players who left/arrived at Kardinia Park, enhancing/diminishing their reputations, here is the third leg of this Quaddy. This is a team of chaps who left Kardinia Park, providing top service to their new clubs. Doug Wade was a premiership player and century goal kicker at two clubs. Gary Ablett Jnr won brownlows with two clubs. Greg Williams left to become a brownlow medallist, chaps like Gareth Andrews went on to play in a flag side. OK, here we go.

B: A Bews, (Bris) S O’Reilly, (Freo) M Bortolotto, (Carl)

HB: C Biddiscombe, (Rich), B Toohey, (Syd & Foot), D Herrod, (Fitz)

C: A Wills (Freo), G Williams, (Syd & Carl), D Bolton, (Syd)

HF: A Hickmott, (Carl) G Andrews, (Rich) A Lord, (Haw)

F: J Barnes, (Ess), D Wade, (NM), R Scott, (NM)

Foll: I Hampshire, (Foot), A Fletcher, (St K, Bris & Freo) G Ablett Jnr, (GC)

Inter: S Denham, (Ess), G Sidebottom, (Fitz), P Baker, (NM), B Moloney, (Mel & Bris)

Emer: N Kol, (Melb), A Darcy, (WB), A Christensen, (Bris)

Coach: M Blight, (Ade & St K)

Who is missing ? There are a few. Who would you leave out? I’m working on a side to make up the final leg of the quaddy, players who came to Geelong, enhancing their careers. From G Ablett Snr, the list is being compiled. Watch this space.




  1. Glen, you have come up with a very good team.

    Alternatively, I have decided to go the other way and come up with a team of AFL players who have left their previous AFL club to be better or at least played good football at their next club, Geelong. This makes Gary Ablett Jr eligible, as he still came back to Geelong from Gold Coast, as well as Ken Newland, who came back to Geelong from Footscray.

    I have included Geelong’s recent AFL trades from other league clubs in Jeremy Cameron, Isaac Smith and Shaun Higgins to make up the numbers and hopefully will play good football at Geelong, for the sake of Glen and other Geelong supporters.

    Here is the team of previous AFL other club players now kicking on or who have previously kicked on at Geelong:

    B: Brad Sholl (NM), Lachie Henderson (Bris/Carl), Tim McGrath (NM)
    HB: Ken Hinkley (Fitz), Tom Harley (Port Adelaide), Brenton Sanderson (Adel/Coll)
    C: Sean Simpson (St K), Patrick Dangerfield (Adel), Isaac Smith (Hawthorn)
    HF: Ken Newland (Foots), Cameron Mooney (NM), Luke Dahlhaus (WB)
    F: Jeremy Cameron (GWS), Gary Ablett Sr. (Haw), Gary Rohan (Sydney)
    R: Brad Ottens (Richmond), Shaun Higgins (WB/NM), Gary Ablett Jr. (GC)
    Int: Rhys Stanley (St Kilda), Jared Rivers (Melbourne)

    This team will play a match against the team of Geelong players kicking on at other clubs.

    CHANGES will be allowed to the selected teams, and Gary Ablett Jr. will now have to play for Geelong and someone else will need to play for the other team.

    Entertainment will be provided by the song “Changes”, by David Bowie, as well as the “Geelong Football Club song”.

    The game will be played at Kardinia Park in Geelong.

    Admission to the game will be any loose CHANGE carried by the fans.

  2. I realise this team was done by Glen exactly 5 years ago, but it has just occurred to me that Tim Kelly, who left Geelong a year ago for West Coast at the end of 2019, can now take the place of Gary Ablett Jr. in the team of Geelong players kicking on at other clubs.

  3. Hey Glenn

    Josh Caddy be the most recent example would he, now two time Tiger premiership player.

    A few that struggled for a game in 2007 successful year Henry Playfair, Charlie Gardiner, Ryan Gamble, Tim Callan

  4. Peter Johnston, from Melbourne played some good games for Geelong from the late 70’s into the 80’s. Magnificent mark, but kicking…………………………………………………………….???

    Now where in the Almanac ether are the other sides in the Geelong trilogy i put together in 2016?

    Rodney, you’d be right saying Caddy has been the player who’s done best since leaving the Cattery.


  5. Justin Murphy was another. After starting at Richmond then moving to Princes Park he played that one season at Geelong in 2001 before heading back to the Blues (and later Essendon). His last game for Geelong being against the Blues at Princes Park (Garry Hocking’s last game) where Darren Milburn decked Silvagni and later had a decent exchange of words with “Barb” in the car park.

  6. Anonymous says

    Glen, firstly apologies for my 1st comment, as I have just realised you did another article the next day on February 3, 2016, where you did a similar team to my 1st comment for a Geelong Shows Benefit of Recycling Team.

    It got me thinking of doing an equivalent team of St Kilda players kicking on at other clubs, because St Kilda has unfortunately made some very bad decisions over the years, with players leaving for various reasons. Not all of those decisions seemed bad at the time but the players in this team certainly had talent and many of them went on to have premiership success at their next club.

    All these players either played better after they left St Kilda or played just as well for their next club as when they were playing for St Kilda or just played well for their next club.

    Here is the team of St Kilda players who are kicking on or who have already kicked on at other league clubs:

    B: Dean Rice (Carl), Matt Maguire (Bris), Michael Malthouse (Rich)
    HB: Brent Guerra (Haw), Val Perovic (Carl), Brendan Goddard (Ess)
    C: Sean Simpson (Geel), Ian Stewart (Rich), Nick Dal Santo (NM)
    HF: Joel Smith (Hawthorn), Barry Hall (Syd/WB), Matthew Lappin (Carl)
    F: Jamie Cripps (West C), Tony Lockett (Syd), Rhys Stanley (Geel)
    R: Ben McEvoy (Hawthorn), Russell Greene (Haw), Luke Ball (Coll)
    Int: Rod Galt (Carl), Jamie Shanahan (Melb)
    Coach: Allan Jeans (Hawthorn), not to mention Michael Malthouse as coach of (Foots, WC, Coll and Carl)

    This team of St Kilda players kicking on at other clubs will play a game against the team of Geelong players kicking on at other league clubs.

    Entertainment will be provided by the songs Leaving on a Jet Plane”, by John Denver and “Don’t Leave Me This Way”, by The Communards.

  7. Anonymous, one of my favourite St Kilda players back in the day ( 50 years ago!) was Alan Davis.

    He was the youngest player in your premiership side. I remember him kicking a bag against Collingwood in 1971( i watched the B&W replay with my parents that night). However after a decade at Linton Street he went on to play a couple of seasons with Melbourne,a few more with Essendon, then a handful of games with Collingwood.

    True he didn’t kick on with these clubs but he certainly tried a few.



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