Copeland Night 2010

By Andrea McNamara

Hello everyone

I thought I’d take my lead from Presti and save my talking until the end …

Way back when the Copeland tickets went on sale, well before we were in a grand final, I got talked into attending the Copeland. And I’m so glad I said yes. I’ve never been to one before, and it will be hard to beat going in a premiership year so it might be a oncer.

For me, it wasn’t just sitting a few tables away from the boys; it wasn’t just seeing Taz look even more handsome (and far less silly) – it was being there and hearing Eddie and Mick speak about this group and about the future, and then hearing all those award winners and retirees talk. A couple of quotes from the night (not 100% accurate, of course):

‘When the chant started [in the prelim] a shiver went down the spine of every Collingwood supporter around the world. And the hearts of fifteen other clubs turned to stone.’ That was Eddie, recapping a great year.

‘It’s the hunger that matters.’ Mick, on winning another one.

A bit more on Mick: he was extremely inclusive of everyone at the club and all supporters but seemed a bit tough on Bucks. In drawing attention to some senior players telling him that Maxwell was the best captain they’d played under, was he having a little dig? There was a general absence of mentioning Bucks but that could well be either Bucks’s wish or a general club thing. And to be fair, no assistant coach was singled out for special accolades.

Cheesy and Tarks spoke, Cheesy saying ‘youse’ about 100 times, and Tarks sounding every bit like a coach. But Presti definitely stole the show. Worth watching, as Steve points out. He wasn’t just funny – he was hilarious with a real twinkle in the eye. Amazing how someone with almost no possessions, no media profile and no talking has become such a favourite. I’ll really miss Presti. Eddie and Mick both paid tribute to his selflessness in pulling out of the first GF and the enormous role he played in helping the young ones down back. Such a great legacy left by Wakes and Jimmy too, and I think on Copeland night you get a real sense of that kind of thing.

I loved the way that Cheesy and Gavin Brown were included in proceedings even though they’ve both gone now. And Josh Fraser got several mentions too, as well as all those ‘who were part of the road to victory’. Of the trophy winners, Luke Ball spoke from the heart – he’s such an impressive young man you wonder yet again what the Saints were thinking, letting him go. But I think Daisy stole the trophy show, with his complete deadpan delivery of one-liners. He has a great future doing sportsmen’s nights forever (if they haven’t been banned by the time he retires). He’s such a little ripper, and great to see him rewarded for enormous effort.

The other great thing is realising most of them should be around for a while because they’re all boys – and that it’s funny to think that Benny J and Taz are the old guys. One of the people on my table had a chat to Peter McKenna who said the proudest moment of his life was handing over that cup. And Leon spent a lot of time with Andrew Krakouer on the table next to us, and a lot of time texting.

So, I’d recommend attending, especially when we’re reigning premiers!

I’ve just finished One Grand Week, Nick Maxwell’s ‘diary’. It’s not so much a diary as the story of the grand finals with lots of reflection on the events of 2009 and 10 in particular. It’s well worth reading for the inside view – Maxy is very candid about all sorts of things (Josh, Leon, Mick, Bucks – all the big topics) and I was relieved to hear that he shared my view of Sharrod Wellingham at the start of 2010: talented but totally flaky. I’m glad we were wrong. You’ll just have to ignore the million typos – I guess that’s the price you pay for it being done in a rush but some of them are truly horrible.

Put the book on your wish list from Santa – that and the Road to Victory pack and you’ll be set for the next 16 weeks. That’s how long till Round 1, but who’s counting?

May all your Christmas wishes be granted. As Eddie said: ‘Same again, thanks Santa.’

In memory of Shane O’Bree, see youse next year.



  1. Don’t forget The Footy Almanac on the must-reads-for-Collingwood-fans as well. Our Magpie writers are some of our finest.

  2. Thanks Amanda

    Just found this and giving it up a bump as I’m not sure other supporters are aware of who won the premiership this year. Call it a community service announcement.

    The camaraderie really sounds great at the club at the moment. Be interested to read that Maxwell book, still haven’t read Bucks’ book. Did read Peter Ryan’s 2009 book on the clubs year, but was a little too much Pangloss.

    Here’s to 5 in a row, want to beat that other team who won 4 on the trot. Can’t recall name.


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