The Doggies Almanac and a print of Jim Pavlidis’s brilliant Liam Picken painting.



The perfect Doggies gift.

  1. A copy of The Doggies Almanac 2016
  2. An art-quality print of Jim Pavlidis’s painting of Liam Picken. The image is 415mm x 310mm image on paper that is 490mm x 370mm.

Together they cost $100.

[If you have already bought The Doggies Almanac but would like to take up this offer we will send you Jim’s print for $75.]

At the moment this is not in the Almanac shop, as we have a limited number of prints to give away.


If you would like a book and a print please follow these steps:

  1. EFT $100 to    Malarkey Publications     BSB 633000     A/C 154103428
  2. Email us a notification which includes the postal address you want your order sent to
  3. Wait by your letterbox for this wonderful Doggies gift


You are welcome to buy the book on its own. (or multiple copies for your tribe)

The Doggies Almanac: $29.95

Play On (an omnibus of three books) – by John Harms  $40

Previous editions (annually from 2007)  of The Footy Almanac – $30 each

Footy Town (a collection of great yarns about country and suburban footy) – $35


Read more about The Doggies Almanac.





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