Footy: A day in the life of Jack Anthony and his WAG

Jack: “Danni, where’s my tie, honey?”

Danni: “It’s in the cupboard on the left, darling!”

*muffled noises*

Jack: “I can’t find it! Do you know which one I’m looking for?”

Danni: “Hold on sweetie I’ll be there in a sec.”

*Danni enters room *

Jack: “Hey … wait a minute … what is this??”

*Pulls out a hidden photo of Cameron Cloke from Danni’s cupboard draws*

Danni: “Ohhhh!! That’s … That’s nothing … HUH that old thing it’s just a picture of Cameron during his Collingwood days.”

Jack: “Ohh really now! And why do you still have it then?”

Danni: “I don’t know Jack, would you relax, and gee you get so jealous so easily, it’s just an old photo….


“An old amazing photo … gee I forgot how adorable Cameron was …”

*Jack tenses up and snatches photo*

Jack: “Well if it’s just an old photo then you won’t mind me throwing away, I mean not only did he play for Carlton but now even they have shown him the door!”

Danni *Jumps up*

“NOO!!! You can’t. That’s my baby…”

Jack: “YOUR WHAT!!?? … I KNEW IT. You still have a thing for Cloke, don’t you? HUH?”

Danni: “… Maybe …”

Jack: “You’re supposed to be in love with me Danni, ME!!

Danni: “Well duh Jack, why would I be here if I wasn’t! Plus we’re not even married yet ‘cos you’re taking longer then Collingwood to win a premiership to propose to me!”

Jack: “Hey now, you knew that if everything went to plan against Geelong we would have had our first kid by now!”

Danni: “… So you don’t reckon Mick will take Cameron back?”

Jack: “WHAT! Again with Cameron! Come on Danni! What does he have that I don’t?”


Jack: “There’s more isn’t there?”

*pulls out drawer, throws clothes out to expose a drawer full of photos*

Jack: “Let’s see what we have here… Ahh! Cousins, Buddy, Bartel, Hawkins, Swallow … PENDLES? … DANNI YOU HAVE PENDLES IN HERE? How will I be able to look him in the eyes tomorrow at training??”

*Danni sits down on bed and shrugs*


*Danni asleep on bed, Jack still going through drawer*

Jack: “You have got 50,000 photos of Nathan Brown alone … Danni I can’t believe this, I really can’t … hey, I FOUND THE TIE!!”

About Danielle Eid

Im 23, cute and most importantly im the Collingwood Football Club's very own PRINCESS!! :) A Latrobe Uni graduate from Bachelor of Journalism. Admirer of Samantha Lane and Jon Ralph. Not your typical 'Robot Journalist' Loves Alex Fasolo


  1. John Butler says

    Just one question Danni.

    What colour was the tie?

  2. hahahha!! out of all the questions!
    well John, the tie is Black and White ofcourse!! :)

    thanks for the comment. :)

  3. Whoo schools finished!

  4. yes congrats Josh!
    now, how about i send you half of my holiday homework since you have nothing to do eyy?

  5. oh and Josh, the girl in the story do you want a blonde or brunette?

  6. Haha no thanks Danni, im pretty busy anyway.

    Brunette please lol

  7. hahaha!! no problem.
    would you like fries with that?
    lmaoo!! :)

  8. Yes!

  9. okay now can you suggest a way fro how you meet her??
    and any other requirements? lol

  10. Umm her going to our school and me being keen on her until we meet at a Collingwood v North game :)

  11. okay how about she ends up being one of the girls that sells footy records??

  12. Okey dokey

  13. I turn on my heels my eyes stinging with tears and run up to my room; I slam the door so hard the small crystal ornament on my bedside table falls and shatters into pieces on the floor. I sulk into my pillow knowing that Robbie is hurting and im not there with him.
    Hours pass, mum leaves for work, its dark outside but its only 6:00PM.
    There’s only one thing to do, sneak out.
    But how will get to Robbie’s house without taking my car, no doubt mum will drive pass on her dinner break to make sure I haven’t left the house.
    One answer, JOSH!
    Atleast twenty minutes late josh pulls up under my balcony window. I climb down carefully and touch the ground. I get into the back seat, the front seat is occupied by a pretty brunet with hazel eyes, I recognize her form school, and she sits third row form the back during my free periods on Wednesdays. Her name is Lilly, but the main question was, why was she with Josh?


  14. Nice lol

  15. comt-
    “Hi Khloe” she says nervously.
    Josh smirks at me in the rearview mirror, oh I knew what was going on, Josh has a thing for Lilly!! “Well hello you two!” I say enthusiastically
    .”Don’t you make a cute couple!!!?” Josh coughs nervously and gives me a ‘Khloe shut-up’ look.
    We are on the main road and Josh explains to me that Lilly works at the MCG selling records but most recently merchandise in the North Melbourne vans, which is how he finally had the urge to talk to her after months of liking her.

  16. OMG Collingwood Arizona pictures!!
    Nathaan Brown is so rough looking!! he looks like Cameron Mooney on a grizzley day!! I LOVE IT!! :)

  17. Danni, the Collingwood boys go to Arizona every year and come back to only make the Prelim finals, maybe everyone should stop making a fuss about some camp in America? Nice story too lol

  18. Oh come on Josh!
    dont you see
    its different this time!!
    They left so many players behind!!
    so 2010, it could be the year.
    knowing my luck it WILL be the year. they will win the Premiership while im buried under books trying to stop myself from cliffjumping at the thought of failing vce.
    YERPP, looks like we’ve won fron now!

  19. Cheer up Danni, done anymore of the story?

  20. yerp- CONT

    “Okay thanks for the ride, you two fun.”
    And with that I jumped out of the car and almost broke the door down waiting for Robbie to come to the door.
    I wave Josh and Lilly a goodbye and try to brace myself, I knew what Robbie’s aunty was going to go through I knew she was going to die and he has no idea.
    “Hey” he opens the door and I fling my self at him, a bit too hard, “Whoa are you alright?”
    “Yeah, well I kinda had to sneak out because I’m grounded and all but, yeah I’m fine.”
    We walk into the corridor and he takes me into his Auntie’s room.
    She lays there on the small bed; fragile curled up like a new born, like Robbie a fighter.
    Her eyes are closed and she looks almost peaceful that way.
    “She’s been throwing up all morning” whispers Robbie
    Should I tell him? Would he think I’m crazy?
    I quietly walk out of the room into his room; Robbie closes the door and follows me in.
    “I had a dream last night.” I started
    “Yeah? I didn’t get much sleep.”
    “Well I couldn’t either but when I did I had a really weird dream and…and I don’t know if I should tell you about it.”
    A sharp look hits my face and I burn with guilt; it was as easy as that to hurt Robbie, just by concealing a dream from him.”
    But this was different, either way he was going to get hurt.
    “And why would you keep anything from me?”
    His face came in closer I could feel his warm breath, then he slowly moves away giving me a chance to breathe again.
    It’s like he has some sort of hold on me but I can’t live without him.
    “Because I don’t want to hurt you…”
    His fingers stroke my hair, “Now why would you even hurt me, you could never hurt me.”
    Oh gosh, he was doing it again; the guilt came oozing out from my conscience.
    “Okay, well in my dream, I saw your mother.”
    His expression was still, unchanged, “tell me more.”
    “Well she spoke me…”
    “Did she like you?” at this I smile.
    “Yeah”, he laughs “I knew she would.”
    He pauses waiting for me to go on, but I can’t find my voice, afraid of what my news will do to him.
    As if sent on cue a gust of wind hits the room the, heart dangling of my bracelet make a rattling noise. It was Robbie’s mother, telling me to go on, trying to give me strength.
    I turn to face him, he holds my hand, I draw a breath and tell him what I saw.
    His lips trembles, a look of bewilderment spreads on his face followed by a look of anger, complete rage. He shakes his head, “No…’ that’s all he manages to say, “No.”
    “Robbie, it was dream, I don’t know how far we should look into it.”
    I don’t even think he heard what I had just said, “No…No…I can’t, not…again Khloe, I can’t.”

  21. Ohh dumped! I think…what happened to his mother? And why is his Aunty asleep?

  22. no Josh, no one is dumpped!
    Khloe saw his mother in her dream and she told her that Robbie’s aunty has the same cancer that killed her (his mother)
    his anuty has just started to fall ill, the cancer will hit her harder in the next few chapters.

  23. Oh ok, this is the first i’ve heard of cancer so i was a little confused lol. Oh here’s an idea: make Steve get run over by a truck, that’d be funny

  24. yeah thats cos i only been pasting the stuff where you guys are mentioned so your not getting the main story. lol
    ummmm..yeah i dont think so Josh.
    i mean its bad enough that poor Robbie’s Aunty is gonna die, shes the only person he has left. :(

  25. Right, naww poor Robbie

  26. im thinking of haveing A dress up party so you all can wear those stupid outfit you wanted to wear in the story, it could be Lilly’S birthday or something LOL

  27. Or your birthday, then we all go out to Collingwood v North Melbourne at the G

  28. lol as much as id love to the story needs to take a dramatic turn so im thinking, we are all having a great time at a party and then Robbie gets a phone call from his Aunty who tells him shes about to die.
    wow i never thought my story would be this dramatic!

  29. Woah, next Stephen King or what Danni? Lol

    How did you come up with the name Lilly by the way? Lily Allen?

  30. lol yerp , i think it look better with a double L in Lilly.
    okay so what are you and Lilly going to come as for the party.
    obviously Mikey will come as A Starwars person. im thinking Khloe and Robbie comes as Cleopatra and Mark Anthony.
    Steve can come as a Melbourne supporting bogan.

  31. Damo as Captain Carlton??

  32. Haha yes and Captain Carlton is always full of energy, doing backflips and cartwheels so put that in there somewhere. I wanna be a punk with bright white shiny aviators and my North guernsey

  33. Steve Healy says

    Hang on, why does Josh get to meet a girl?

  34. NO MORE GIRLS!!!
    cos he asked first but im not putting any more girls!!

    Its Friday lunchtime at school Josh is sitting across from Lilly who is throwing pretzels trying to aim them in Josh’s mouth. It’s funny, this time a month ago Josh and the guys were having a go at me and my love life and now Josh follows Lilly around like a cute little lovesick puppy! Steve, Damian and Mikey are debating soccer vs. footy and I’m txt messaging Robbie under the table, nodding at whatever Damian says and adding a “yeah totally agree” every now and then.
    “Okay everyone, Lilly has an announcement to make.” Josh beams as his significant other clears her voice, bringing out a pile of pink envelopes.
    “Umm, well it’s my birthday this Sunday and im inviting you all to my party; it’s a dress up party.”
    “HA! I already know what im coming as; ill give you a clue, light sabers!”
    I roll my eyes; Mikey was just a bit too weird at some times but the next comment maybe by Steve just about won him the weirdest person award.
    “Nah Mikey, my costume is going to top yours, im gonna look fully sick! Im coming in a Melbourne jumper, with, wait for it, socks and sandals!!”
    Mikey interrupts with, “hey did I mention im gonna get some dread locks!!?”
    To this I bang my head repeatedly on the picnic bench, Damian stops me before I give myself brain damage.

  35. Steve Healy says

    Can both relationships or atleast one end in tragedy?

  36. ….no
    Josh’s relatioship is just a background thing the bigger picture is about Robbie and Khloe.

  37. Steve Healy says

    What about I push Josh on to the road and he gets hit by a truck?

    Oh wait, Josh already gave that idea in comment 23

  38. no truck killings!!

  39. Steve Healy says

    just an idea: we all go to the beach and one of us nearly drowns and someone rescues them

  40. ..thats not a bad idea but i cant add that, its too much like ‘new moon’

  41. Steve Healy says

    oh well I haven’t seen new Moon so I wouldn’t know. There needs to be some sort of dramatic near death incident where someone saves someone.

  42. but thats the one can save her, cos shes going to die from Cancer.

  43. Steve Healy says

    No there needs to be something else, like one of us goes crazy and try’s to kill someone, atleast in my opinion

  44. …nah its too mcuh.
    i understand what you mean but i dont want anything to distract away from the main storyline.
    the whole thing is supposed to be about Khloe not knwoing where she belongs, feeling like she is a worthless existance and then her disovery that her purpose was to look after and protect Robbie.

  45. Steve Healy says

    Fine, I guess you’re the author after all.

    Robbie’s Aunty sits up on her bed, half asleep, the normal tone of her skin had returned to her tired face. I sit at the end of the bed reading to her from her favourite poetry book.
    I read on until I hear her breathing slow and she drifts off to sleep.
    Walking into the lounge I find Robbie making coffee he hands me a warm mug, the aroma of the caffeine fills my chest and the rain pelts down hard on the windows.
    I plant myself on the small couch wearing Robbie’s sweatshirt. It’s a big navy blue cotton sweatshirt. The sleeves flop at the ends because it’s so big on me.
    We discuss possible outfits for Lilly’s dress up party and I suggest we go as a couple.
    “Hansel and Gretel?”
    “Nah way too cheesy”
    “Aladdin and Princess Jasmine?” he says.
    “Mmm I don’t know if I want to wear gypsy pants, I already don’t like my thighs.”
    He frowns, “there’s nothing wrong with your thighs.”
    “OH, I know!! How about I go as Marie Antoinette and you as King Louis XVI? OR ill go as Cleopatra and you can go as Mark Antony?”
    He grins, does that me I can show off my arms, if I go as Mark Antony?”
    “yes, you can show off your arms!” I laugh.


    It took about two hours of searching costumes shops for our Egyptian costumes.
    We finally found them in a corner costume shop that I wouldn’t have seen if Robbie hadn’t pointed it out.
    When got back to his house to find his Aunty in a terrible state.
    She had thrown up on the floor, the room smelled of week old fish.
    She was panting, sweat dripping from her forehead, her hands shaking.
    When she looked up and saw Robbie she started to cry, he holds her hand but it doesn’t calm her down. She turns her head to her pillow and cries louder. I look over. Covering the pillow is about a hand full of her hair, one of the side affects to cancer is hair loss because of Chemotherapy.
    I look down at the floor, Robbie sits holding her hand with a brave face
    This was it, he had no choice. Robbie was going to have to go through this pain again, but atleast this time I was there to support him.

  47. What if me and Steve team up and run over Damo in a truck?

  48. Steve Healy says

    can I bring a beach ball to the dress up party?

  49. NO, especially DAMO! out of all the people!!

    fine, you can bring a beach ball!

  50. Can i bring a midget in a hat? Gigs possibly?

  51. guys havent read comment 46 have you???

    what does Gigs have to do with your girlfriends dress-up party???

  52. Steve Healy says

    So you’d like me or Josh to die more than Damo? :(

  53. Steve Healy says

    Yeah Danni this story is really good, very emotional.

    Status- eating barbeque shapes

  54. Steve, how could you say that!!?
    god forbid anyone of us to die untill we reach a very old age!
    *knocks on wood*

  55. Yeah i read it, i think im more interested when it involves one of us lol but its good.

    Status – eating spag bog

  56. lol yeah i know and that why you get confused cos ill only paste stuff when you guys are in it and then you dont know whats going on! lol

  57. Steve Healy says

    I’m still waiting for dinner.

    Josh, these people are characters, not ourselves. “Steve” in the story could look nothing like me.

  58. lol yeah ill prob have to get older looking versions of you guys to play your parts.

    I never wake up early on Saturday morning, but I do for Robbie.
    I try not to burn his toast as he helps his Aunty back to her room.
    He comes back not lifting his gaze from the floor and sits down his head in his hands.
    This reminds me of the Collingwood players after the 2002 Grand final, shattered.
    Just like the Collingwood players he’s gone through the heartache once and now he’s going to go through it again. The 2003 Grand final the loss was much worse and I pray it won’t be worse for Robbie.

  60. Steve Healy says

    Nah, no way! If you’re making a movie we have to be the actors

  61. but you guys dont look 17!!
    well Mikey can pull it off.
    hmmm i dont know…..

  62. i could..

  63. I’ve been told i look at least 25 in one of my pictures, and no your not seeing it

  64. lol okay…..
    well if we did get you to play the characters some of you (especially steve)
    LMAOO will need lots of acting lessons.

  65. Just dont give him any dead scenes and he should be right, i believe he is having tea at the moment

  66. lol true that!
    see i told you the whole kiiling truck thing would ruin it!
    you can all play your characters ALIVE! :)
    9,359 words so far

  67. Steve Healy says

    lol I reckon I would make a pretty good actor. Just don’t put me in a funeral scene, I probably wouldn;t keep a straight face

  68. Danni i want 13,000 words by the time the night has finished

  69. Lol yeah i hate that, i could never be a newsreader while reading tragic news coz i would start laughing

  70. Steve Healy says

    yeah, there’s always something to laugh at when people die (sorry if that sounds disrespectful)

    u guys!!!!
    thats soo meannn

    i was jst watching Better homes and Gardens and there was the CUTEST GOAT!!
    “nawwwwww Goatie!!!!!, mum can i get one?”
    MUM- “NO”

  72. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, but Danni, I’ve actually got some recent experience with deaths. I’ve lost 2 grandpa’s in the last 3 years

  73. ….and you found it funny???
    im sorry for your loss but i cant see how you wouldnt be able to keep a straight face at a place like a funeral.

  74. Steve Healy says

    well, one step grandpa and one grandpa

  75. Steve Healy says

    No I didn’t find it funny, I’m just saying that I’m a naturally cheerful person so I’m not the person who starts bawling their eyes out when a sad event comes

  76. ..ohh,
    well in a way thats good.
    your like the one person who stays string for everyone else. im deffinatly not like that, i cry..

  77. that should be ‘stays STRONG’
    sorry i cant type im doing my story and this at teh same time. lol

  78. At my Pa’s funeral late last year i didnt cry at all but when he was getting lowered into his grave, someone gave me a hug and i cried the most i have ever cried before

  79. ……
    joshyyyy!!! :(

    okay guys no more sad talk..

  80. Steve Healy says

    When I was much younger I had a loot of footy related tantrums, like that time I couldn’t go to Auskick cos I had a rash on my foot.

  81. …………


    i love Auskick kids.
    they are so cute when they run around and hi-five us people in the front seats just before they finish.

  82. Haha thats funny lol

  83. Steve Healy says

    yea hahaha.

    I never got to play on the ground during a game, I dont know why cos I was always the best in my Auskick group.

  84. naww steve!! thats so mean, to you!
    how long ago was this, how old were you?

  85. We get to go to the footy each year for the Waaia auskickers to go out on the ground so yeah our kids always get a gig

  86. Maybe it was this year and they didnt let him play coz they found out he was too old but faked into being a little kid because he looks like one lol

  87. Damian Watson says

    The only time I went on the field for Auskick was at the Essendon-Hawthorn game in 2002, some of my friends were caught on camera.

  88. Steve Healy says

    Well, when I was about 7-10. Once I took a great mark at Auskick on the head of this kid who barracked for Carlton.

  89. nawww lol im trying to imagine you guys even younger than you are!!
    NAWWW!!! :)

  90. Damian Watson says

    Steve! That was you? lol.

  91. Steve Healy says

    Speaking of a kid who barracks for Carlton, lol

  92. hahahaah DAMOOO

  93. Steve Healy says

    We’re only as young as you were 2 years ago, Danni.

    And no Josh, I would’ve only looked like a little kid if I did that trick where I put my shoes on my knees

  94. Steves jealousy towards Damo is too much.
    First he tries to kill him at Auskick and then he wants to run him down with a truck!

  95. dude when i was 15 my hair was so short!
    it was like touching my shoulders!
    it was brown with caramel colours tips.
    and i never wore makeup or heels!
    ohh how times have changed!!

  96. Steve Healy says

    Nah it was Josh who said that, I only wanna kill Josh.

    How is taking a speccy over someone trying to kill someone?

  97. hahahahahahahah omg ahahah!
    i just remember Medders throwing away that players shoe, in that game against..i cant remember.. PRICELESS!!
    ahhaha what a MEDDY-TEDDY!! :)

  98. Steve Healy says

    And you didn’t study as much and went to the footy more often????

    So you were better back then

  99. I went on the field against Hawthorn v Adelaide in 2003

    Aw thanks Steve, i wanna kill you too. I’ve had a specky taken over me, it doesnt tickle!

  100. …STEVE!!
    thats so mean!!
    i disagree im MUCH more prettier now than i was back then! LIKE seriously.

  101. Steve Healy says

    2 years ago my hair was quite a bit longer and I was about 20cm shorter.

  102. 2 years ago i was midget and scared of a lot of things, not anymore. Danni, i reckon you should bring back the 15 y.o Danielle

  103. Steve Healy says

    ok Danni, I’m sorry, I wouldn’t know cos I haven’t seen you 2 years ago.

    Yeah I think I’ve had a couple of speccy’s taken on me as well.

  104. …why would i bring back my 15 year old Danielle?

  105. I dunno but you sound a lot more footy-orientated, but yeah like Steve i cant make any comparisions

  106. ofcorse i was, i wasnt in VCE!!
    im still footy orientated!
    not everyother girl sits around thinking of conversations that would take place is she were Jack Anthony’s WAG, heck ill bet half of them don’t even know what a WAG is.
    yopu guys have to face it, once girls turn 16 they start wearing makeup and ditch the converse for heigh heels, its kind sof an expectation.

  107. Steve Healy says

    yeah it sounds like you used to be more into footy- no offence

  108. I bet Danni knew all the stats to footy but forgot them when she started all of her exams

  109. Are you guys serious?
    just because i like to dressup and wear high heels doesnt mean im less into footy.
    if i was less into footy why would i be here, further more, if i wasnt into footy then why would i want to make a carrer of it for myself???

  110. Steve Healy says

    yeah I bet Danni could recall every Collingwood result from the 2008 season and before that.

  111. I never said you didnt like footy, i just said you probably knew more about it 2 years ago

  112. well in that case i have to correct you.
    yes i loved footy back then as i do now, but it was only last year that i paid more attention to it after i decided to become a sports jurno.

  113. Steve Healy says

    so did you pay less attention this year cause of school work?

  114. at times, not always.
    i didnt miss a game on tv.
    id stop studying to watch Collingwood but id study during half time.
    but honeslty i just used to watch footy cos i loved it, when it came to last year i stopped and started taking more notice of the newspaper, reading more Jon Ralph, looking more closly at how the players performed and all that jazz.

  115. Hows your story coming along? You almost up to the 13,000 word quota?

  116. Steve Healy says

    You’d study at half time!!!!!

    Oh well thanks for the advice, I’ll take my school bag to the footy next year

  117. nahh sorry far off it!
    im getting dsitracted by food!
    and its getting harder to think of how to write stuff.

  118. give me a romantic line that Robbie can say to Khloe after she says-
    “Well you know that I’m here, I will always be here…I love you Robbie”

  119. Steve Healy says

    “I know you are, honey bird, I love you too”.

  120. “Khloe, you smell weird”

  121. ……ummmm..honeybird???

    STATUS- Trying to stop myself from having a laughing fit.

  122. lol been done joshy-
    I giggle and hug him tightly, he softly kisses my hair.
    “Your hair smells like…”
    He smells again
    “Coconut” he responds, “its nice”

  123. Steve Healy says

    the use of “Bird” is appropriate if you ask me since you’re a Collingwood couple.

  124. People always complain my hair smells like coconut, it drives my parents mad

  125. LMAOOO Josh!! HAHAHAHHA!! :)

    Well Steve then pretend Robbie was a Dees supporter? what would he say?

  126. “You Demon! Stay away from me with that pitchfork!”

  127. Steve Healy says

    “You’re on fire tonight, Khloe”.

  128. ….thats not romantic, thats just a chepo pickup line! Robbie isnt like that, HES DECENT!!

  129. “You make my tail stand on end, Khloe?” Nahh thats gayy

  130. Nah,thats not gay..its AWEFUL!!
    You guys! What are you going to do when you get girlfriends!! lol

  131. Steve Healy says

    “The Demons of life will eventually be fought away, Khloe”.

    I seriously thought that honey bird sounded romantic

  132. Damian Watson says

    “Khloe, have you been smoking?’, making any progress Danni?

  133. Steve’s been smoking haha

  134. yeah Damo, its mostly romantic stuff so i wont bother pasting it. lol

    mmmm…nah still not right Steve.. lol
    youd call ur gf ‘honeybird?”

  135. Steve Healy says

    No, lol, it just works in context.

    “Your eyes are like the sun, Khloe, always shining so bright and looking over me like I’m the earth”

  136. Steve Healy says

    In all seriousness Josh, I have never smoked in my life.

  137. Steve..even for ME thats too corny.
    its gotta be quick and beautiful.
    okay let me help.
    picture your perfect girl, goes for the dees, pretty, knows footy stats!, blonde ect how wouldn you respond to her if you were going through a terrible time in your life and she said-

    “Well you know that I’m here, I will always be here…I love you Robbie”
    minus the ‘robbie’ part.

  138. Good on ya Steve, neither have i

  139. Steve Healy says

    “Thanks, I love you so much, hopefully the Dees can win the premiership and we’ll be happy forever”

  140. Steve Healy says

    I wonder if Danni, Michael and Damo are smokers? I hope not

  141. oh well, you tried.
    ahh and if i was, what does it matter?

  142. Damian Watson says

    No I have never smoked either.

  143. Steve Healy says

    no it wouldn’t, I wasnt really asking it was more like a rhetorical question.

  144. Sorry guys. I stuffed up the links. Should be OK now.

  145. yay Gigs!! lol
    i was so upset..everytime i went to click on my took me to CRICKET…and i dont like cricket.. lol

  146. Yeah, I knew that. I did it just to annoy you…

  147. And don’t worry. Only I got the emails.

  148. lol thats mean! lol
    i was like…”noooooooooo why is it taking me here…cricket!! BUT I DONT LIKE CRICKETT!!”
    lol hahahah

  149. Steve Healy says

    Oh, I thought it was you, Gigs.

    At least it’s fixed now.

    Cricket is great, Danni.

  150. smoking is better!

  151. But imagine how good Jack Anthony would like in whites and a baggy green cap…

  152. ….terrible!!!
    you can see his superman arms!!
    gee i love his ARMS!!

  153. Steve. What, you thought it was me ‘cos it was a stuff-up?

    Shouldn’t u be writing your day 1 report anyway…? :)

  154. no Gigs, steve should be working on his romace if anything!!

  155. ROMANCE***
    and i need to work on my typing!!

  156. Oh its fixed.

    I reckon if we took 12 AFL players and put them out to play Cricket against the Windies they could beat them

  157. Wow, Steve. That was quick!

    Plenty of romace/romance in cricket, Danni.

  158. Steve Healy says

    Sorry Gigs, I only thought it was you because it led to the cricket page hahaha

    I just sent it then actually, funny that you mentioned it.

  159. btw i was kidding about the smoking, i think its gross and its smells!!

  160. yeah..sure giggs! lol
    i asked Steve to finish off a line for me cos im writing a romance story and he ends up with… honey bird or something like that LOL.

  161. Glenn Archer smokes..u

  162. 10,159 words Josh.

  163. Steve Healy says

    Oh, Danni, for a sec I thought you were actually a smoker.

    Yep Gigs, I didn’t even read your comment I finished it just then.

    Now lets so if you can keep the quick theme by putting it up in the next couple of hours

  164. Oops that was supposed to say Glenn Archer

    Good stuff Danni

  165. …do i look like a smoker? lol
    my grandfather smokes so does my Godfather, ive tried to get them to stop but they wont!!

  166. Steve Healy says

    Aim for 100,000 words, Danni.

    Well the Almanac has 185 match reports in it, there is an extra one for all the finals apart from the grand final, where there are 5 so there are 197 match reports, all around 800 words I think. So that’d be at least 160,000 words.

  167. i just saw all the maths in comment 166 and cried! LOL

    dont think so Steve, but im thinking it might be finished by 2mro night!! :)

  168. Steve Healy says

    Well, sometimes the people you least expect are smokers.

    my Grandma is a heavy smoker

  169. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, coming from a guy who has averaged 50% in his last two maths exams

  170. hmmm i should go down to the Lexus Center and give the boys a lecture on NOT SMOKING.

    ME- “if i find out that any of your pretty hands touch a cigarette you WILL BE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE!!”

  171. Steve Healy says

    I loved Fitzroy’s old sponsor, Smokefree. Lol I’ve mentioned that before on this site.

  172. Random comment- I MISS SUPERMAN!! :(

  173. Same

    Danni, your a Collingwood supporter so i cant be sure with what to expect.

    Im so glad its the holidays, i can finally sleep in. Saying that, i gotta get up at 8AM tomorrow :( so i best be off now. Night people

  174. Damian Watson says

    North Melbourne had that sponsor too from memory.

  175. okay, cya Josh.

  176. Steve Healy says

    But really, out of all the words in the almanac, two stand out:

    “Mark Zaharakis”

  177. knwo you cnat balme Gigs!
    Mark sounds much nicer than David!

  178. Mark Zaharakis rolls of the tongue a lot easier i must admit

  179. Stop picking on me you guys.

    Steve, I just posted a piece that John Butler sent me about today’s place. Yours will be up soon.

  180. ..Gigs i didnt pick on you!
    im you favourite why would i pick on you?
    infact i defended you with very bad typing, but still! LOL

  181. I know Danni. EID never think you would pick on me. But sometimes Steve can be a bit of a HEAL-y. (Don’t worry, Steve, I’m only JOSH-ing.)

    Your piece is up Steve. Fast enough for ya?

  182. very funny gigs!
    i didnt know you were Irish

    EADE never think….

    umm can you tell me what a photojournalist is? its for media hw and i saw it one the Almanac homepage but i dont know what it is?

  183. Sorry, I know it’s EADE but that’s called “poetic licence”…

    You might be thinking of Shane Goss. Click on the Licorice Gallery photos link under Footy Links (bottom right). I think Shane is what you’d call a photojournalist.

    BTW, if you went to Germany and found an Eid, I bet they’d pronounce it “EYED”…

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