From the Terrace at the Horse Shoe


by David Buckley

It was great to see John Harms and the others on the Terrace again watching
a team unfurl their flag. The stadium at present looks much like a horse
shoe, or a face with it’s front teeth knocked out. Standing room on the
terrace  trimmed again… for more seating. It was close and cosy standing
on the concrete steps, with everyone enjoying the spectacle.

My mates stood me up as they heard of the sell out and the lack of space,
but I went anyway, you usually find someone to talk to. My very long time
friend from the sixties, who lives on the other side of Melbourne was there.
There was a guy from the seventies, my class at school..Tigers supporter,
and the waitress from the eighties, still looking good. They guy that looks
like Gary Ablett senior was there again too, and the fellow in the knitted
old Cats jumper.I don’t know what the Cats finance guy in his suit was doing
there, he must have lost his way.

I was happily surrounded by Tigers’ fans…I was kinda hoping for their theme


  1. Your 2 mates at Sawyers Arms after the game didn’t stand you up……..

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