Collingwood’s new recruit

Round 7 and leading the Copeland Trophy is A Schadenfreude. Recruited as a father and son selection from the Colliwobble family, Schads as he is known around the club is making an early appearance on the leader board, usually he pops up late in the season.

Collingwood Football department are unsure where he sits with the game plan, possibly because Schads is actually not sure what the game plan is, however he is excelling at it never the less.

Playing for Richmond and now Collingwood, Schads unfortunate run of playing in a losing side is taking its toll.

Collingwood president, Eddie McGuire is completely shattered and considered stepping down after the most recent loss to Carlton.

After 18 years in the role of President, there is a thought that perhaps he has done all he can after doing so much for the Collingwood believers.

Eddie was quoted in The Age, “You question yourself. You have done this for 18 years, can you go through it again? Have you got any more ideas and I look at myself and I go – a lot of the things that I brought to Collingwood when I first came in, have been taken away from me now with equalisation.”

“I don’t know if I could impact on the club – I question myself … and you agonise and you are standing there and your family is around and you look across at people who are killing themselves, the players, the coaches, all those people, and you do, you go away, you drive away and you have a tear in your eye. Is it frustration – what do you do?”

Of course you stay on because you are a fighter Eddie, not a quitter, your boys told you that.

And so the direction of Collingwood and its President has been chartered by two teenage boys who wouldn’t take their Magpie jumper off as a statement of pride.

Perhaps the players should do the same, keep their jumpers on to show their true colours?

Meanwhile the fans of opposing teams are taking great delight in this black and white predicament and rumour has it A. Schadenfreude is looking for a transfer to Fremantle.

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  1. Malby Dangels says

    I’m just glad that A. Schadenfreude left Carlton this year

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