Fixing the national anthem problem for the replay

I know a lot of people probably don’t agree, but I reckon Advance Australia Fair – when it is sung well (and only then) – can be great.  I can never hear it anywhere without adding the MCG siren sound at the end and 100,000 people yelling in my head.

The GF anthem is one of the things I look forward to, hoping that they’ll get it right.  Unfortunately, too many times it gets emasculated by being turned into some sort of warbling ballad.  Yesterday was a disaster – no power, no feel, just a sense of disappointment.

So, with a replay we get another chance to get it right.  My vote is Adam Hill doing his version of the words set to the music of Working Class Man.  If you have never heard it, YouTube “Advance Australia Fair the way it should be sung” and Adam Hill, and you should be able to find it easily enough.

I promise you, you will never hear either song the same way again.  Add the siren and the crowd at the end, and I think it is the perfect start for the GF replay.


  1. WCD,

    I’m sure the AFL has Human Nature as a back-up to sing the Anthem next week. Every time, the announcer (and whatever sporting event it happens to be) says “…and now to sing the national anthem, please welcome…” I can’t help but say to myself “..Human Nature!”. I’m sure they hold some sort of record.

  2. The PERFECT fix for this would have to be my man, MR. MICHAEL BUBLE!!!! :)
    Atleast he can SING! :)

  3. 2: He’s stuck in the ‘Saints Buble’.

  4. My gripe with the anthem on Saturday (and at various previous GF’s) is tht it was sung by someone who was trying to make a name for themselves by singing it in their own “interpretational” style. As such, by adding pauses and changing speeds randomly through the song, they made it impossible for people to sing along to (the Herald-Sun today has had a crack at the fact that only 4 out of the 44 players sang along – could you blame them?)

    Sing it plain and simple, in a way that everyone can join in. The anthem ‘moment’ is at its best when you’ve got 100,000 people singing along together.

  5. Danni

    I would have thought Magpies would want to avoid bubbles. They tend to burst.

  6. westcoastdave says

    Brad, that is exactly my point – it is supposed to be a national ANTHEM, not a national warble.

  7. Can’t stand the whole stand up, hand on your heart anthem thing. Let alone knowing the lyrics and singing them. Too much Americanized patriotic drivel. Might as well recite that “I love god and my country, I honor the flag, I serve the queen….” palaver we were brainwashed with in school years ago.

  8. Just a bad song and a pre-match distraction…time for what my Dad would call “a nervous one”.!

  9. Rocket Rod Gillett says

    Westcoast Dave,

    Stood next to your old mate from Canberra, Doug, at the singing of the Australian national anthem at the Aussie grand final function here in Abu Dhabi at the British Club – everybody stood and sang despite the early hour. Fortunately, the bar was open and a full English breakfast (avec bacon and eggs) available.
    His Excellency knows the words, but more adapt at singing the Quenbeyan Tigers victory song!

  10. westcoastdave says

    Rod, I think knowing the words to the anthem is a prerequisite for his current job…but you can’t take the Tigers out of the man

  11. Well Julie should have made everybody happy

  12. westcoastdave says

    I was. I have talked to my wife many times about preferring a male voice, but really it is just a strong voice respecting the ‘anthem’ part of the name. It used to be a foible of female singers to render it impossible to sing along to; but now it is the male singers getting all superficial, while the girls just get on and bang it out the way it should be.

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