Contribute to “Long Bombs to Snake Ed.2”: Call for portrait photos

G’day all,

At Malarkey HQ we’re gearing up for a new edition of our long-form sportswriting journal, Long Bombs to Snake.

Many pieces, great pieces, will be available soon.

And this is an opportunity to be amongst them.

We’re looking for contributions in the “Portrait photograph” category; the category filled in Edition 1 by Peter Argent’s excellent shot of Brian Hurn (below).

If you have something in mind, please leave a comment in the space below and we’ll be in touch via your email.

Brian Hurn


  1. Andrew Weiss says

    Hi Almanac Admin.
    I am not sure whether this would be an interesting article for the next edition as it is not totally to do with sport but however may be of interest to people. I have just come back after spending a number weeks in the refugee camps in the African country of Djibouti (thats right there is a country called Djibouti). I could write about life in the refugee camp, how some of the people became refugees and the importance of football (soccer) in these camps – David Beckham went to one of them last year to play with them. There is also the connection with the AFL and how three of the players that play in the AFL all originated from refugee camps. Ironically the day I left Djibouti, Rueben Williams (a former refugee) was making his debut for the team I support, the Brisbane Lions. There is also the connection of the refugee team that is going to the Rio Olympics. I also have pictures of these camps to help with the article. Finally there would be an opportunity for the Almanac community to donate if they wish to a program run by Australian Lutheran World Service (the aid organisation of the Lutheran Church) who organised this trip I went on to build a 10 classroom school in one of the camps in Djibouti so that children there have the opportunity to complete secondary schooling. Anyway have a think about it and get back to me on your decision.

  2. G’day Andrew, That sounds like a remarkable situation which would certainly lend itself to a yarn. I’ll send you an email. Cheerrs JTH

  3. Peter Warrington says

    Well done to all in Djibouti

    Ps that’s a Kim Hughes original Slaz, circa 1979 I guess ?

  4. Peter Warrington says

    Well done to all in Djibouti

    Ps that’s a Kim Hughes original Slaz, circa 1979 I guess ?

  5. Peter Warrington says

    (However I reading this on. Cracked phone with no glasses and it’s upside down…)

  6. I have a number of very good Under-13 girls (AFL) footy pics in Brisbane’s Winter sunshine, where the code is booming. I’ll submit one or two for consideration. SL

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