Almanac Racing: an offer you can’t refuse?

Bars at Roma St Station – the Spencer St of Brisbane – are filled with reputable dodgy types and other ratbags and reprobates who haven’t noticed that the second at Kyneton is suddenly the third at the Warrnambool dishlickas and by then there is absolutely no point in going back to work and little point in going [Read more]

Gabba Test: Day 2

Australia took the points on Day 2 of the First Test at the Gabba. But in the tight struggle which took place in showers-always-possible conditions England would have had her arm raised had it had a knockout blow, and had Michael Hussey not been such a counter-puncher. He played one of his finest innings. When [Read more]

Punters argue the toss and come up with the goods (hopefully)

Terrific lunch at the Clyde Hotel yesterday. Fine form analysis from the 40 revellers has led to two trifecta being placed, the winnings to go to a Salvation Army charity: Bet 1: Flexi-trifecta for $200 1 and 3 roved with the field. gives us 158% of the dividend Bet 2: the roughies flexi-trifecta for $200 [Read more]

Derby Day fills the rain gauge and the punting stash

I live in a wonderful neighbourhood. There may well be a few too many Pies supporters who have ostentatiously positioned Collingwood garden gnomes in their Westgarth yards. But I like how they have applied the black and white paint themselves. (Some probably got a grant to do it.) I don’t like that Theo said, “Go [Read more]

The Mug’s Cox Plate Review

Let me just distract you from the major betting sites for a moment or two while sitting there at your desk wondering whether Moment of Clarity can win the Coonabarrabran Cup this arvo and how you’re going to sneak out of the office to get to the Trans-Australian Bank to see it. And get on. [Read more]

Melbourne Cup lunch at the Clyde

You are invited to the Loose Men Charities/Almanac Melbourne Cup Lunch: Monday, November 1 from 12.30pm at The Clyde Hotel, Carlton $40 drinks at bar prices RSVP essential – Traditionally, and very noisily, at this lunch we raise some cash through a raffle (the prizes for which are world class). We invest the proceedings in [Read more]

Harms Election Watch: Rd-8 The Final Word

I reckon I’ve said enough. Disappointing campaign, despite the opportunity. Thought that the independents shone a light on a few issues which weren’t taking up.

Harms Election Watch: Rd 7- ALP Launch

And so finally the ALP have their launch in Brisbane. It is a low-key affair. So low-key in the torpor of the Queensland winter that the faithful forget they are at a political rally and that they are supposed to respond spontaneously, like a Baptist congregation in Mississippi. Even the Silver Bodgie has to wait, [Read more]

Harms election watch – Round 6: Rooty Hill RSL

by John Harms Those of us who spent too much time in the Trans-Australian Banks (pre-Betfair, of course) in the 1990s will recall waiting nervously through Rooty Hill RSL ads on SKY until the result of the photo finish came through.  I think it was their only advertiser. So, as we were hanging out to [Read more]

Harms Election Watch: Round 5- Julia in form

Election betting has flattened out, but no matter how I look at it, I just keep coming back to one thing: the election result is all about Queensland. And the pollies know it as well. Queenslanders are still recovering from the Coalition’s launch on Sunday. Rarely have so many blueblood Liberals graced the Sunshine State. [Read more]

Harms Election Watch: Round 4

This election will be won and lost in Queensland. Simple as that. And Queensland is different sort of place, with its own understanding of the world. I lived there for 30 years, and if pressed, I would say I am a Queenslander. Not your typical Queenslander, but I reckon I understand the Queensland sensibility.

Harms Election Watch- Round 3

So Julia Gillard looks at the numbers and sees she’s caught a snake. It’s like watching Norman at Augusta. She sees Action Tony on the ladder. So Julia says she’s going to throw the rulebook out. Why did she subscribe to it in the first place? Julia Gillard sees that people have been reading the [Read more]

Election Harms Round 2- The Debate

Sunday evening used to be for watching Disneyland. You would always wonder which land the story would come from: Adventure Land, Fantasy Land, and the other Lands which have drifted from my memory. Then came Big Brother, and Sunday evening footy, and now Master Chef. I watched the end of Master Chef last night just [Read more]

Harms’ Election Watch- Part 1

As Director of Manning Clark House in Canberra, I am obliged to have a good grasp of Australian History, and at least pretend to have a good grasp of contemporary Australian day-to-day politics. I reckon I’ve got the nuts and bolts of the first one covered, but I’m less confident about the other. Not because [Read more]

Cats keep out the Cold

It was a cold old day in Canberra last Sunday. Freezing in fact. With the kids bored out of their brain. And you kicking yourself for not having backed Serena to win Wimbledon. And sad with what the Uruguayans, and Fate, did to Ghana. Miserable outside and in. Although the fire and the Rice Bubbles [Read more]

Sport Talk Points To Julia

We live in interesting times: Julia Gillard is the national leader. She was born in Wales, the home of Bread of Heaven, which is what we’re all looking for really. They say rugby is the game played in heaven. It is certainly the game of the Gryffs and Myfs, but the Gillards immigrated to Australia, [Read more]

On The Question Of Race

When I hear the word ‘race’ I think of eugenicists and skull-measurers; I think of nineteenth century exhibitions at The Royal Organisation for the Conquest of Everything in London; I think of posses of white settlers seeking brutal retribution for stock loss on the frontier; I think of Indigenous peoples (wherever they are in the [Read more]

Geelong indulgence

When I was a kid in Queensland we only got to the footy in Melbourne on the rare occasions of a family holiday. We always went with great expectation. I never saw Geelong win. It was, after all, the (second decade of the) wilderness years: the 70s, a period which built a solid foundation of [Read more]

Poms Provide Prospective Punting Pillage

One of the many great things about using Betfair to satisfy your deepest punting needs is that you are betting with the world. The entire world. It would be brilliant to get a print-out of who your bets were matched with: fifth-at-Cranbourne wagers matched with the blackberry-using Telstra technician parked under a mango tree in [Read more]

Traversing the great divide

When I was about ten, we moved back to Queensland. I had been born there but then spent a few years in the footy heaven that is Victoria. I was footy nuts. We knew a little bit about rugby league: that they threw the ball and that there was mad tackling. Once or twice we [Read more]