Exotic Fauna II

Time to call Neighbourhood Watch?

Or just a reminder that beauty is in the eye of the beholder?

It seems “keeping a lid on it” hasn’t really taken root down in Tassy.

Picture courtesy of Bill Walker.


  1. Dave Nadel says

    I don’t think you fully understand the concept of “keeping the lid on it”, Phantom. You keep the lid on things before the Grand Final, after you have won the Grand Final you take the lid off and let the joy overflow! Good on your Tasmanian Magpies!

  2. :) what a PRETTY picture!
    I myself have taken to decorating my room, premiership style.
    Let’s just say i wont need any wallpaper ;)

  3. Dave, it’s a pity only half the snap got in.

    I have no problem with it. If I did I would not have bothered stopping to take it.

    It is purely for your pleasure. A gift from me to you……and Danni…..and other Dave…..and on and on and on.

  4. What a terrible picture.


  5. 4- *wacks josh on the head with heavy purse*

  6. Phantom can i please get your advice something?
    For the english exam there ar three parts, in one of them im choosing to do a creative piece and my teacher is begging me to write it about footy in realtion to the prompt. Sounds good but theres a slight problem. Do you think it may inpact my grade if the examiners happen to go for St.Kilda, or lets face it any other team besides Collingwood? id really like to do my piece on footy as a collingwood supporter but im kinda scared! :(


  7. Steve Healy says

    That house looks like a burglar’s paradise! Pity there might not be anything valuable in there. And they clearly don’t care about covering up their electrical equipment

  8. Danni,

    the secret to essay writing is to be able to support your arguements no matter if the asessor agrees or not. I used to create havoc with my lecturers at school, TAFE and university.

    I would assume in English lit. it will be about your grasp of the language and your capacity to use it appropriately as a tool to get your message across according to the rules of engagement.

    Be brave and use the Pies analogy. You must get an HD.

    You have three things going in your favour.

    1) Surprise – they will be that shocked that a Collingwood supporter is engaging them at such a high academic level.

    2) They are not allowed to discriminate against disadvantaged minority groups.

    3) If they don’t accept your work I will come round and debate them. They would soon throw their hands into the air and surrender.

    Knackers of the world unite!

    Cheers, do well.


  9. okay, Thanks for the help.
    I’ll prob have to take you up on the surrender offer. :)

  10. John Butler says


    After the experience of 1990, I would have thought keeping a lid on it was very relevant.

    Aren’t you supposed to be working on a dynasty?

  11. Andrew Fithall says


    My wife took delivery of a new car yesterday. Her chosen colour was “phantom”. I am a bit disappointed, on seeing the car, it is not purple.


  12. Dave Nadel says

    #10 JB.

    Different lid. The fans can party for twelve months. Obviously the players can not as we saw in 1991.

  13. What a sad photo.

  14. dave latham says

    Added 50k value to their property right there.

    My brother in law is a mad Pies supporter whi lives in Jan Juc – he painted his fence black and white…I’ll try to get hold of the photos.

  15. That would be good Dave.

    We could keep a record of what is happening around the nation.

  16. dave latham says

    Might take a while, they’re on holidays, but will still post

  17. Collingwood’s fixture list for 2011 as per AFL.com

    “Collingwood has 18 games in Victoria, with 14 at the MCG and four at Etihad Stadium. Due to a quirk of the draw, the Magpies’ four interstate trips are in the second half of the season.”

    Unbloody believable!!!! But then I guess when 90% of your supporters are unemployed, forsaking their weekly budget on smokes & cheap plonk to buy a return ticket interstate is too much of a sacrifice for pies fans.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the Victorian government brings in a grant to Victorian Barcode fans, as an election sweatener. Stay tuned :roll:


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