Finals Week 3 – Who wins and why?



Who is it going to be?



  1. Geelong vs Sydney:
    Swans to win because they have been strong with good performances. They beat Geelong at Round 16.

    GWS vs Bulldogs:
    Bulldogs will roar and snarl because they have gained more confidence. Bontempelli is a young gun and Stringer shows good efforts.



  2. Geelong and GWS for me.

    For a Steve Johnson GF.
    And because a week’s rest is one heck of an advantage.

    Tonight I’ll be watching from behind a food-truck burrito & appropriate drink somewhere in the inner north of Melbourne.

  3. Roger Lowrey says

    Whatever Holly McKecknie is on in the time honoured Murtoa Cup JTH.

  4. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    I’ll be watching tonight from the rear stalls of the Ponsford – probably last chance for me to see a game this year. Both mobs have spanked my mob this year, so depends on who best defends the larger space than either the SCG or Kardinia requires. Dunno why, but I’m thinking Sydney might.

    Dogs by 20 – do it for Barry Ion

    And the Eags in the SANFL

  5. Neil Kimpton says

    Gday John
    My wife Jill and I fly out to Italy Sunday
    After attending 14 of the last 15 Grannies(missed the Draw) I will be in Florence for this one
    I’m keeping an eye out for any place in that amazing city that is open around 6am Euro time to watch the game
    It’s too hard to pick a winner
    I missed the Doggies only flag and was a Pie boy in 61
    I hope they get up for purely sentimental reasons
    Who says us Bluebaggers don’t have hearts!
    So ….Go Doggies
    PS The Wills night was brilliant ! Congratulations once again to all the players!!

  6. Earl O'Neill says

    I’m leaning toward the rested teams but not convinced.
    IF Sydney and Footscray get an early lead they may rattle the oppo.
    Geelong haven’t lost since they played Sydney but their mind tends to wander. Crucial first term tonight. Wayne Carey favours Sydney, wrote that the adrenalin kicks in once you walk onto the field. If it’s close at first break, Cats oughta have the legs to run out a win.
    Monaros have heavy artillery, Dogs are on a mission. (My dog just vomited some grass – is that an omen?) These two could work up a good rivalry over the next few seasons, tmro the Dogs will have to work hard for goals w aching limbs.. Good for the Monaros to play without Johnson.
    Cats v Monaros next weekend.

  7. A team coming off a hard six day break against a team that’s had two weeks in three off. Cats for mine.

    As for GWS / Dogs, I have absolutely no idea but suspect this will be the first final of many between these two sides in the coming years. GWS for the Victorian meltdown that will ensue.

    And, yes, Woodville West Torrens in the SANFL granny

  8. Temple WC2 and then the Lords Beer Festival in St Johns Wood.

    Final day of the County Championship and its up for grabs.

    No idea re the footy.

  9. So which pub in the inner city should we all be going to ? NFS, Rose, Royal Derby ??? – I have some friends over from the west and I don’t think the Harp is going to cut it

  10. Swans and the Dogs.

  11. Cats and Giants ( but what is fantastic is they are both well and truly 50 50 games )

  12. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Hoping for a Cats v Dogs GF.
    Thinking it might be GWS and Stevie J v Geelong.
    Cats may be a bit fresher tonight. Will be watching the officiating closely tomorrow night, esp the 50-50s.

  13. Cats and Dogs. Sturt in the SANFL.

    Incidentally, Gawler Centrals got rolled in the Barossa and Light grand final, having been undefeated all season. How often does this happen?

  14. I’ll be watching from the couch because he could only get 4 tickets for a family for 5. Unbelievable.
    It has to be the Cats.
    And it would be nice if it was also the Dogs.

  15. Sydney and Bulldogs!

  16. Swans and Giants….

  17. Toss up tonight. Cats because I couldn’t stand an Emerald City GF. Giants by plenty tomorrow. They have the mids to match the Dogs strength, and then the Lobb, Cameron and Patton to wreak havoc up forward.

  18. Earl O'Neill says

    Tomahawk kicked a sad goal.

  19. I was there! Screaming and shouting and cheering and waving the flag, and singing the song. Now I’m hoarse all over again – just as I anticipated!! How deliciously sweet it all was.

    We were magnificent!!!

    Go the Mighty Bloods!!

  20. And now there is three. Will it be an all NSW grand final? Considering the millions of $$$ pumped into Sydney it would prove the investment worth while.

    Vie es ist beleibt es nicht.


  21. Neil we were in Florence for the replay in 2010 and there was talk of a sports bar somewhere in the east that was going to show the game. we couldn’t find it and I gave up, and in the end, didn’t really care – we were going to Rome that day. Rome; or Collingwood flag – no brainer!

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  23. Loving Easton Wood’s game.

  24. Earl O'Neill says

    Halftime, I’m still confident. Bulldogs can’t play much better but we can. Terry Wallace is doing special comments on 2SM.

  25. Western Bulldogs because they’re playing the most skillful, strategic and exciting football. Because they are the hungriest. Because if they don’t the game just won’t feel right. Because no other team has the highlights package they have. Because apart from the Giants no other team has so comprehensively taken the Hawks game apart. Because it’s the frickin Dogs for f*uck sake!

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