Confident Pies cause bootyshake syndrome

For those of you who were looking forward to a match report by yours truly on the Pies vs Saints game

i do sincerely apologise.

As the season flowed it was said the threat to Collingwood would be the Eagles- well, we beat them.

Then people said no, the Saints are still the worst threat to Collingwood- well, we beat them too.

I for one was not worried one bit ab0ut playing the Saints and the proof in this is that i have no match report to

share with you lovely readers.

There was one a time when Mark Thompson used to, guilt free i might add, devour a sandwich in the box while his team played.  Mark was able to do so because Geelong had what ever team they faced wrapped in a head lock and then out the window by halftime.

This peeps, is called having complete confidence in your team and now this has happened to sweep over me.

In the first quarter it may have been tight but the only thing running in my head was- ‘meh, they’ll be fine.”- And they were.

I spent the second term trying to perfect the Didak shimmy.

Spent the third texting old high school friends to see what they were up to.

And here is my sandwich eating moment ladies and gents-

i watched the final term, while booty-shaking to ‘Hey Baby’ (drop it to the floor) by Pitbull which was blasting in my headphones.

When you spend the last quarter of a game booty shaking to Pitbull that’s when you know you have full confidence in your team.

My concluding statement after that confident final term;

Ooh baby baby, La La La La La La La..! :P

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Im 23, cute and most importantly im the Collingwood Football Club's very own PRINCESS!! :) A Latrobe Uni graduate from Bachelor of Journalism. Admirer of Samantha Lane and Jon Ralph. Not your typical 'Robot Journalist' Loves Alex Fasolo


  1. Jake Stevens says

    What I would give to be in your position of confidence right now Danni!

  2. Danielle says

    lol, well Jake if only i was as confident in my studying for exams as i am with my footy team!
    If you would like to be in my position, you are welcome to jump ship- over to Magpie land.
    We will all be ready in the legendary black and white to embrace you! :)

  3. The next few weeks will be interesting Danni.

    What with injuries and Daisy ‘uppercuts’ (not sure that was a very sensible thing to do with respect to team play) the Pies will have to call on lesser lights to to keep the momentum going. They will need the depth.

    I am a bit worried about Jolly. I fear there is something more serious than they are letting on about. He is the key to your premiership defence. No Jolly no flag.

    I hope Swanny doesn’t have sit on a rock in the sun in Arizona as part of his therapy. He might be mistaken for a rattle snake and come to some harm. Dang rednecks!

    Not withstanding all of the above, enjoy the confident period. One thing my coaches would say just before we would run out onto the ground for a grand final was ” look around you at the faces of those who go with you. This same group will never play together again.”

  4. Danielle says

    Daisy should end up with a week…or maybe two, guess he was frustrated and inst used to being tagged.
    Beamsy is out for a month- broken foot.
    Jolly will be fine, lol i think it was beamsy who has the rattle snake tatt.
    We should be fine against the Dees, 25 point win in my books.
    We still have Pendles and Ball to navigate the footy from the middle- plus Leroy can help out both Wood anf Cloke with ruck work- we’ll be fine.

  5. Andrew Fithall says

    Hi Danni

    You may be a touch jealous to hear that Steele Sidebottom was just at my girls’ school and signed Audrey’s cast (broken arm from netball).


  6. Danielle says

    AF- AWESOME!! :) did she ask for a hug?

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