Fremantle Dockers help Africa rebuild

While AFL fans across the country have been made aware of the Dockers’ skill on the oval, few of them would be aware of the club’s association with Nelson Mandela’s South Africa, writes Tim Harcourt.

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  1. Malcolm Ashwood says

    V Interesting article Plug and I bet you haven’t forgotten Tansey Coetzee !
    A fascinating insight in too a area of the game most people would have no idea of and yet when you think of it the mining area is something both have in common !
    The Aus Kick is a significant growth area world wide in broadening knowledge of our Game and is having a influence health wise as well
    Love the Freo Nelson Mandella Line !
    Thanks Plug Insightful ! May Bob be with you

  2. Darren Graetz says

    Very good artile Plug, enjoyed reading it a lot

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