Footys4all – Footys heading to Fiji and Maningrida

It is not everyday that you meet a man who has travelled all the way from an overseas country to pick up a donation of AFL Footys4all Ross Faulkner Footballs to take back to his homeland of Fiji!



Footys4all volunteer CEO Michael Gallus welcomes Maicu to Australia and congratulates him for being the furtherest traveller to Footys4all Central to pick up a donation.


It was great to meet you and thanks for spreading the Australian rules ‘gospel’ and Footys4all across Fiji. Safe travels home. We look forward to seeing you in Fiji developing Australian rules footy with Fijian kids in need.



Shenanigans for the camera from Michael and his Fijian visitors!


As well as donating some footys to Australian rules lovers in Fiji, Footys4all has been putting smiles on kids faces in Maningrida, in the Northern Territory, thanks to Specky Dreaming, Ross Faulkner and all your support!





The Footy Almanac is a proud supporter of Footys4all. Find out what else they’ve been up to recently by clicking HERE.


And if you’d like to support the work of Footys4all visit THEIR WEBSITE to find out more about how you can help.



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