Footy: Billy Miller on Arden Street

What a way to count down to the season … one of Melbourne’s favourite musicians and Saints fans, Billy Miller (late of the Dingoes), has made short films on the 12 grounds of the old VFL clubs.

We start here with North Melbourne’s Arden Street Oval.

Love your work, Billy!


  1. Hey Billy,

    Blighty kicked his big torp at Princes Park!

    Love the tone of the piece. But I reckon Jed could bounce a footy better than you.

  2. Mohammed bin Rocket says

    Hey Daff,

    The Billy Miller I know was lead singer for The Ferretts (Don’t Fall in Love was the big hit)

    I don’t recall him being in The Dingoes (Broderick Smith was the lead man)
    LRB might have been First Under the Wire (in the US) but The Dingoes dug the hole!
    The Dingoes were a mighty band.

    Billy Miller is such a Saints fanatic that he used to “call” the last few minutes of the 1966 Grand Final in the encore – brilliant stuff! Particularly memorable if you’re a Saints fan in that era – “Baldock goes toward the flank, and they’ll goes towards the flank …Siren sounds. Pure bliss.

  3. Rocket,

    You’re entirely right. I’ve been picked up by a few people. I’ll have to write 100 lines: “I must not confuse the Dingoes with the Ferrets.”

    I love Don’t Fall in Love. I think Billy thinks he can’t escape it.

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