Dis a Bill ity

I am bitterly disappointed at not being considered for the inaugural Knacker Cricket team.

I have sought an opinion from a leading Tasmanian human rights lawyer and I must inform the organisers that an injunction will be placed on the game if I do not receive satisfaction.

We will argue:

1) That the team selection process, and demographics the final squad, illustrates a blatent example of Tasmania again being left out. Big brother interstate discrimination most vile.

2) That due to my unfortunate dancing accident on Boxing Day in which, in a sober state, I ruptured an achillies tendon while attemping to entertain a young neice I am being discriminated against because of a short term physical disability.

I would not wish to cause any friction amongst the Knacker institution without a just reason, therefore in order to show good faith, I offer a compromise.

I am offering my services as the wickets, at one end. I have closely scrutinised the squad with consideration to the quality of the bowling attack and believe that position would be very safe for a person in my unenviable situation.

Stoicly, yours, ‘Jake’ the Phantom

Aim for middle


  1. Bill, I think you should raise your case with Tim Lane.

  2. And then ask his daughter Sam for the next dance.

  3. It would have to be a slow shuffle Gigs.

  4. Sorry Phantom, I guess the selectors assumed you were living in Sydney and unable to get to the game.

  5. :O if ur meeting Sam Lane, you’re taking me with you!!

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