Drive All Night. Brothers. Stereo Story.

Stereo Stories are  a matter of joining the dots between a song, a place and a time. This week Vin Maskell joins the dots between Glen Hansard,  a love song from the Springsteen double album The River, and a five-minute drive from Moggs Creek to the Aireys Inlet general store.

I’d drive all night with my brother if I could. It would be escapism of a sort but also a rare chance to spend time, a long time, together. We’d pack sandwiches and snacks and drinks. Chocolate. A football. Some of Peter’s surfboards.

Drive All Night via Stereo Stories


  1. Peter Warrington says

    love the slow tracks on the River. Stolen Car breaks my heart with its slow build of beautiful loss.

    Drive All Night is a real beauty!

    great piece, this!

  2. Thanks Peter. Much appreciated. My 25 year old son plays The River, on tape, when he borrows the old Tarago.Cheers.

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