Haiku Bob: slipping moon

Haiku Bob: slipping moon…

AFL Round 21 – Collingwood v North Melbourne: The family club

Nephew Lukey was the lone family representative at Etihad on Saturday night. He went with his mate and his dad from across the road. My sister Anne had spent the week counselling him on appropriate behaviour in the face of both victory and defeat. Lukey doesn’t always handle either imposter too well. No prizes for [Read more]

Floreat Pica: Reality Bites

By John Ramsdale Some coaches talk about winning quarters. We won an eighth. In my previous report it was mentioned that it was very long. I was tempted to write. “We was ordinary” and send the votes to Steve and be done with it. After reading this you may say, you should have.

Coming around

At our wedding, 10 years and a bit ago, the blushing bride joked that I had a choice: she would take either my surname or my football team. Silly thing to joke about, really. She still has her own surname, and for the best part of this century has half-heartedly gone along with the idea [Read more]

The Reverend remains faithful in Afghanistan

I lazily roll out of bed and wander down to the shops. “Salaam alaekum.” This isn’t Sydney Rd, Brunswick. This is Kabul, Afghanistan. I grab the basics – bread, eggs, juice – and introduce a new (expat) neighbour to my bootleg booze dealer; a teenage shop assistant called Sadam Hussein. That’s his actual name. He [Read more]