For Those Who Wait


Barry Nicholls’ new book – For Those Who Wait, the Barry Jarman Story – was launched by Ashley Mallett at the Adelaide Oval last Friday. The Australian’s Andrew Faulkner was there. You can catch his article about the night at the link below.




  1. Rocket Nguyen says

    Some great yarns in this book review!

    Thought BJ might have played SANFL too – is that the case?
    Does anyone know?

  2. Yes seven games for West Torrens in 1958.

  3. As a Croweater I remember Jarman’s silky glovework very well. He had a good eye as a batsman and was a good striker of the ball – but in those days you picked the best gloveman. Richie Robinson was the first real keeper batsman I remember. Then Rod Marsh was the first for Australia at test level in modern times. Healy, Gilchrist and Haddin have built on the legacy. I think Jarman was probably as talented as Healy with the bat, but in those days there was not the focus and application for keepers to make runs. Tallon and Grout were sublime glovemen but very modest batsmen.
    Like Jarman I think Allan Knott is the best keeper I’ve seen, and probably only second to Gilchrist as a batsmen. Interesting who you would pick in the all time best for the role. Gilchrist was far inferior as a keeper. I remember a Test in Adelaide where the England slips bobbled a catch and just as I cheered as it headed for the ground, Knott dived full length to glove it. Astonishing reflexes, nimble feet and soft hands. Very gritty batsmen – defending or counter attacking.

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