From The Economist’s Intelligent Life: Richie Benaud’s Sounds of Silence

A great tribute to Richie Benaud from the Editor of The Economist’s Intelligent Life  – and former Wisden editor – Tim  de Lisle


“Silence on its own would not have been much use. It was the way he used it: not as a tool of menace, like Pinter’s pauses, but as a weapon of mass collusion. It was there to draw you in, to make you wonder what he was thinking, to add weight to the words he did utter. When they came, the words were crisp, dry, calm, laconic. He had the gravitas of a maestro and the timing of a stand-up. “No need to chase that one,” he said as Ian Botham hit yet another six. “It’s gone into the confectionery stall.” Pause. “And out again.”


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  1. I wonder how he would have gone describing Aussie Rules had that been his game and passion

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