Competitive? A handy side of Geelong discards.

I sat down on a Virgin flight to Adelaide, for the Geelong-Crows game, with every intention of putting in an hour and a half of solid, kid-free, uninterrupted, can-in-hand reading when a bloke in a sleeveless Cats jumper sat down next to me. He was very friendly; wouldn’t let me buy a beer. He was a fair dinkum fan and a classic all-round sports lover. He’d raised his bat at Commonwealth Golf Club the day before and went on to post a very healthy total (in tough conditions). His name: Gary Caulfield.

We talked a lot of Geelong and of his life in Indonesia and south-east Asia working in advertising.

We were both expecting an excellent game, and a solid performance from the Cats. (This was pre-Collingwood and pre-Carlton)

The highlight of the flight – apart from Gary – was the chuckle at seeing the Iron Maiden jumbo jet (one of those old ones with the bubble up the front) parked on the Adelaide tarmac. What a classic!

iron maiden band_edforceone


Gary went his way, I found P. Flynn and we proceeded to enjoy the Cats brilliant victory before catching up with Roger Wills and his mates at the Old Lion.

Who knows where Gary and his posse wound up – but they were in for a big one.

Soon after returning to Melbourne, this email turned up.


Dear John

As I was watching Mumford and Stevie J go to work on our beloved Cats recently (unfortunately), it struck me to assess just how many of our Boys are currently lining up against us at the moment

And here’s my findings below, which makes interesting reading.

So imagine this team which includes 10 premiership players ( exactly 50% ) :

B:        T. Hunt                  S. Thompson               Hamling

HB:       Kelly                     M. Brown                     Laidler

C:         Varcoe                   Simpkin                       Jansen

HF:      Stevie J                 Walker                          Chappy

F:           Stokes                  Pods                             West

R:            Mumford          Ablett                            Christensen

INT:     Simpson               Gore    (there may be others)



Yes, Gary, that is the nature of modern footy.



  1. you’d finish last. Taylor Hunt is in this team.

  2. Citrus Bob says

    16th PW – Josh Walker also in team

  3. rabid dog says

    Like to play them off against the Freo discards.

  4. Isn’t Pods retired ?

  5. Coach; Bomber Thompson ?


  6. Daniel Flesch says

    Nice to see Jonothan Simpkin there. Always played well for the Hawks when he got a chance. Just didn’t get enough chances. And I suspect he’s the only player to play in a VFL Premiership side one week and an AFL Premiership side the next, as he did in 2013.

  7. Think the Cats did the same with Stephen King on 09

    Wouldn’t call Ablett a ‘discard’, (unless that’s the term for chasing the bucks and leaving for the north!)


  8. kath presdee says

    Hmmm. Really wonder how they’d go against the once were GWS team too. Hunt J could be emergency for both teams.

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