The Barmah Redgummers

Thanks to Elizabeth Stockwell’s comment, we have dug out this photo sent to us by Reverend Shinboner. There are also some interesting comments from others, including relatives who have recognised family mmbers in the photo.

The Reverend remains faithful in Afghanistan

I lazily roll out of bed and wander down to the shops. “Salaam alaekum.” This isn’t Sydney Rd, Brunswick. This is Kabul, Afghanistan. I grab the basics – bread, eggs, juice – and introduce a new (expat) neighbour to my bootleg booze dealer; a teenage shop assistant called Sadam Hussein. That’s his actual name. He [Read more]

Mohammad Shahzad: My man

Slap! Reverse sweep for six! Simply … wow. Saeed Ajmal’s bemused look says it all – who is Mohammad Shahzad? I’ve made it to my Nepali friend’s little Afghan house in the heart of Kabul just in time. Shahzad has played one of the greatest cricket shots I’ve ever seen; authoritative, brash, powerful. The reverse sweep [Read more]

NMFC 1871: Just for recreation’s sake

Reverend Shinboner goes back through the annals of North Melbourne Football Club’s history, reliving one season from each decade, starting with 1871. The club was just about to embark on their third winter of football. The suburb: North Melbourne, known as Hotham at the time, was a largely industrial suburb with some 13,500 residents, significantly more than [Read more]

Is North Relevant?

It’s the theme of the season. Of the last few seasons. The theme throughout North Melbourne’s history: is North Melbourne relevant? Will North Melbourne survive?

Roo rivalries: past, present and future

North Melbourne Football Club has been robbed of its traditional rivalries in recent years. But an AFL Gold Coast team presents a unique opportunity for NMFC to capitalise on a very real rivalry. While rarely acknowledged in the media, North Melbourne has some fascinating traditional rivalries. The Hawthorn-North Melbourne rivalry, founded on the teams’ three [Read more]

AFL Round 15: Hard time in old North Melbourne

By Reverend Shinboner First, brunch with Lady Shinboner (Grigons & Orr – good choice). Then, footy at the Limerick Castle Hotel. The Limerick is vintage North Melbourne. Just a few minutes walk from the gentrified island of Errol Street, it takes me to an era before my time. A bustling TAB dominates the atmosphere of [Read more]