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Dear Luke,


You always tell me it’s great to have a passion in life. While I agree with you, I have had many moments in this AFL season when I wished your passions lay with say, home renovation, yoga or even golf! In spite of many tense and strained times, on reflection this morning, of the season just gone, I have come to realise that AFL and Collingwood is essential for our family. It is teaching our children so much more beyond just watching the game.


Supporting Collingwood isn’t an easy gig and requires you to hold fervent commitment, courage even. The dedication it takes to attend matches is great, travelling two hours to games either by car, train, tram or a combination of all three. The percentage of wins versus losses this year to games we have attended weren’t in our favour. The losses produce a two hour trip home to feel like four, with an atmosphere so tense we are cautious to talk, breathe even. Yet after a night of sulking contemplation, you plan how you will support your team next week, and hope and anticipation are felt again.


Saturday’s game against Melbourne produced all the positives supporting an AFL team can provide. The tradition of listening to The Coodabeens on the drive down. Time spent together as a family including your Dad and sister. Quality time is hard to find in everyone’s busy lives. Our children don’t see their extended family as often as we like but when they do it’s warming to hear them banter about who’s team is better, relive past games and converse about the future of their club. At the ‘G on Saturday I felt Collingwood supporters provide an atmosphere of hope. Maybe it was influenced by your desperation to want Daicos, Brown and Moore to play well and provide our second son Josh with as much love of the game and club as their fathers did for you. Hope was the thousands of fans cheering the young players, providing an electric feeling that installs belief and optimism about the future. Then came the undeniable relief and celebration when the final siren sounded. Singing the club song with the strangers sitting next to you. Unknown people cheering and celebrating on the tram. The club colours, a common theme uniting people together.


As a wife and mother, bonding is the most important attribute supporting an AFL team provides. The bond created between parent and child following AFL is priceless. An experience together either by going to matches, watching them on TV, listening on the radio, reading or talking about them, playing the game or just kick to kick, is irreplaceable. It’s an interest we can all be involved in. Age, fitness or ability are no barriers.


A game and club that provides life lessons in passion, hope, tradition, celebration, disappointment, commitment, devotion, loyalty and allegiance is a vital component to our family.


As the season winds up, the atmosphere here starts to shift from football to cricket. Let’s hope that after six months of being a cricket widow, I will be as enthusiastic and positive about cricket as I am about embracing AFL.


Love, Mrs R




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Saints fan stuck in a Magpie nest.


  1. Claire Reynolds says

    Well said Mrs R , although I think you’re a better person than me traipsing up the highway to watch a team you don’t barrack for, but well done in supporting your family

  2. well said Deb we will soon see the REYNOLDS READERS news paper

  3. Thanks Claire, the things you do for the family!!!! Probably just a once off Lizzie, but you never know when the inspiration to write might come!

  4. Sean Curtain says

    In the years of reading Luke’s stuff, I always got the impression he was a wise man.

    I can now see where that wisdom came from. Well written Mrs R, great stuff


  5. Really well said, Mrs R.

    For all the positives you have mentioned (and there seem to be many), I just cannot fathom what it must be like for a non-Magpie to be married to a Magpie supporter.

    You obviously have the patience of a saint!

  6. Your writing skills are amazing Deb time to get serious with your talent xx

  7. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Very good.

    Next up in Mrs R’s Tales of the Unexpected: “How my hubby’s job in a brewery saved our marriage”

  8. Gillian Coote says

    Wow another writer in the family! Great read well done.

  9. Luke Reynolds says

    Geez Mrs R, hard to take that you’re immediately a better writer than me.
    As cricket season is fast approaching, I look forward to seeing you again in April.
    Go Pies.

  10. Well played indeed,Mrs R Luke’s well and truly got a keeper ( mile better than Wade ) and in all seriousness I like the serious message teaching the youngsters how to handle disappointment and also great stuff re the bonding

  11. Sean, behind every wise man is a……..

    Smokie, if you can’t beat them, join them!

    Cheers Marg, you’re too kind.

    Swish, very funny!

    Gill, thanks Mum!

    Luke, Yep see you in April. Don’t forget to put the bins out!

    Cheers Rulebook, Wades a much better bat than me!

  12. Good on you Mrs R.
    That’s a wonderful letter.

    Long may you all juggle and build and support and muck in together.
    Love it.

  13. Total crap. I tore my ACL and cracked my tibia gardening 3 months ago. Fell off a bloody ladder nailing shade cloth above the pergola. Far worse than any injury incurred on a footy ground or in 20 years of parkland cricket. To be avoided at all costs. The insurance premiums and loss of income are crippling. Not to mention the loss of mobility. You’re on the right track Luke – passive spectating is an investment in health and family. You know it makes sense.

  14. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Great stuff Mrs R.
    Mrs D has been through a number of the same things. Maybe you can compare notes…or perhaps not !

  15. Thanks ER- A family that plays together stays together.

    Oh my Peter B, what a crack up!

    Yes Phil, a support group for the wives would be wonderful!!! Or if we can’t beat them, just join them!

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