Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: ‘Winning is habit-forming’.  Unfortunately, so is losing. 


Ladies, ‘winning is habit-forming’.  Unfortunately, so is losing.  Not a great position to be in – same as last year.  This makes getting to the Finals very hard; not impossible, but certainly very hard – If I’m correct, you basically need to win every other game.

Starting this week – Melbourne.  Well, we’ll have a pretty good idea as to where we are going after that game.  Unfortunately the same will apply every week from now on.  Go Pies.

The match?

We Lost 5.5.35 to GWS 7.6.48.

Go to: and

Some stats from the game:

  • Frees:  16 (us) to 15 (them).  Happy, John?  I didn’t watch the game; were theirs all in front of their Goal?

Okay, more seriously:

  • Hit outs: 25 / 14.  This seems to imply our Mids were given a substantial supply.
  • Clearances: 16 / 20.  The seems to say the reverse – “But what did they do with it?” or “How did they manage to waste such a surplus?
  • Inside 50s: 18 / 37.  Even more so…..
  • Marks inside 50: 4 / 7.  A logical difference flowing from the Inside 50s.
  • Scoring shots: 10 / 13.  A pretty poor result even from their perspective, I think.
  • Goals: 5 / 7.  Again, a logical flow-on from the previous.


  • Contested possessions: 92 / 93; and
  • Tackles: 50 / 49.  Well done Amelia Barden and Steph Chiocci.  Keep it up.

Okay, no difference in effort.  Well done to all.

Best:  Bonnici, King, Molloy, Duffin and Hope.

Work back – with no substantial difference in effort, we Lost the game at the Clearances, acknowledging the substantial Hit-Out advantage.  Well done, Emma King and Meg Hutchins.  Our Mids?  What to do at training – work the ‘connection’ (well, that’s my humble view, anyway).

Interesting comment by the coach regarding ‘experience’:

Our players are trying to learn the game, because they haven’t been in a TAC Cup program, they haven’t been playing elite football for five years, they’re all still learning. It’s so hard to keep adjusting and these poor females are having to keep adjusting. Imagine what their brains are going through.”

Crowd: 3,600.  C’mon, this is a home game for us.  Let’s show some support (okay, maybe Alice Springs is a bit far).


Friday, 23 February; ball-up: 5.40pm; TIO Traeger Park (okay, I had to look it up.  Yep, Alice Springs.  Anyone going to be there?

Melbourne: Sitting 2nd (from Ladder leader before last weekend) with 133.3% (vs our 8th on 69.1%).  But Melbourne Lost to Freo last week, noting it was 6 scoring shots to 11 against them.  Melbourne had beaten GWS and Adelaide in Rounds 1 and 2.

Who to watch?

  • Them.  Pearce had 23 Disposals last week.
  • Us?  Watch: Moana Hope – marked well; disappointing kicking last week;  also, as always, Chiocci – look for a Captain’s game.  Maybe….

Go Girls.  We are there at your shoulder “Side by Side”.


Anyone else want to comment?  No injuries.  Some of the newbies were impressive – note Stephenson under pressure?  No; very cool.  Others – Josh Thomas and Maynard were impressive (all right, Aish and Sidebottom too).  Loved some of the descriptions:

Beach Cricket or “Footy for kids aged 12 and under” –


Harve’s view (the coach)?

What do you reckon?  Is there a place for this game (and it is different) to exist, particularly regarding the international perspective?  Can it exist as a H&A game for Ladder points, like some other overseas trips?


Heads-up / heart starter:

An interesting ‘connectivity’ question: Best: hit-outs and clearances; worst: scoring – challenge: connect the Mids and the Forwards.  I don’t understand: No 1 – contested possession; No 18 – offensive one on one.  Can someone explain this to me, pls?  My only recollection from Year 2 Maths – Probability & Statistics is “Play Blackjack; the odds shift as the dealer is restricted by his/her rule and’quietly’ count your cards”.  And every other bet is dumb.

Intra-Club match – Thursday Feb 23.  From 5.00pm for 7.00pm bounce.  Free entry and lots of things to do.  Always fun.  Did anyone attend?  What did you observe?  Feedback pls?

Practice matches:  Canberra – 1 March; Moe – 10 March.  See you at Manuka (see below).


2017 –  Maybe watch for Marty Hore in defence.  Will he get a run in the Intra-Club match?

2018 Fixtures: 4 games at Vic Park; 2 – twilight games at the Holden Centre following AFL games at the MCG and 2 curtain-raisers have been requested at the MCG before Pies AFL games.

PM:  Note start 8 March.

Remember the significance – In 2010, the following capped their VFL performance: The importance of the club’s own VFL team was illustrated in the 2010 Grand Final replay when players such as Dayne Beams, Jarryd Blair, Nathan Brown, Chris Dawes, Brent Macaffer, Ben Reid, Steele Sidebottom and Sharrod Wellingham capped off their progression from the VFL to the AFL in fine style.

Netball.  Looking forward to the Commonwealth Games competition.  Four Pies players in the team.


  • IMPORTANT.  If you are going to the Thursday, 1 March practice match at Manuka (Bounce: 7.10pm) feel free to drop by the Eastlake Football Club (3 Oxley St, Griffith) for a heart-starter; maybe a snack.  We’ll be there from about 5.30’ish, so either call me when you get there (or take out a membership (it is seriously cheap)). It’s only a five minute walk to the ground.


Go Pies.





  1. Yvette Wroby says

    Hey Cam thought Colllingwoods AFLW showed great improvement and will perhaps tough out rest of season improving while not actually winning many more . Chiocci, Bonnici, Molloy and Hope were all good. I see better play but bit right across whole team.

  2. Absolutely. I thought they were magnificent last night in Alice. See my comments in the next few days. Best, Cam

  3. Yvette Wroby says

    Hey Cam,
    great game from the Pies yesterday. I thought they showed great spark and didn’t look hot and bothered like the Melbourne players. Truly a wonderful game for the black and white, can’t believe I was cheering them on from my lounge room.

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