Footy History: 150th anniversary of footy in Queensland (and how you can really help)

2016 marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of Australian Football in Queensland, the first Brisbane club having been formed in 1866. To celebrate this momentous milestone and provide an important legacy for the future, a well-established group of Australian football historians have dedicated their efforts to producing a prestigious publication recording the history of our game in Queensland. Our group, known as the Queensland Australian Football Forensics (QAFF), has been diligently and actively collecting facts, records and information from numerous sources throughout the length and breadth of Queensland. We believe football followers and supporters will be genuinely astounded by the amount of interesting information that has been unearthed.

We wish to publish our book, a hard cover volume, which will contain in excess of 800 pages, and cover major and minor leagues and associations in both city and regional areas over the 150-year period. QAFF is blessed to have amongst our members some very talented writers and historians. Several of our members have already successfully written and produced books in their own right. This project has captured the imagination and spirit of these dedicated people who have spent countless hours of research.

The book is nearing completion and will be the most significant publication ever produced dedicated to the history of football in Queensland.

The next vital stage in this project is to raise funds to allow the book to be published.

The intention of QAFF is to initially release 1,000 copies plus 100 Special Edition books. We are eager to gain the support of the nation to help this project become a reality. And at the same time, reward our pledgers with some quality offers.

All the best,

Murray Bird & Greg Parker


1. Contribute your stories, photographs and videos to our website here (

2. Pre-purchase a copy of the book through the website

3. Contribute to our crowdfunding initiative ( assist with the publication of full 150 year history of the code in Queensland.


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