Floreat Pica Society: Round 13 v Sydney

By Tony Scully

There are two things that make me nervous, One is when the word ‘Bunny’ is bandied about, the other is when the word McBurney is running about. Thus I went into Saturday night with fear and loathing. How can a side keep the sort of dominance, over another, going (home or away), surely the odds start to stack against, surely these outcomes aren’t likely to continue ad-infinitum (thanks Brother Aaron, or was it Mrs Moloney who taught me Latin). It’s not as if the Pies have been that convincing in the last three or four weeks, and didn’t the Swans sort of have a return to earlier form last week?

Well the opening ten minutes was pretty good, almost standard for this season I’d suggest. Out of the blocks fast with some good ruck work, a little luck, and Harry, O’ Harry doing his opening dash for goal. (Might whack $20 on him for the first goal next week) It’s almost monotonous.  Then Dawes opens doors with a strong mark and dead-straight 45 metre, 45 degree major. Have we found a straight kick up forward ? Hush my mouth !  Oops, Heater slips, my mind races back to 2002 and Rhyce.

Sidey on-side for a beautiful read and goal. Things are very promising. But somehow we’re not gaining clear advantage. Scores should be much further apart. O’Keefe runs OOB but is allowed to centre ball to Swans advantage for goal.

Leigh Brown chimes in for a goal. He’s actually dominating. Yep! I said it. Jolly, good goal. Looks like we might run away with it. Bradshaw thinks it’s funny in the stands, not Mrs Roos though (if looks could kill).

Suddenly, a Ranga ducks his head(almost between his own knees) and, whilst in this pose, chases Wellingham, who makes every reasonable effort to avoid the clown (did I mention he had red hair just like Ronald). The biggest clown on the field blows the whistle to award a free…. to the Swans clown. Goal …. you’re kidding me.The Swans at this point get their tail up and score again. Bad feeling only 25 pts between them and a long way to go. But the boys steady and hold strong for a nil-all last quarter. A good win to the Pies, away from home, on a less than acceptable playing surface.  I’ll take the outcomes so far and hopefully the boys can peak at the right time. (Sans Leon)


Ball proving his value as our in-and-under man in the middle

Daisy’s great work all over the field. Hard running, no grandstanding.

Didak’s 1/2 with Dawes  on the left flank for a Buddy-esk running goal

Ben Reid, becoming a real stalwart down back. Strong marking, accurate kicking, no lack of courage.

Jolly had his best or maybe second best game for the Pies.

Sideys all-round slickness

Dawes strong marking and accurate kicking

Dicks comeback, albeit short-lived

Leigh Brown stood up when he was needed. Don’t get me wrong I’m no wrap for the bloke.

Toovs is getting there

Presti had the Goodes !


Mick’s son Leon has lost it, (starting to wonder whether he’s actually Medallion Club Mick’s offspring from one of those many enduring romances of his, Plays like him). He’s going to have to cut the apron string and let the Lad leave the nest.

Dicks shoulder

Beamsy struggled a bit

ACCURACY.We should have won by a country mile.

McBurney !!!!


  1. Andrew Fithall says


    I thought the umpiring over the season had improved on the players head-butting potential tacklers in search of a free kick, but the example you provide and describe so well is back to the season-beginning interpretation.

    A Collingwood-supporting friend has suggested that Leon is having an inverted year. Poor during the seaon but will come good in finals. If only!

    By-the-way, I believe the Rhys slip was 2003.


  2. David Latham says

    Dawes kicking was very nice Tony, great. What was more releiving was to see him stick some balls in his mittens overhead.

    He was on the radio this morning stating that his kicking used to be the problem while he was good overhead. They seemed to have reversed lately, but with both attributes will be a potent weapon.

    Great for the structure.

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