Footy Almanac Melbourne Cup Eve Lunch to Talk Nags and Pick the Trifecta

G’day Folks

Each year a crew of punters and other desperates meets for lunch at


The All Nations Hotel, 64 Lennox St, Richmond

12.30 for 1pm, Monday Nov 4


Raffle items welcome


Greg Carpenter pops in for the traditional discussion of the form. His insights are quite remarkable, and he’s a always good for a chat over an ale as well. Greg goes through the runners drawing on his encyclopaedic mind.

And he is, after all, the bloke who sets the weights for the Cup (and all races).

There is a raffle, and from the raffle we gather a pool of money which we spend on the trifecta.

Then the debate begins. Fortified by lunch, punters will declare their affection for a runner, explaining their case and their knock on other runners. A debate ensues. A series of votes are taken until the posse decides on the make-up of their trifecta.

We missed last year, so we are due.

The winnings are donated to charity.

All welcome. Please rsvp t [email protected]


  1. Peter Flynn says

    After the usual argy bargy, I think we’ll have whittled the 24 entrants to about 20.

    Even given some attrition, this Cup will have unprecedented depth.

  2. Gents, can we have a post from the All Nations by 8pm on the Monday of the assembled Knackery’s selections?
    There is a fortune to be made backing the remainder.
    Pete the Pessimistic Puntdrunk of Perth

  3. PF – we need a brilliant mathematical mind to calculate which nag needs to win if we are to back the field and come out in front. That way we can reduce the debate down to a reasonable time, and get back to the bar.

  4. Peter Fuller says

    Peter B.
    I think you’ll only need my tips for your contrarian approach, as I’m on a losing streak of Melbourne FC proportions. Two weeks ago, I was within a half-length of landing a $500 trifecta, only to be nutted out by Harms’ tip (Harms????) for third placing. So as Bert Bryant used to warn about his tips: “all who travel on this convyance, do so at their own risk.”

  5. David Downer says


  6. Why don’t we take a tri on Race 1? The Cup has so much undisclosed form…my Dad used to laugh at all the folks who’d claim to have won on the Cup. There’s a pretty good reason why the divs are usually quite high.

  7. Peter Flynn says


    Only if Race 1 reverts back to the Cup Hurdle.

    Last year at our Rails carpark site, we boxed 12 horses in a trifecta.

    If only we had have taken the other 12 in another trifecta!

    I can’t have G Moon DD.

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