FIFA Scandal: Sepp Blatter speaks


  1. Dave Nadel says

    And now they will arrest the usual suspects.

  2. Dennis Gedling says

    If 100s hadn’t already died in the construction of what will hopefully won’t be an eventuating world cup in Qatar all you can do is laugh..

  3. I concur with my fellow Almanackers two prevous postings. A fish rots from the head down, how does Blatter, at this stage survive ?

    Dennis, OH&S is clearly not an isue in Qatar. Seriously when has FIFA been concerned re workers rights

    The reality is that ‘sport’at this level is not sport, it is part of the entertainment industry. Like all of these industries it as about enriching a handful of big ‘players’, damn the rest. Why are we suprised, or outraged? Sad but true.


  4. Luke Reynolds says

    Well played PB

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