Community Cup 2010

In the tradition of last year’s ring-in appearance by Rupert Betheras, this year’s captain of the Rockdogs will be none other than Dan Sultan, star of screen and microphone.

For more information on the Community Cup, including details of how to get there,  follow the link below:


  1. Look, doesn’t anyone else think it’s just wrong to encourage people to humiliate themself like this? Like, imagine how embarassed you’d be if you were out on the field completely naked, with 20,000 people all around you laughing at you and making fun of you, then having to run back into the crowd naked with people around you everywhere staring and laughing to put your clothes back on and having to spend the rest of the game with everyone there knowing you as the streaker, then seeing that you were on tv naked which thousands more people were watching from home, having online news articles about you running around naked at a football game, having naked photos and videos of you posted all over the internet with people commenting on them making fun of you, which anyone can see including any of your friends and family, coworkers, boss and future employers and having them out there forever, which could cause you to lose your job and struggle to find one in the future. That wouldn’t be a very nice thing to go through would it? People literally have nightmares about that kind of thing happening. I just don’t understand why everyone wants people to be humiliated like that. It’s just cruel and disrespectful to people’s privacy and dignity. One year ten year old children even streaked, and that would just be abusive parenting if they were made to do it by their parents. And also one year a woman streaked while she had her kids with her and her kids didn’t even know that she was gonna do it until they saw her out on the field. Her kids just went to a football game with their mum, and then they unwillingly saw their mum run around on the field naked infront of 20,000 people, their mum got naked on TV, talked about her naked run on the radio and now there’s naked photos of their mum out on the internet forever. imagine how embarrassing that wouldve been for them. Honestly, this is a cruel and humiliating tradition and it’s got to stop being encouraged

  2. Just to be clear more clear my comment is in regards to the streaking tradition at the community cup

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