Drive All Night. Brothers. Stereo Story.

Stereo Stories are  a matter of joining the dots between a song, a place and a time. This week Vin Maskell joins the dots between Glen Hansard,  a love song from the Springsteen double album The River, and a five-minute drive from Moggs Creek to the Aireys Inlet general store.

I’d drive all night with my brother if I could. It would be escapism of a sort but also a rare chance to spend time, a long time, together. We’d pack sandwiches and snacks and drinks. Chocolate. A football. Some of Peter’s surfboards.

Drive All Night via Stereo Stories


  1. Peter Warrington says:

    love the slow tracks on the River. Stolen Car breaks my heart with its slow build of beautiful loss.

    Drive All Night is a real beauty!

    great piece, this!

  2. Thanks Peter. Much appreciated. My 25 year old son plays The River, on tape, when he borrows the old Tarago.Cheers.

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