Does Evan Hocking play for the West Coast Eagles?

Comedian Evan Hocking heads off to the footy.

Along the way he is asked whether he plays for the West Coast Eagles. He explains why on his blog.


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  1. Enjoyed your article Darren – sorry Evan. Can you do a happy ending next time?
    Happy to engage you Saturday afternoon in Brisbane. If Mackenzie is fit again we don’t need a full back. Do you have the leg speed for the midfield?

  2. Neil Anderson says

    Great article from a neutral supporter. I was there on Level 1 as a definite non-neutral supporter and the feel of the match being so close to the action for me, mirrored your description. I also wrote about the Women’s match which was just as exciting when you sit just a few seats back from the boundary-line.
    Kerrie Soraghan has just written a story on the Bulldog Tragician web-site about Bulldog supporters finally accepting Etihad as their home-ground after leaving the Whitten Oval in 1997.
    Enjoyed your independent look at the Bulldogs versus Eagles and also your performance at the Almanac book launch on November 19th last year. It was good of John Harms to provide all that entertainment on my birthday.

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