Et Tactus – Tommy’s sin against the Almighty

Their fingertips did but touch,

A momentary flash.

But it is enough to condemn,

A good man to his death.


On the third day,

Tommy will be led away.

They will jeer and mock,

“You shall not touch thee.”


The maggot is sacrosanct,

He is the Miserere mei, Deus.

He is exalted and on high,

Sing his praises in the chapels!


“And don’t touch me!”

He squeals.

For you are unworthy,

You are scoundrel.


The touch is light,

A moth landing on the moon.

It is feeble and weightless,

Delicate; a sleeping child’s breath.


But they call false witness,

He is condemned.

There is a roar from hell,

You shall not touch thee!


The harbingers foretell his death,

In their breathless pursuit of noise.

A flimsy brushing of skin,

Is as if the world is torn asunder.


Tommy will sit in his tomb,

And await the Emperor’s call.

And in his last breath will mutter,

“Such is life”.



About Damian O'Donnell

I'm passionate about breathing. And you should always chase your passions. If I read one more thing about what defines leadership I think I'll go crazy. Go Cats.


  1. You Cats supporters can be very touchy

  2. Jarrod_L says

    The players too it seems!

  3. *Applause* Dips
    That is pure gold

  4. Rulebook says

    Well played Dips but Hawkins must get games tonight just pure stupidity

  5. RB – Hawkins will get a week tonight. To me it is completely incomprehensible. Did he touch a holy cow? Yes. But look at the context. He hardly knew the bloke in lime green was there. There was zero intent. There was minuscule force. There was a minor melee taking place around him. The umpire, in my humble view, was in the wrong place. It happens a lot these days. The umpires want to be involved, so they chirp away in a player’s ear when they should just get out of the way themselves. Why are the actions of the umpire not questioned? What the hell was he doing buzzing around, screeching at Hawkins like a jockey with a sore throat, when Hawkins was busy fending off GWS players?

    Its like giving a bloke a week because he farted.

  6. Rulebook says

    Dips disagree re being in the wrong spot,Hawkins knew it was a umpire unless he is color blind dumb deserves at least 2 weeks

  7. E.regnans says

    Love it, Dips.
    I haven’t seen (nor heard about) this incident.
    But if it’s moving you to poetry, it must be some sort of Epic Tragedy.

    Though I haven’t played competition footy since ~1992, I’d argue that it’s pretty easy for all players to avoid touching the umpire. Logical consequence for yer Tommy is a week or two to gain some spatial awareness.

    Maybe the old ever-tightening-circle-of-electric-fencing-wire drill – see if he can stand in the middle.

  8. ER I guess that’s my point. It wasn’t an incident. It was a flap of a wing in a flamboyance of flamingos, a twinkle of a star 8 billion light years away, a bead of sweat on a young Ned Kelly’s brow, a flutter of an autumn leaf in the Fitzroy Gardens. It was nothing!

    If a flimsy touch on an umpire’s hand results in death by hanging, then the position of the umpire must surely be a consideration.

  9. Dips For The Defence. Now get your poetical teeth into something more substantial. I can’t help you with a rhyme for “archbishop”. But here’s a potential finisher for your next epic. “Well, well, well, Big G Pell, Welcome to…” Nah, I’m stumped.
    (That was your noggin on the box, wasn’t it?)

  10. It was my noggin. Sorry hope it didn’t scare the children.

    I was grabbed off the street and asked about the graffiti. Moments before I was casually strolling up the street munching on my Granny Smith. Life moves in mysterious ways.

  11. There once was a young man from Finley
    Who pushed an umpire just thinly
    It wasn’t the Almighty
    Not Gillon or Blighty
    Still a week for acting so sinly

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