Crio’s Q? – selection solution

Here’s the easy way to rid Tennis Australia of its Davis Cup dilemma.

Don’t participate.

What possible purpose does this relic comp provide other than as a big super fund for already overpaid retirees (legends!)…and another vehicle for Fanatics to get on TV?

“National pride” is meant to make us care when “our” reps play some easybeats – let’s lay a dodgy grass court inside or find another unfavourable “host” condition. But, please…Kyrgios!?

Unless Australia makes the final, does anyone even know which countries are competing?

Tennis is not a team sport. This comp is past its due date. Be brave. Pull the pin.


  1. Too bloody right Crio.

    Odds on anyone outside sports junkies and Tennis nuts knowing the last three David Cup holders?

    And the ‘Fanatics’! Please! (sorry Nick W)

    As someone remarked yesterday; wouldn’t forcing Tomic to play Davis Cup actually have been a form of punishment?

    In the bin with it..

  2. Dunno about dumping the Davis Cup, Crio, but i do know Bernie Tomic has put himself in line for some ongoing angst. Pat Rafter is portrayed as being the white knight of Australian tennis, someone who is beyond criticism. The temerity of Tomic to criticise him will not be forgotten.


  3. Yesterday I would have said that at least Kyrgios wants to play, now the question is do we want him?
    As far as Tomic goes, this seems a familiar path when a parent is the coach, anyone remember Damir Dockic?

  4. 100% with you crio (as troubling that may be for you!)

    I’ve never really understood what the Davis Cup was all about, except that the “old school” players loved it, perhaps thinking more of their super than the event itself, as you stated.

    Kyrgios has clearly lost the plot (hopefully temporarily, giving him benefit of the doubt due to immaturity) however I’m afraid Tomic is a lost cause. He’s better suited to his drug parties with nightclub owners and underage girls…Gold Medalist at that!

    Bring on the ashes….the odd bit of banter and sledging is fine, at least they don’t throw girly tantrums like Tomic and Kyrgios!

  5. No girly tantrums?………Warner bitchslapping Root doesn’t count of course?

  6. kath presdee says

    Sorry Higgo, I’m going to have to call you on “girly tantrums”.

    It’s not a “girly” tantrum; it’s a Toddler tantrum – proudly performed by toddlers of all ages (yes, even 20 somethings!)

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