Footy seminar: A strange case of code-shifting

Beginnings of a Switch Hunt: The Strange Case of the Slavia-Victorian Football League Game

School of Sport and Exercise Science
Sport and Culture Group Research Seminar
1.30-2.30 pm, Friday, 11 September 2009
Building A, Room A432, Footscray Park Campus, Victoria University

Presented in association with the Football Studies Unit and Sport History Unit at Victoria University, the Football Research Collective and the Victorian Chapter of the Australian Society for Sports History.

Details of the seminar are as follows:

‘Beginnings of a Switch Hunt: The Strange Case of the Slavia-Victorian Football League Game’

In the world of football, Karmichael Hunt’s code-switching has caused a great deal of media interest and speculation. Victoria University’s Ian Syson shines a light on the switch by revealing an example from 45 years ago when Jack Dyer was instrumental in getting a team of Victorian Football League stars to shift to soccer for an afternoon. What does this case study have to teach us about contemporary code-switching?

Ian Syson teaches professional writing and literary studies in the School of Communication and the Arts at Victoria University. He is writing a history of soccer in Victoria.

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  1. Karmichael Hunt won’t make up for the greatest loss Aussie Rules (and rugby) had just over 100 years ago when the Great Dally Messenger switched to rugby league – it gave that game enormous credibility at the time – he was Mr Football in Sydney.
    Another loss to league was Victor Trumper – who helped start the Paddington AFL club in 1903 then was heavily involved in starting the NSWRL in 1907.

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