Eid rides roller coaster- manages not to fall off.

Thursday- 30th September 12:35am

I’m at that point where my brain is going to either melt or explode.

As Damo Watson pointed out to me the other day- at the start of the season I had said that I didn’t want Collingwood to win the flag during my year 12 VCE year.

The reason for this is because I simply won’t be able to enjoy it properly and have my full focus on footy.

During interviews, mid year my business/homeroom teacher said to my mother-

“We better hope Collingwood wins the flag this year.”

Mum- “Why?”

Teacher- “Because, we need Danni to be at her best during exam time. Can you imagine how she would be if they lost it.”

Danni- *silent*

Mum-“oh, don’t even SAY THAT!”

Later on in the year while trying to push my buttons, as he does by constantly asking me where Jack Anthony is, he said- “I have a feeling Collingwood is going to win the flag, this year. It’s like how it happened with me. Essendon won my in year 12 and I think Collingwood are going to win in yours.”

That’s when I thought, oh great! We are going to win the flag in the worst year of my life.

So finally, grand final day comes.

We don’t win and we don’t lose, how’s that for dramatic?

Cue the Britney music!

All I need to do now is make some alterations to my uniform, get some back up dancers and reenact the ‘Baby One more Time’ video clip in the year 12 corridor.

So yeah, once again, my boys and the Saints are going for it ‘one more time.’

So Damo, I’m going to eat my words- “I WANT A PREMIERSHIP NOW!” Lol

While I can admit that I am a nervous wreck and would rather not have to go through that torture AGAIN, I have no choice but to sit through another four quarters.

Now I’m off for a last minute skim over my media exam notes.

Signing off at 12:55am

Thursday 30th September 3:23 pm

Going over my business management SACs as exam revision I came across something I forgot I had written as an answer to a question.

Section 2: Management Styles-

Question TWO- Identify and explain two qualities of a modern leader, giving an example of a current leader who shows these qualities.

Nick Maxwell- AFL Captain Collingwood Football Club.

Nick shows social maturity- as a role model who is constantly under the eyes of the public and his club because of his leadership role, Nick shows his social maturity by taking part in community fundraisers and through the professional manner he addresses the public.

Nick also shows good communication skills- this is a very important skill to have on the footy field. Nick is encouraging and directs his players in order to successfully execute the game plan.

For a payback taunt to my Bomber supporting teacher I added in brackets.

(Such as the one used to beat Essendon as ANZAC day)

Marks- 2/2 comment- ‘good use of terms.’


5:00pm it’s official- DAVIS- OUT   GOLDSACK – IN

I’m shocked.

Not because Davis has actually been dropped but at the choice of replacement.

Our midfield is fine; our defence held up well, Nathan Brown was fantastic.

Our only problem was that we couldn’t hurt them on the score board.

So with that in mind you would assume that the IN would be a capable goal kicker such as sharp shooter Superman Jack Anthony OR Medders or Tarks who both kick goals and can also help out in the middle if need be.

….well I can’t do anything, I’m not Mick!

Back to work for me.

Signing off at 5:10pm

6:12pm Friday October 1st

Practice exams are OVER!! WOOOOOOOOOO!!! Oh thank you LORD.

Besides the fact that I wrote my creative piece for English in 30mins, left two questions worth four marks each blank on my business, felt unusually comfortable when doing my media and am sure I wasn’t detailed enough for lit…IM ALIVE AND WELL!

It’s a good feeling, knowing that I can give myself a good 3 days of doing nothing to do with schoolwork, I think I need a break and after all it is finals time…again.

Karaoke TIME-


11:26pm- Scouting news on Herald Sun website. Quote-

Sam Edmund COACH Mick Malthouse has vowed the Magpies will enter the Grand Final replay a superior team to the one that escaped with a draw.

Hmmm…interesting, that’s A BIG CALL Mick. Bloody Sam Edmund, totally used his writing to get my hopes up after I read that!


Ave Maria! I SOO WAS NOT ready for this. This time I am wearing my jumper, as I thought I might be jinx so I didn’t wear it last week. Just to make things interesting I got mum to take photos of me while I watched the game, so you can all see my reaction.

1- sizing up the opposition before the game

2- Trying to hug the television while my boys are on it, trying to warm up

What a game this was! I don’t think I have ever smiled so much in my life! Infact my jaw is killing me!

Goldsack was the random first goal kicker and JOHNNNNNSONNN also got in early. The best part of the whole game was defiantly the HEATH SHAW SMOTHER. I was like “OH- MY-GAWSH!!!!” Princess was right in the goal square ready to fire BUT then Heath lunged underneath and smothered it before it hit the glass slipper! “Ahhhh “HEATH!! OMG!! Hahahahhahah!! CHAMPION!” Now I’m going to marry that smoother and I love Heath even more!!! Oh geez what a display! Out of all people, he manages to stop Princess! “GREAT display your royal Highness!!!” HAHAHAH!!!  The siren sounds with an almost similar looking difference between us and THEM. I was trying to keep myself composed so naturally I was screaming like a banshee.

Didak makes an appearance with another stunning goal! I don’t understand how he does it!! His goals just get sexier every time and it making it hard for me to choose one to marry! HIS GOALS ARE JUST SOOOO BEE-YOU-TI-FULLL!!!  The funny thing about the game was that it was my boys being slammed for inaccuracy but it’s the AINTS who keep missing at goal. So then the AINTS decide to start a brawl and end up with the benefit, a goal. That made me laugh a bit, the fact that the only time the Saints could get it easily into their 50 was when some of their players were getting stuck into my boys at the other side of the ground! I shall spare you from the screaming and swearing that occurred during this event.

Hayes was the Saints player that was getting to me the most. His goal kinda made me feel like the Saints were gonna come rolllllllinggggg back.  But the likes of Steele, Pendles and Wellingham were able to keep up the pace.  *GASP* “STEEEEEEEEELLLLLEEEE!! YESSSEESSS!!!!!!!” * runs lap of happiness around the lounge room*

When the siren went to end the third mum was completely confident we had won, but I being a Collingwood supporter obviously know that the opposition can come back and bite us in the end. To my shock that’s not what happened. DAWSEEEEYYYY! And DAISYYYYYY! Both add to the score and a cause for more SQUEALING and JUMPING. Harry O’s goal was…well it was a HARRY O GOAL! Absolutely AMAZING!! OBVIOUSLY Milne…*SHUDDER* had to make an impact despite being kept quiet for most of the game, but WHO CARES WHEN PRINCESS HASN’T KICKED ONE GOAL!!! Hahahahhahah!!! Oh geez, Nathan Brown you CHAMPION! Steele kicks our last; I’m off the couch, right next to the television counting down to the siren with tears of joy running down face. Finally I was going to get the premiership I wanted.

Didak fumbles around with the footy, looking for options as I count down loudly.

3- Counting down to siren





4- Siren reaction

You’ll have to excuse me. I don’t have any notes on this part, but I can tell you I was crying, screaming, jumping, screaming, screaming and… screaming. I don’t think I have ever felt so alive!! IT’S THE BEST FEELING!!!

To my Collingwood boys I say-

THANK YOU sooo, sooo much for EVERYTHING this year! The ride was amazing, your efforts and courage will never be forgotten for finally you have won me a flag. I love you guys more than you could ever know, you are all amazing so enjoy this moment. The memories of 02 and 03 have faded to me now. I will never again ponder what could have been, for now you boys have gave your supporters exactly what we asked of you, the ultimate gift for all our tears and heartache. Thank you sooo much!!! So go on and get pissed! You deserve it!!! WWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PREMIERS 2010 YEAHHHHHHHH BABYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

;)       :)         ;)          *SQUEALS FOR THE GAHZILLIONTH TIME*

When seeing my boys receive their medals I felt a rush of pride sweep me off my feet, which came with more tears of appreciation as I blew kisses at my favourites as they ran up to the podium. Then the moment came, Maxwell and Mick holding up OUR premiership cup! “EEEEEPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!”

“PINCH ME!” I said to mum,

“OUCH! Not that hard!………WAIT THAT MEANS…omggg its REALLY happening!!!”  :D

We then all got into the car for the ride to my cousins house for the after party which as Lionel Richie would say lasted…”ALLL NIGHT LONNNNNGGGGG.”

5- my interview with Mick

6- gearing up for the start of a LONNNNGGGG night of partying

I couldn’t resist and took the opportunity to sit up through the sun roof wearing my jumper, tiara and waving my flag while screaming. What a RUSH! Was it SAFE?- NO, BUT was it APPROPRIATE FOR GRANDFINAL CELEBRATION? HELL YEAHHHH!!

I must say the people in the other cars found it entertaining! Heck my BOYS ARE PREMIERS nothing stops me now.

So I hope you have enjoyed my work this season, I try to bring my best to the table for my readers.

Before I go I have to say this- To those jealous losers from opposing teams who ever doubted, bagged or degraded my Collingwood boys, To THE CULPRIT I say, “COP THAT BETCHESSSS!!!!!! Hahhahha!!! SUCKED IN!!!!!”

And so begins the start of the Black and White dynasty.

Collingwood PREMIERS 2010 BABYYYYY!!!!

About Danielle Eid

Im 23, cute and most importantly im the Collingwood Football Club's very own PRINCESS!! :) A Latrobe Uni graduate from Bachelor of Journalism. Admirer of Samantha Lane and Jon Ralph. Not your typical 'Robot Journalist' Loves Alex Fasolo


  1. Danni,

    I read on this site in one of your many posts or maybe the 2009 almanac, that Samantha Lane is your idol….well in reality you are streets ahead of her with your articles. I just don’t understand why you as a Collingwood supporter would idolise a Carlscum fan knowing how much you dislike them.

  2. On the subject of Carlton, I have “borrowed” 2 posts from a popular Magpies Forum which you may get a laugh out of…

    Post 1.

    To Chris Judd,

    On behalf of all Collingwood supporters just a big Thank You for choosing to play for the ‘Scum’.
    By deciding that you would like to join a team that would have success, you allowed our great club to keep Nathan Brown and Ben Reid (who were rumored to be offered as trade bait).
    Both of these players were instrumental in our club being 2010 PREMIERS.
    Just a reminder that in your 3 years at the ‘Scum’ you have played in 2 finals games for a total on ZERO wins.
    While our great CLUB has played in 8 finals games for ONE PREMIERSHIP.
    Hope you are enjoying your success at the ‘Scum’.
    l know that we all at the Collingwood Football are.

    Once again, a big Thank You.


    The 57,000 member of the Collingwood Football Club and many more supporters world wide.

    The reply from “Chris Judd”

    Dear Mavs5 and all Collingwood Members,
    Thank you for your kind post. I would like to remind you that in my time at Carlton I have won 3 consecutive Best and Fairests. I have also won a second Brownlow medal.

    How much more success could I possibly need?
    I’ll also have you know that I still have 2 more B&F’s on the way – they were written in to my contract when I made the switch.
    So you can have your premiership (which has to be shared with everyone else). Individual rewards are all I’m after.


    Chris Twigley (nee Judd)

  3. John Butler says

    Congrats Danni. Enjoy the festivities.

    How very Collingwood of you Rod. In a moment of triumph, you still feel the need to bag someone else.

  4. Well done Danni. Enjoy the week.

    JB. I think Rod was one of the twins on the telly late in the game; 2.38 to go?

  5. Andrew Fithall says

    Great work Danni. A wonderful result wonderfully communicated. We can now enjoy. I think it is timely to suggest to the Almanac editors that they let go of their prejudices and the 2011 cover should incorporate a Collingwood champion. I think D Swan, but to make the task a little simpler, put him in a long-sleeved jumper.

    Go Pies.

  6. Peter Flynn says

    Our car got nicked on Saturday night.


  7. Danni, who is the person in the happy snaps?

    When you see her tell her that black and white doesn’t suit her.

    Royal blue and white hoops would look ‘ab fab’.

    Peter F #6, those twins are at it already.

  8. Danni,

    Such an awesome idea to put photos in the article. I wish you did an audio recording too!

    I would like to sincerely apologise for hoping for Collingwood to lose Danni – but now seeing you (and to a lesser extent Luke Ball) happy has overrided my ingrained dislike for the Pies, something I never would have anticipated!

    Hope you stick it up the ignorant bitches at school.

  9. Absolutely wonderful and hysterical Danni, loved it.

    Loved the inclusions of pictures too, nice to see what your actual reaction was to the final siren.

    Well done Collingwood, and well done to you.

  10. Damian Watson says

    Wonderfully written Danni,

    Captured the emotion of the day perfectly!

    Let’s hope for your sake a Collingwood dynasty arises over the coming years, so you can once again fully appreciate the feeling of Premiership glory.

    That Heath Shaw smother set the tone for the rest of the match and subconsciously the Pies knew it was their afternoon from that moment onwards.

  11. Thanks for all the comments lovely people!

    Rod- thanks so much but I don’t really know what to say. I mean, there is no way I am worthy of being compared to Sam Lane. Sam is a determined and knowledgeable journalist who gives females like me a place in the footy world. Her writing has so much depth and her manner while on television is something I can only aspire to learn from. I love the energy she brings to the ‘Before the Game’ panel. I couldn’t care less that Sam goes for Carlton; it’s her personality, knowledge and passion of the game that draws me to her.

    JB- :) thanks for getting this up, perfect job!!

    Phantom- Lol thanks very much. The girl in the happy snaps loves her black and white jumper and refuses to wear the hoops as it would make her look fatter. Lol

    Andrew- I agree! But I’d like the cover to be the Heath Shaw smother!! OH THAT WOULD BE GOLD!!! :D

    Peter- Lol sorry twasnt me!

    Adam- Glad you liked it. I got the idea when you had previously said you woulda liked to see how I react during games. Apology accepted! :)
    The culprit didn’t wait long to attack….
    I walk through the classroom door to a-
    So I look over, mind u I wore my Collingwood badge on my uniform and the culprit yells out-
    That’s my cue!!!!! :P
    I walked over, big smile and replied- “YEAHHHH THAT’S RIGHT B*TCHES!!!!”
    Lol. A few of the teachers had their Collinwood jumpers and scarves on today, very cute.
    Every time I ran into Mr. Hogan throughout the day we would hi-five and cheer as if we hadn’t already done so about 4 times already LOL.

    Josh- :) Lol thanks, happy to know you enjoyed my work. How about a Collingwood Vs North final? I recon your boys will be much improved!!

    Duckie/Damo- YAYYYYYY!! :) lol thankyou soo much Damo. Im glad I ate my words!

  12. Steve Healy says

    Wonderful photos Danni, you have certainly revolutionsed the website by including photos. And a wonderful report, it’s like its your whole life story in the report and you TRULY deserved that premiership for your own well being.


  13. ahh come on Healy!
    you make it sound like i woulda died if we lost or something…wait a minute ;) lol

  14. Steve Healy says

    Well, just enjoy the moment, i guess.

    Did you ask for those pictures to be taken or were they just surprises? lol

  15. 14- i told mum to take them while i was watching but yeah, she just randomly snapped away during the last few minutes of the game.

  16. Phil Dimitriadis says

    Great Stuff Danni. Hopefully the Pies triumph will help inspire you to kick butt with your VCE. Good Luck and Enjoy the replay…again and again and again…

  17. thanks Phil :)
    Can’t wait to get my hands on the dvd!

  18. I’ve got a couple of nice ones Danni.

    2007 & 2009. The prelims are ok as well.

    (Handy hint 1: get two. They wear out after about 500 views)

    (Handy hint 2: you will probably cry more when watching the DVD than you did when it was live. Thats just a normal thing.)

    (Handy hint 3: be nice to J B. He will be able to introduce you to J A at the Carlton social club.)

  19. 18- thanks for the tip Phantom. :)
    Im always nice to JB! Ask him, infact im his favourite! ;)

  20. Swannie and Pendles poaching by Sheeds.

    Comment please Danni.

  21. Herald Sun website.
    Danielle Posted at 11:26 PM October 05, 2010
    Keep your dirty Hands off our SWANNY Sheedy! i doubt Swan would want to leave his mates, home and his club which will be going at the finals for a few more years to come.

    Comment 6 of 186

  22. i dont think Pendles would want to just up and go either. btw the CLub still hasn’t replied to my email regarding Jack.
    *annoyed face*

  23. I think Jack is heading down the highway to Corio Bay to stand beside the J Pod.

    He’s a likeable chap isn’t he?

  24. – Jack? Likeable?
    He’s a bit more than just ‘likeable’ to me!
    You hear a lot of stuff about Jack being snobby and stuff like that, but as s person who has met and spoken to the guy I to have to say that it isn’t the case. He was very nice, agreed to take a photo with me despite the mean tent lady saying “NO PHOTOS!” to me when she heard me ask him. To cut the story short….I WANT MY SUPERMAN!!!

    Im so annoyed! The least they could have done is email me back a reply thanking me for my concern and subtly telling me to piss off. *annoyed face*

  25. Danielle,

    Saturday was a magic day, huh! Very happy for you and the Army. Just bask in it, say few words, resist the temptation to repay the endless barbs/jibes and enjoy watching re-runs of the great day. It was scintillating stuff, full of magic moments & the beauty is we get to watch 8 quarters of it!

    Go Pies!


  26. Bakes, Thanks and yes i enjoyed every moment of it, especially the count down to the siren! :)
    got home from school just in time for the start of the second half.
    it was AMAYYY-ZINGGG!! Despite mum’s reaction of – “oh…please dont tell me you are watching THIS AGAIN!”
    i did watch it til the end, i recon i deserved it having written two long essays last night as homework.
    This trade week thing is cramping my premiership style! i hate being on the edge all day hoping nothing happens to my Jack. :(


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