Discussion: Australian Open Golf

A low scoring first day. The traditional Daly circus.

Pretty much the expected first day as a strong field contests the Oz Open.

There’s much to discuss apart from Tiger.

Your thoughts folks?



  1. The efforts of Daly (6 or 7 in the drink – everyone lost count), and Allenby (low skidder into the drink on a Par 5) gave heart to hackers all around the country.

    Though he may prove me wrong by Sunday, Tiger just doesn’t have the aura he once did.

  2. PS: great to see someone called Bubba at the top of world golf.

  3. And on the subject of Bubba’s…

    I would have thought Daly’s efforts yesterday were completely in keeping with his last decade on the golf course.

    The reason he keeps getting invited out here is that he provides something different from the run-of-the-mill golf pro. Well…yesterday was different. Again.

    So why the forced indignation of non-entity golf commentators? And the officials who invited him knowing full well what they could get?

  4. JB you must know the answer to your questions. You barrack for a team that played Fevola for a decade.

  5. Now Dave, do you want me to mention Didak again? :)

    Though, as you point out, the train-wreck element is a point of similar attraction for some.

    I just think that the people who invited Daley would have known they were more likely to get a meltdown than brilliant, sustained play from him.

    So why the mock indignation?

  6. Who’s Didak JB? Did he play in this year’s GF?

  7. He was named least ways.

  8. Not surprised John Daly ended up in the water. His full name, John Patrick Daly, is an anagram of JACK: “HI PAL. NOT DRY.”

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