Freophile Corner: Dave Warner’s East Freo team of 2015

By Dave Warner (of the suburbs)


My annual East Freo team from AFL players – magnificent backline, strong and diverse forwards, bit thin in the midfield compared to previous years but promising – just wish they could play Carlton, Essendon or Collingwood to teach them about a truly great club.

East Fremantle 2015 AFL TEAM

B     Sheppard        McPharlin       Hooker

HB  Johannisen     Taylor              Ibbotson

C     Yeo                  DSwallow        PCripps

HF   JCripps              Kennedy          Fasolo

F      Ryder               Clark             Palmer

R     Sandilands  ASwallow  Masten

I      Paparone Griffin Lucas Duffy




  1. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Tony Casserly is still my all-time East Freo favourite Dave

  2. Dennis Gedling says

    Even with that team they still wouldn’t have beat the Cardies last weekend. A fair few Northampton boys in there too.

  3. Great side Dave. The East Freo Eagles has a nice ring to it doesn’t it? Sheppard and Yeo have moved from struggling to starring. Masten is a workhorse only hampered by poor disposal. Jamie Cripps is limited but also works hard and is a very smart player (sort of Ballantyne – speed + brains). Josh Kennedy is the stand out key forward in the AFL. When he is not marking and kicking bags, his fearsome attack on the ball creates opportunities for the rest of the forward line.
    Please pass on my thanks and regards to Zampatti on the “Same Olds” contribution to WCE’s rejuvenation.
    I am thinking of calling it the Moss Street Line, given the lack of players who are welcomed down the hill in the slummy part of town.
    McPharlin used to be a great player, but he moves like me these days. The Adam Goodes of the West?

  4. Nathan Jarvis says

    Please, let us not dare compare the Joondie-Woondies with the Breeding Ground of Champions – you’ll wake Zampatti up and we’ll hear Fong-related nonsense from which we may never recover.

    My favourite Warner East Freo-AFL side was the one where he snuck Aaron Sandilands in when the big fella was about 12 years old and continually breaking bones because he was growing so quickly. Warner snuck him in despite (a) having never seen him in person and (b) Sandilands not actually having played any senior footy. Best early mail ever.

    Dr Alan Aylett invited Old Easts into the VFL back when it was broke – 85 or so – and Old Easts turned them down. Probably knew where these rubbish teams – these Carltons and Essendons, with their mere 16 flags and grubby tendencies – would wind up and chose not to associate on the lying down with dogs principle that has served us so well.

  5. Nathan Jarvis says

    Who are these WCEs Peter_B is burbling on about? Are they known to us?

  6. Nice to hear your voice Nathan.

    Love to help but I’m buggered if understood a word of what Peter_B had to say.

    Especially Masten.

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