Carlton/Essendon discussion

The old rivals, heh.


  1. come on Bombers!!!

  2. Brett Thornton, all is forgiven.

    Danni, I’ll ignore that comment. I know you love us.

  3. Ra da da da da….

  4. Ra da da da dea

    Ra da da da da da daa daa….

    (Come on all you Ratts deathriders, I can’t hear you….)

    In answer to Hall and Oates (currenrly in town), THIS is how it feels to be back!

  5. Thank heavens.

    Now we have a new raging favourite for the flag.

    The pressure is off.

    What a relief.

    (Dirty / sneaky play Bombers. By tanking you have secured Ratt’s job for another year. Tttthattsss dssspickable.)

  6. Rick,

    what was that Hall and Oats song about the diary.

    ‘I found her diary underneath a tree, and started reading about me….

    The ending was so full of disillusional pathos. Nice melody though.

  7. Sarcasm is beneath you Phantom.

    The trip West will be a stern test. But we’re not without a chance.

    Who would you rather play perchance?

  8. -.-

  9. JB,

    my dear old deceased dad always maintained that when fish bite on a full moon they hit the bait hard. Sorry you wouldn’t see full moons in Melb and the fish would be full of heavy metals.

    (It was just a little bit impressive. Are you getting a twitch in those old dark navy blue veins?)

  10. Sorry JB, I missed the the last bit.

    Hall and Oates again. ‘It don’t matter me…..”

    The Cats are gooorn any way.

  11. forwardpocket says

    Thanks bombers for a wonderful week of Judd-eyed, hope filled Blues fans. And thanks in advance Eagles.

  12. JB,

    with all the excitement of the Blues win I got confused.

    The bloke I was thinking of was David Gates and Bread.

    They were very popular in the seventies when the Blues were winning. That’s where the confusion came from.

    How are they going to get Warnock over to the west? His head will be sticking out through the roof of the plane.

  13. Phantom, if they can transport giraffes, they can cope with Warnock.

    I’m just hoping he has some company to help with Cox and co.

  14. The third Saturday in September and the Blues are alive. It’s good to be back (however short the stay is).

  15. How straight can giraffes kick JB?

    There might be one in the Perth Zoo already aclimatised to the conditions.

    Save an airfare.

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