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The Footy Almanac 2019 Trade Period  Blog

The AFL Trade Period 2019 commenced Monday 7th October, and continues to Wednesday 16th October.


With all its usual hype, whispers, and  rumours, some confirmed, and some not, the comings and goings of individual players from their current clubs during the Trade Period is certain to throw up many surprises as well as expected outcomes.


With some big names nominating new clubs for 2020 the wheeling and dealing has just begun.


What’s Joe Daniher worth? Are two first round picks for a player who has only played a handful or so games over the past two seasons enough or not enough? Has he recovered from his injuries?  Will he be value for money? Or should the Bombers go all out to ensure he stays at Essendon and fulfils his contract?


Tim Kelly wants to return to Perth for family reasons. He should be the future of Geelong taking over from Ablett, Selwood, and even Dangerfield who are at, or close to the tail end of their careers, but do you stand in his way?


With so many scenarios to be played out, so many questions already asked and many more still to be asked,  all  will soon be revealed and eventually resolved, though not necessarily to the supporters pleasure.


So, where will many of these players end up?


Why not voice your thoughts, concerns, and opinions by joining in with the discussion in our Trade Period blog via the comments section below.


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  1. Colin Ritchie says
  2. Colin Ritchie says

    Is Jeremy Cameron the “smokey” in some trade deals at the moment?
    If so, that puts a different complexion on some of the proposed trades. I’d be happy to give up Joe Daniher if it meant Cameron could get to Essendon. Obviously a lot of manoeuvring between a few clubs for it to eventuate. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  3. I’m terrified the Cats will end up with Josh Jenkins.

  4. I sincerely hope the Footy Almanac is not jumping the shark here!

  5. Col Ritchie and Joe Daniher to Sydney with Essendon to get Pick 12; the Harbour Bridge and a player to be named.

  6. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    I appreciate the attempt to get some action going on this site (and I was in the same boat when I spent some time in the chair a couple of years ago), but Smokie is spot on.

    PS – Dips, take him, he’s all yours.

  7. george smith says

    To Dips: Jenkins could have been an adequate replacement for tom Hawkins in the last final. If they get Jenkins so what, he’s not Lance Franklin or even Hawkins, but he is depth. Better for our Moggie friends to concentrate on a ruckman, Sauce Jacobs is already gone, sadly.

    Shout out to Collingwood for retaining Jamie Eliot. The wannabe Jack Dyers have already written us off, but with Eliot and our ex factor boyos fit next year who knows…

    AFL Tinder, players needed, but unlikely to get at this stage:
    Geelong: ruck to help out Stanley, have picks and loot to burn, reality – probably waste them on a small forward…
    Collingwood: large forward of the Ben King variety, must come cheap to fit into tight salary cap. reality – will probably waste picks on a half back flanker…
    Essendon: large forward to replace Daniher, large midfielder like Brayden Sier. Reality – will waste pick on a Macdonald-Tipinwuti clone…

  8. I’m with Smokie

  9. Smoke, I’m 50/50 on this too – I know many of the more established ‘nackers can’t stand this part of the year being drawn into the miasma of the AFL season. There could be some among us – seems like Col is part of that number – who don’t see the harm in ruminating on what might be for their players on our ready-made footy forum. Maybe the less inclined among us (but still hovering around the site) could discuss other adjacent topics? Like trades you thought you’d never see that happened in the past, trades in the semi-pro leagues/Ammos…trading in your car for a clapped out van that you drove on an epic off-season road trip with your mates? Sky’s the limit!

    (Tongue slightly in cheek)

  10. Just to be clear, my original comment was (slightly) tongue-in-cheek.

    I have no problem with a forum discussing all matters draft. My comment said more about me than anything or anyone else.

    Whatever floats your boat.

  11. No muss, no fuss – I’m right there with you.

    How about that Treloar for Pick 1 rumour? Talk about jumping the shark!


  12. Earl O'Neill says

    Cameron isn’t going anywhere except fishing off Sydney Heads.
    I know a few Swans fans who are not impressed with the Daniher trade, esp at a cost of pick #5. Franklin, Reid, Menzel, Daniher…

  13. John Butler says

    Two days – no completed trades.

    Trade Radio is brought to you by Samuel Beckett.


  14. george smith says

    OK it’s happened again. If a player becomes a fan favourite/cult hero at Collingwood, then he is in great peril. remember Phil Carman? No one was more popular at Collingwood, but after two years the coach Tommy Hafey said it’s him or me and Carman was traded to Melbourne for the much less charismatic Ross Brewer.

    Remember Brian Taylor, the last bloke to kick 100 goals for the Magpies. He was on the outer during the premiership year and ended up dropped after one final. He then published a grouchy tell all book, which remains a Magpie classic.

    Murray Weidemann, Des Tuddenham, Billy Picken, Mark Williams, Peter Moore. All of them end up on the outer and leave. They all come back eventually, except Warwick Irwin, who hated the place. Only peter Daicos bucked the trend and even he was dumped in the end.

    So if Mason Cox leaves in spite of his heroics against Richmond, then it will be another loss of a hero. He can’t have first ruck, so what do they do with him. The doubt has been set, I hope I’m wrong. I want him to stay, and so do many Magpie supporters. But over 60 years, we have only got what we wanted twice…

  15. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says
  16. John Butler says

    Now Swish. If we’ve told you once, we’ve told you a thousand times, if you don’t stop confusing your DVI’s and your HPN’s with your PAV’s you’ll just have to POQ.

  17. george smith says

    Godot – his name is Brian Peake, arrived in a helicopter, was supposed to get the Moggies a premiership, we’re still waiting…

    Godot – he was the boy who could do anything, with a wife who was the most glamorous on television, came from the west with a mission to make the Showponies a power in the land. Unfortunately they traded half the side to get him, and we’re still waiting…

    Godot – he was a full forward second to none, went to the Harbour City to give the Swans a premiership. After two unsuccessful grand finals, we’re still waiting…

  18. John Butler says

    Swish, I should have applied #TwoRonnies to my previous comment. For the sake of crediting direct inspirations.

    George, the Pies have had a few Godots in their time. We all have.

  19. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    I’ll be mocking the confected media circus that is the trade period until Godot brings his cows home, but I applaud the HPN etc attempts to bring some science into the player/pick valuation processes.

  20. John Butler says

    Something actually happened!

    Tim Kelly is off to West Coast.

    Are picks 14, 24 and WC’s next first rounder over the odds? Or are Cats fans happy?

    I notice the same AFL article speculates Jack Stevens might be going to the Cats for a 2nd round draft pick. And that the Saints would be covering part of his wage next year. Could that possibly be right? If so, maybe someone should introduce the Saints to HPN.

  21. Apparently Trump wants to trade Syria for Greenland.And Xi Jinping has run out of patience with North Korea. Maybe a good fit for Russia after losing Uzbekistan?

    JB – who knows if it is a good deal for the Cats until we see the lads selected?

  22. John Butler says

    Dips, I’m with you.

    But the pure joy of various AFL Media people that they actually have something tangible to discuss is obvious.

  23. #Godot


  24. John and Swish – is that like the bloke that was believed to have done frightfully well in Vietnam by coming back with the VC or at least that’s what they thought his mother said.

    Any truth in the rumour that the Crows are about to appoint Erin Phillips as their new coach. If so that inspired move would be bound to attract numerous good players to the club. There is no doubting her footy ability, nous or appeal, she’s greatly admired over here.

  25. PS correction. That first sentence should have ended “thought his mother said it was. (from TV show Not only but also starring Peter Cook and Dudley Moore aka Pete and Dud).

  26. Huh, trade, schmade… It may pass the time but to continue the Godot theme “it would have passed anyway”.

    Let the wannabes obsess about the meat market. I’ll just enjoy contemplating the prospect of Sydney Stack and Marlion Pickett further their cases in 2020 as the bargains of the decade.

    #17clubs asleep at the wheel

  27. In-season trades is where I draw the line on AFL jumping the shark. Happens in all the other international footy codes so I’m sure the AFL is only waiting until our traditions and resistance are totally broken. Collingwood need a key forward? Eagles need an inside mid? GWS need a ruckman? Bottom 6 clubs will sell their first born in June for pieces of silver. Probably with a sell back clause for a future date. Happens in MLB all the time. AFLPA is having its moment in the sun at the moment with player movement regardless of contracts. Soon enough the Empire will Strike Back. What makes footballers on $400k+ think they are people rather than commodities? The Unofficial Partner site is compulsory reading/listening for anyone with an interest in the intersection of sport and business. I listened to Podcast 26 yesterday about the links between Big Brands; sports bodies and Big Data. Brilliant stuff. Equal parts admiration and horror for where sport, media and marketing are now – and where they are heading.

  28. Earl O'Neill says

    My late best friend Greg was a big fan of American football, he warned me about free agency some twenty years ago. It entrenches the divide between the successful and the strugglers, distorts the trading and the draft.

    Kelly trade sets a precedent that may work in Swans’ favour.

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