Frankie’s Summer Training Program Revealed

It’s been a long, hot summer out west and Frankie is ready to go for 2015.

No one can accuse Frankie of failing to engage with is public and today, on the eve of another NAB Challenge, he shares his pre-season training program with the Almanac.


“12:30pm : Lunch. This is something new. I never used to have lunch, in fact I’d never heard of it until this summer. But when I came back from the break the fitness guys said I’d done a “reverse Sylvia”. Poor old Colin Sylvia came back fatter, I came back skinnier. They sent Colin to Peel and told me I needed to eat lunch every day. Lots of good things have happened to me in my life but I reckon that’s about the best.”


Read the full run-down on Frankie’s pre-season HERE (with thanks to Les Everett, of course!)




  1. I’m calling the RSPCA.

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