Dom’s 2010 All-Australian Team

Below is the All Australian team I picked out of the squad of 40 that was announced earlier this week.

B:     Malceski          Lake         Rawlings

HB:  Goddard         Taylor         Enright

C:     Selwood         Hodge(c)      Montagna

HF:   Didak              Hall          Chapman

FF:    Le Cras         Riewoldt        Harvey (vc)

R:     Sandilands     Ablett           Swan

I/C:   S. Johnson     Boyd           Pavlich         Judd


Nick Malceski: After an average return from the LARS surgery, Malceski recaptured his form in 2010, averaging 22.5 possessions a game and 104 rebound 50m(2nd in AFL) His drive of the half back line set up numerous goal kicking opportunities for the swans, and he finished with 7 goals himself.

Brian Lake: Full back of the year who picked up the most marks in the competition (218) and was well renowned for his ability to intercept incoming forward 50 entries. Also, picked up plenty of the ball himself (averaged 23 disposals) and had the unknown ability to play Full-Forward when his side needed him, chipping in with 10 goals for the year.

Brady Rawlings: Some may question this man’s selection in my team, but he had a tremendous year, providing a blend of experience and composure maturity in the young North Melbourne Backline. Averaged 27 possessions a game and was vital with handball, amassing 387 for the year (1st in AFL).

Half Back Line:

Brendon Goddard: The player that every side would love to have in their team, with his uncanny ability to play back, forward or on the ball. Averaged 28 possessions, 7 marks and produced 70 clearances, 84 inside 50m, 56 rebound 50m and 20 goals for the year. The complete package.

Harry Taylor: The man who does the big jobs on the big forwards, highlighted by his job on Nick Riewoldt in the 09 Grand Final. Average 17 possessions and 7 marks a game in 2010 and just keeps going from strength to strength. People forget that he is still only 24 years old.

Corey Enright: The man who never plays a bad game is a consistent performer for the Cats. Producing his run and drive off the half back line (85 rebound 50m) and averaging 25 touches a game, he was vital to his teammates down at Kardinia Park.


Joel Selwood: A kid who hasn’t even played 100 games is on track to be a 10 year player and future captain for the Geelong Football Club. His tremendous courage and prolific clearance work (105 clearances) puts him up there as one of the best players in the competition.

Luke Hodge: One of the favourites to win the Brownlow and rightly so. A fantastic year saw him revitalise Hawthorn and provide burst in the midfield, averaging 25 touches a game and 96 inside 50m. This added with his courage and leadership, will be the telling factor of whether the Hawks perform in September.

Leigh Montagna: Great year for the Saints, providing zip in the midfield as well as strength to win the hard ball in the packs. A consistent performer, averaging 29 disposals, 102 clearances, 112 inside 50m (1st in AFL) and 17 goals for the year.


Alan Didak: Last year was Alan Didak’s breakout season, it turned out that there was still room for improvement, as Didak went from strength to strength in 2010. A vital asset to Collingwood, with his freakish abilities in front of goal (E.g. That torpedo goal from 60m on the boundary against Carlton) and his ability to get the ball in open spaces ( averaged 25 touches), Alan Didak is one of the best half-forwards in the comp, with the ability to play midfield as well.

Barry Hall: At the start of the year, I thought a 45-50 goals for the year would justify the recruiting of Baz. He exceeded everyone’s expectations (including his coach), with 73 goals for the year and a focal target up front for the Bulldogs.

Paul Chapman: We all know of the likes of Ablett, Bartel, Selwood and Ling, but everyone seems to forget about Paul Chapman. His dynamic ability to play bursts on the ball and then remain just as competitive on the ball, says he is one of the best players at Geelong. The stats don’t lie either, in 2010, Chapman averaged 28 touches and 5.6 marks a game, followed up by his 68 clearances, 108 inside 50m and 21 goals for the year.

Full Forward:

Mark Le Cras: To know that this undersized forward from West Coast is a star, all you had to do is watch his 12 goal performance against Essendon which blew the footy world away. We all knew this guy was a great player, but to kick 12 goals in a game and 60 for the year is a pretty good effort for a ‘forward pocket’. Great overhead, beautiful set shot for goal and lively around goal, this guy is the ideal forward pocket.

Jack Riewoldt: As I Tiger supporter, if you told me that Jack, not Nick Riewoldt, was going to kick 80 odd goals for the year and win the Coleman medal, I would have laughed it off. With Richo gone, the dire need for another superstar up forward inspired Jack Riewoldt to play one of the best seasons any player could play, considering he played for a bottom 2 side. A career best 10 goals against West Coast and fierce Forward 50 pressure make him the Full-Forward of the year.

Brent Harvey: 24 touches a game, 102 inside 50m and 25 goals, this little pocket rocket is still going stronger than ever. Narrow misses for goals of the year was a natural recurrence for ‘Boomer’ this year, and I suspect he will still be doing It for a few year to come.


Aaron Sandilands: The giant, the man-mountain, the all-star, whatever you wont to call him, Aaron Sandilands was the dominant ruckman of the year by far. Average of 15 possessions and 686 hit outs for the year (1st in AFL) make him one of the most formidable opponents’ in the league and of enormous value to Fremantle.

Gary Ablett: The little master had another great year, not quite like the year previous, but still a fantastic effort for a guy who is under extreme pressure by the offer of the Gold Coast. Averaged 31 touches a game, kicked 44 goals for the year (tremendous effort) and an average of 130 Supercoach points would make him everyone’s captain.

Dane Swan: Favourite for the Brownlow after a terrific season which saw him soar to the top of the league in all departments. The MVP of the year and averages of 32 possessions, 6 marks and 116 clearances for the year make him the midfielder of the year.


Steve Johnson: A ‘magician’ of the football who has the ability to kick goals from all over the park. 57 goals for the year (5th in league) and an average of 17 possessions saw him to continue to make an improvement. A terrific season, that included several nominations for goal of the year, makes him an out and out star for the Cats.

Matthew Boyd: An underrated performer for the Bulldogs who averaged 30 touches a game in 2010. First for clearances in AFL (133) see him as a prolific ball winner of the AFL and a highly important asset to the Dog’s final’s aspirations.

Matthew Pavlich: The heart and soul of Fremantle, the captain, the inspiration to all his teammates. Kicked 54 goals for the year and lifted Fremantle off the bottom, an All Australian regular.

Chris Judd: Despite missing out on the first 3 games, Judd made a solid contribution to the team, and as captain, he lifted the Blues towards another September assault. Averaged 28 possessions had 122 clearances, 100 inside 50m and kicked 14 goals for the year.

Unlucky to miss out:

-Mark Jamar

-Scott Pendlebury

-David Mundy

-Brad Green

-Nick Dal Santo

-Lance Frankln


  1. John Butler says

    Good stuff Dom

    Juddy on the bench eh?

    Must be a hell of a side.

  2. Good work Dom,

    You anticipated people would, but I disagree with you on the Rawlings selection. In my opinion Harry O and Brett D are more worthy selections – they averaged less disposals but inflicted more hurt on the opposition with their rebound.

    I think Buddy was definitely deserving of a spot also, possibly at the expense of Stevie J? But that’s just my opinion, in as subjective an analysis as this right and wrong selections are very difficult to define.


  3. Forgot Jim Kelly

  4. No Buddy? No Cyril? That’s un-australian! Other than that, good list. Hodge as captain, now that’s an inspired decision.

    Cheers & go the mighty Hawks

  5. Out Malceski; in Frawley.

  6. Thanks for the feedback guys.

    I expected lots of opinion which is great!

    #4- Cyril wasnt picked in the squad unfortunately

  7. Dom, stellar effort as always!

    Great line-up you’ve got here, but I’m curious about choice of ruck. Sandilands is undoubtedly brilliant, but surely Mummy has been the standout ruckman this year? (or was he not named in the squad, I can’t remember).

    Brave choice to leave out Buddy, but I agree with you completely.

  8. Steve Healy says

    Dom, good work but not having the three Melbourne players in the team, paticularly Jamar is something that confuses me.

    Jamar is at least worthy of a spot on the bench, he was just behind or equal with for the season in my opinion. and even by himself dominated the hitouts against multiple oppisitions. He is not extremely tall for a ruckman and therefore has relied much more on strength to win the hitouts, but he has also done equal amount of work around the ground, taking fantastic marks and being a dangerous forward target at times. He also played every game in the home and away season, Sandilands missed 3. Sandilands averaged a fair few more hitouts, but Jamar would’ve averaged more had it not been for assistance and limited game time between rounds 14-20.Green kicked 55 goals and was very consistent, probably more so than Johnson and LeCras, and he also spent a lot of time in the midfield. And having Taylor in before frawley is understandable by Frawley could even be snuck into the back pocket before someone Malceski as the other comment suggested

  9. Andrew Starkie says


    I expected to see Boomer there, but Brady’s naming shocked me. He has had a very good year. What about Bartel?

  10. Steve- was going to go with Jamar, but decided to go with an extra mid in Judd. Green probably deserved it too, but i believe that Stevie J (57 goals) is more electrifying and has that X-Factor that will win games. Green is more of a heart and soul, cult hero at Melbourne.

    Andrew: I expected Rawlings to shock people, but, i believe he has a consistent year and is a very underrated player in the comp. Bartel wasnt in the squad of 40.

    Every All Australian team will be criticised in some, way, shape or form. Even the official team is criticised.

    But thanks all for your feedback.

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