Some thoughts on making some pizza money from Round 16.

JTH arguing the case for the Swans – yet again.

Here he tries to find a winner in Round 16.


  1. Peter_B says:

    “I have faith. Geelong to win by 2 points.” Are you offering gambling advice or spiritual counselling? As Rick Kane eloquently put it “there is hope in hopelessness.”
    The Eagles/Swans odds should be reversed. They always trouble us. Goodes is always BOG. We have more lame, downtrodden, malicious and malingering than a biblical parable. Perhaps you could offer spiritual advice to the Eagles instead of your elderly and infirm.

  2. John Harms says:

    Just making an observation or two.

    Geelong at the line is a real show, but I would be disappointed by a PIes victory with a margin small enough for the wager to get up.

    Sydney at the line and North at the line look OK too.

  3. Phantom says:

    Spiritual Advice To The Weagles

    Stop throwing the ball, behave better on the field, no more tanking and take councelling for this years pending disappointment.

    Further: there is plenty of nice cheese and chardy as well as trips to the European snow to cheer your supporters up at the end of the season.

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