Footy: Which coaches are sitting pretty?

The players have had their turn and now it’s time for the coaches. Who is on the AFL coaches’ pretty list? Well, only three are worthy.

(Yes, I know they are not all bachelors but it’s more effective to say they are!)

Bachelor Number One:

Dean Laidley – The prettiest coach of them all. Ex-North Melbourne coach who goes down in pretty history for being the most adorable when answering questions in press conferences. He looks pretty fine in royal blue and you can’t look past the fluffy texture of his light brown hair which has a flamboyant kick in the fringe.

At 43 years old he still manages to be (thanks to Gigs for this):


If there ever is to be a remake of ‘Smooth Criminal’ I would nominated Laidley for the main role!

“You’ve been hit by
you’ve been struck by
A smooth criminal “

Bachelor Number Two:

Paul Roos – The smooth smiling Sydney Swans coach has a certain prettyness about him.

Not many people look good in blood red but Roosy manages to pull it off.

Definitely the Tom Cruise of the AFL in my opinion. Even their surnames rhyme! Roos, Cruise! His impulsive shouting when hoisting the Premiership cup was almost as good as the Oprah couch jumping “I love Kate!!!”

Overall it wouldn’t hurt to have him star in the next Peter Jackson’s commercial if ya know what I mean!

Also, the fact that he was Australian Father of the Year in 2008 highlights his potential as a family man.

Bachelor Number Three…

Mark Harvey. As the huggable coach of the Dockers, Mark Harvey proves that purple is pretty! Having coached the Dockers proves the strength of patience as his main value.

Also a man of compromise who likes to look at the other side. Evidence? Tarrant is in defence. What more evidence do you need? LOL

With his eyes, Mark Harvey is pretty enough not the get the heave-ho!

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Im 23, cute and most importantly im the Collingwood Football Club's very own PRINCESS!! :) A Latrobe Uni graduate from Bachelor of Journalism. Admirer of Samantha Lane and Jon Ralph. Not your typical 'Robot Journalist' Loves Alex Fasolo


  1. Richard Naco says

    As Joe Jackson once sang:

    “They say that looks don’t count for much –
    There goes your proof!”

    Although I can only speak as a straight man, I rate your call 1/3. And a couple of those blokes are seriously fugly.


  2. Hahahah lol
    well u did say u are a ‘straight man!’

  3. “He looks pretty fine in royal blue and you can’t look past the fluffy texture of his light brown hair”
    That line is just spew-worthy!

  4. lmaoo yes but its TRUE!

    its hilarious how sensitive fellas are to this stuff! :)
    i am having a good laugh

  5. :| you already know my response to this..oh what the hell, DANNI HE HAS A WIFE AND KIDS!!

    i know!!!!

  7. Im not gonna shut up about it until you admit he’s fugly

  8. lol Josh face the facts! im not going to say that! firstly because it contradicts the list and secondly because HES PRETTY!

  9. At just 31 years old (and single), surely Brad Scott is in with a show? I endeavored to cover this meaty issue earlier in the year here:

  10. RE- Comment 9

    lol hahahhah :)
    well to be honest if i had rated his looks as a player then i would have had him on my pretty list. There is also the factor that i have not yet seen him in action as a coach.
    But i still stick to my list because Laidley was a spunk even back in his Collingwood days. :)

  11. He was not!

  12. YES HE WAS!! :)
    i couldnt contain my squealing when i watched that replay of the Collingwood vs North match and i saw Laidley in the Collingwood coaches boz! :)

  13. Your a troubled child..

  14. Steve Healy says

    status- on a computer at officeworks, its a great one as well

  15. hahhaha lol did u get a shampoo enterance when u walked in steve?

  16. Steve Healy says

    nah not quite lol.

    im home now

  17. YEAH OVER HERE my treat.
    where was i?
    oh yes

    hahhahahaha nawwwwwwwww!!
    yes thats so true! lmaoo nawwwwwwww
    and ur cheeks were all pink!!

  18. To be fair there always pink :|

  19. Damian Watson says

    status- laughing at that Damir Dokic article haha he was an idiot I feel sorry for his poor daughter she had the potential to be one of the best in the world.

  20. sure josh!
    hahaha i dont think i have ever seen someone that shy.

  21. FFS! If you come to the footy you’ll see a different me! :P

    Federer is NUMBER ONE!!
    and he has Hawt hair!

    Well I better go, I have to get myself ready for 2mro and practice a few hair styles for my photo, pack my bag ect ect.

  23. You practice hairstyles??

    Bye, sweet dreams Pendlebury bear

  24. Damian Watson says

    Cya Danni,

    Josh do me a favour and never refer to that link again lol.

    When do you start footy training?

  25. Night Danni.

    Sleep with your head dangling off the bed, then you won’t wake up with bed hair.

  26. Gotta love Warwick :)

    We had a training run last night (i didn’t go 8) ) but i’m guessing we’ll start in about a months time. I’ve started tennis again, but not playing this weekend.

  27. That’s not such a bad idea Adam…

  28. Did anyone else hear about how a woman Twittered during giving birth??

  29. Damian Watson says

    Really? it would have been intresting to see what she said lol.

  30. AAAAAH!

    Just noticed then, Andy Murray can open his mouth enormously wide!

  31. Was that when he celebrated his amazing shot? He looked pretty stupid doing that

  32. How was school kids? Hahaha :P

    Has anyone checked out the Ultimate 22 application on the AFL website? Its pretty good

  33. Steve Healy says

    school was great, I loved it

  34. :| :O

  35. Steve Healy says

    who’s laughing now? hahahahaha

  36. Steve are you okay??

    Anyway here’s the link to that thing

  37. Steve Healy says

    I’m wonderful, yeah I just did a Melbourne team with that thing. Gee, if the Dees are all fit, the selectors have a really tough job for round 1. I did

  38. Steve Healy says

    Oh Josh, im sorry I left suddenly at 9:00 last night, I had to

  39. Yeah my team for the Dees was pretty hard, ended up having Scully on the bench.

    Yeah i figured, i cancelled the quiz you were in lol

  40. Steve Healy says

    good on ya

  41. I’m gonna get smashed against you :|

  42. Steve Healy says

    nah, it depends what the questions are

  43. Questions for pre-schoolers so far..

  44. Steve Healy says

    yeah, jeez I hate FG

  45. hey people!
    school was good! :)
    hope i can say the same for my hair in the photos, i tried my best. lol
    we even took a massive year level photo.
    i had so much makeup on every one was like…”danni, whoa with the makeup!” lol
    i keep putting it on until i changed from WHITE to almost normal colour. lol
    im in 12D i have never been in D and now i will never be in A. i have been 3 times in C.

  46. Steve Healy says

    I’ve been in 10 hegarty, ive been in hegarty 3/4 times

  47. Steve Healy says

    I’m in*

  48. I looked up my school in the HS today, mine is crap :( haha

    Feel old being in year 12 Danni? 8)

  49. cools lol.
    well i better go and study.
    get use to it fellas you wont be hearing from me as much :(


  50. What’s with 10 hegarty and 12D and 12A? At my school its just normal year 10

  51. Steve Healy says

    because we have more than one class you idiot

  52. Jeez settle down.

    Probably coz you got a million people at your school, haha what a contrast between that and the Waaia school, which has 40 students

  53. Steve Healy says

    40???? Nah ours has 1,300 odd

  54. Other schools in my area has about 17 students i think. The schools are roughly the size of an average barn though 8)

  55. Steve Healy says

    Hahaha Josh, you probably think that 1,300 is half the population of melbourne

  56. No, no i don’t think that. 1,300 is roughly the population of Numurkah.

  57. Steve Healy says

    its probably the population of my street

  58. Steve Healy says

    actually, I think thats an over exaggeration lol- dent st only has about 100 houses.

  59. Idiot

  60. Steve Healy says

    well, 13 people might left in every house, mine has 10 already

  61. Steve Healy says

    The Dees had an intra-club match this morning at Casey fields, Johnson, Spencer, Meesen and Jamar all sat out the game with injuries so Martin was pretty much the only ruckman playing

  62. Martin will be playing Ruck for the whole NAB Cup.

    Looks like i might be going to an AC/DC concert in Melbourne in a couple of weeks.

  63. Steve Healy says

    what day is it on?

  64. Thursday, damn might have to miss school :|

  65. Steve Healy says

    no no no, thursday is good, I was afraid it was friday or saturday and you’d have to miss the footy

  66. Its not on the same weekend as our game, and its a day before the NAB Cup starts. But not sure if im going yet

  67. I’ll miss the footy show!!

  68. Steve Healy says

    yeah I know, but I was still afraid you’d miss West coast V bombers, adel v port and hawthorn v richmond

  69. Steve Healy says

    the footy show doesn’t start till the week before the season starts doesnt it?

  70. Steve Healy says

    Great to see that Lloyd is a life member of the AFL now.

    Josh, did you spot the mistake in the article on the AFL website?

  71. I didn’t read it, i will now.

    Actually yeah i think it starts NAB Cup Grand Final week.

  72. Steve Healy says

    yeah I think your right. gotta go for dinenr

  73. Easy mistake to see, he didn’t play 300 matches.

  74. Have some nice tea.

    Has anyone seen the video of how David Hale crashed into the fence at training? Pretty terrifying, for me anyway.

  75. Steve Healy says

    i had a nice dinner. yeah he only played 270. Im off for a bit of BYC now.

    I’m gonna work on a Dees pre-season preview tonight

  76. Damian Watson says

    Hey guys,

    Just finished a piece on the history of the Pre Season.

    Yeah the Footy Show doesn’t begin until the week of the NAb Cup Grand Final.

    Gee I wish I could go to the ACDC concert!!!!

  77. I’d rather go to the footy show, tell ya what if you get tickets to the footy show i’ll swap ya Damo lol.

    I sent a new piece last night, can’t wait for it to be up

  78. Steve Healy says

    my scoresheet piece isnt going up till Feb 1st for some reason

  79. Who the hell wouldn’t want to go to an ACDC concert?

    The one thing I prefer about the preseason to the regular season is that I’m less unhappy when the preseason’s over.

  80. Haha true that Adam.

    I’ve never really been into them, i like a lot of their songs though. But i’d love to go, just for the fact that i saw AC/DC live.

  81. I totally understand that Josh.

    Personally the band I’d want to see live most is Iron Maiden though…

  82. Damian Watson says

    Deal! you can basically watch every minute of the Footy Show on Youtube anyway.

  83. I’ve never heard of an Iron Maiden song, but they’re pretty big at my school with all the emo’s and goth’s.

    Has anyone seen the David Hale video? Pretty scary stuff

  84. Steve Healy says

    I don’t mind ACDC, I like a few of their songs

  85. Jeez the odds are going pretty well for Tsonga on the home page..

  86. Steve Healy says

    Josh where’s the David Hale video on?

  87. Steve Healy says

    jeez, that video was really scary, I feel so sorry for him

  88. Does everyone love my signature on my posts in that link? 8)

  89. Yikes.

  90. Are you BarneyRoos20?

  91. Damian Watson says

    Yeah he was lucky nothing serious came of it, the photographers just wanted a good shot they didn’t care about his well-being lol.

  92. Pretty typical of photographers really.

  93. Steve Healy says

    Josh you’ve got the same sig in SF, demonland is a better forum site

  94. Yeah i am Adam.

    If you look closely a teammate pushed him when he marked it, but it didn’t really influence what happened.

  95. Damian Watson says

    The site looks very similar to Bigfooty.

  96. Yeah, no wonder i hate it. Superfooty Forum is much better, you should join Damo and Adam

  97. And you should also join because im looking for someone smart to go against in a quiz..

  98. Steve Healy says

    yeah they should lol.

  99. Steve its unfair that you have slow internet at the time i beat you in the quiz, we should rematch when it gets fast again

  100. Speaking of Bigfooty, here’s something very, very funny.

    Status – Listening to Genghis Khan

  101. Shit, I forgot to post the link I was about to post then.

  102. Steve Healy says

    I dont have slow internet yet, it was just stuffing up at the time

  103. Steve Healy says

    plus im not on the laptop now, on my main computer everything always loads really quickly

  104. Damian Watson says

    Really? Steve loses the quiz!

    Hmmm now I don’t know who is smarter lol.

  105. Steve Healy says

    Damo, he won cos he was quicker, not because he’s smarter

  106. 3rd time lucky Adam? Lol

    They were hard questions too, except the first one: Who wears number 18 for Fremantle. I got it right too 8)

  107. Steve Healy says

    I wasnt even on the thread 2 minutes after that question was posted lol. They were crap questions though, and Josh won 2-1 in a 3 question series

  108. McPharlin.

  109. Steve Healy says

    hahaha that thread’s hillarious

  110. Damian Watson says

    Fair enough Steve.

    lol supercoach cards?

  111. Hahahaha what a noob lol.

    Funny if his team of cards won Supercoach lol

  112. I used to play that game with the trading cards. I still have quite a collection of them under my bed or somewhere. Cost a fair bit of money.

  113. That same guy Jeffrey did some other really stupid threads. Search them if you want Although he’s probably taking the piss, it’s funny. :D

  114. I got a collection of footy cards on my bedroom door, but the ones along the top are starting to fall off. Leigh Montagna is currently hanging by a thread, literly.

  115. Steve Healy says

    I’ve got Dees cards on my door

  116. Who cares 8)

  117. Steve Healy says


  118. Steve Healy says

    whos watching the cricket??? Afridi 22 off 5 balls!

  119. Last i saw it was 5/99, i laughed.

  120. Steve Healy says

    he hit a 2 and end of over hes still 24 off 6

  121. Dustin Martin commented on one of my Facebook photos…

  122. Steve Healy says

    which one?

  123. Damian Watson says

    Really? Damn I must’ve miseed it, hopefully Afridi will sky one for the Aussies sake.

    Gee I really should get Facebook.

  124. …or so I thought. I got a notification saying that, but it was a fake.

  125. Steve Healy says

    he hit 2 massive 6s and two hooks that flew over the keepers head for 4

  126. Steve Healy says

    yeah thats a spam thing, that happens to me too

  127. Yeah i get those notifications all the time

    Yes Damo, sign up now :P plenty of Blues’ players to be connected with haha

  128. Damian Watson says

    Ryan Harris was close to a hattrick!

  129. Damian Watson says

    haha i’m trying to think of a joke with that but I can’t think of one.

  130. Steve Healy says

    oh!! Afridi out for 29 off 10

  131. What did the elephant say to the naked man?

  132. I don’t think i wanna know the answer to that Adam lol

    Did you guys hear about Travis Varcoe’s myspace page?

  133. A footballer with Myspace? Now THAT’S news!

  134. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I’ve heard that before Adam.

    Apparently Carlton don’t have a major sponsor yet, probably just a silly rumour.

    What happened to his page?

  135. Steve Healy says

    yeah tell us the punch line Adam

  136. What did the elephant say to the naked man?

    How the hell do you breathe through that thing!

  137. Steve Healy says

    Another quiz series with me and Josh: 3-0 whitewash to me!

  138. Steve Healy says


  139. Hahahaa

    Im never versing you in a quiz again Steve :|

  140. Damian Watson says

    hmmm now Steve has the upper hand.

  141. They were all oldies question, one of them was from 1899!

  142. Steve Healy says

    yeah I wasnt sure with that one I had to look it up

  143. CHEATER!!

    Nah wikipedia didn’t load quickly enough for me with that question :|

  144. Here’s a question for you guys:

    Which AFL player currently leads the league in consecutive games without missing a match?

  145. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I still have doubts on Steve’s knowledge, whenever I ask him a question it takes 4 minutes for an answer.

  146. Steve Healy says

    I didnt use wikipedia.

    Brett Kirk

  147. Steve Healy says

    Josh, go on to the quiz forum your hosting a quiz

  148. Steve Healy says

    Yeah Damo sometimes I have some doubts myself

  149. I was thinking of a question Steve, maybe we should bring that quiz onto the Almanac, it’d be easier to work on here.

  150. I like that idea Josh.

  151. Steve Healy says

    ill start, who kicked the first goal in the 1999 grand final?

  152. I’ll have a stab and say Shannon Grant.

  153. Damian Watson says

    Brett Ratten

  154. Steve Healy says

    Correct, Damo

  155. Steve Healy says



  156. Steve Healy says

    Which Fitzroy player got 43 possessions in Freo’s first league win?

  157. Damian Watson says

    Ahhh Anthony Mellington?

  158. Woah woah woah i didn’t know this was going on.

    I have no idea lol

  159. Don’t know either.

  160. Damian Watson says

    Simon Atkins lol.

  161. Steve Healy says

    Nup, he used to be a bulldog before he went to fitzroy

  162. Did you look that up Damo?

  163. Steve Healy says


  164. Can i just suggest we move to another thread so we don’t have to keep going all the way to the bottom?

  165. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I cheated take 1 point off!

  166. I looked it up too, but I figured since I’m looking it up I shouldn’t answer it.

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