Evading a bouncer


It is often said the only thing crazier that being a fast bowler is being
the person facing them.

This image is a good case in point!

In a SACA district cricket game at Glandore Oval (now Called Revolution
Reserve) the Buffaloes Batsman is evading a fearsome bouncer from the West
Torrens quick.

The 156 grams of leather is propelled at 140kph and it is fair to say the
guy with a piece of willow in his hand has handled the delivery pretty well.


  1. Great pic, Peter!

    I don’t know what it is but I have found that, having returned to playing club cricket two years ago at age 44 (after a 13-year break), I seem to have more time than ever as a batsman in handling the short ball. I don’t know why that is. Unfortunately, every other aspect of old-age has kicked in and I am reminded of that fact after each long day in the field and usually for several days after!

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